Ultimate Guide to Get Laid in the Feria de Cali in Colombia

Years ago, I was living in Cali, Colombia for a bit and went for the first time to one of Colombia’s more significant cultural events…

The Feria de Cali.

Or the “Cali Fair” as it would be known in English.

Sitting down and watching with some friends in the night, we got to see the event unfold.

With lights flashing everywhere and different types of Colombian music playing.

Including the type of music Cali is most famous for – Salsa.

And with plenty of people dancing down the street to perform for the event…

Including plenty of hot Colombian women dressed nicely.

Plenty of black and brown sexy Colombian women who were putting on a good show.

Mix that in with a few beers we had during the night beforehand and it was a great time.




Colombian culture.

And hot sexy women.

What more could a man want?

Well, fortunately for all of us, there was a lot more to enjoy during this celebration than just the beer and watching people perform the street.

With various other cultural events related to the Feria de Cali happening during this time.

And plenty of sexy Colombian women who were down to have some fun during this amazing celebration. 😉

And for men like you, this event will bring you all of that and more if you show up.

Though most foreign men coming to Colombia unfortunately do not realize that when they research Colombia.

And come with the intentions of banging hot Colombian chicks.

Most go to Medellin but don’t realize what fun and hot chicks they could meet at some of the biggest events Colombia has to offer.

From the Barranquilla Carnival – which I covered here for those who want to get laid during that event.

To now the Feria de Cali – which is another great opportunity to enjoy Colombian culture, have a good time with friends and bang sexy Colombian chicks.

So if you want to be one step ahead of other gringos and learn more about a great opportunity to enjoy Colombian culture and bang hot chicks down here….

Then read more below on how to do that.

This ultimate guide will start by describing the event itself and what you can expect.

Then go into plenty of detail on some simple but useful advice on how to best maximize your chances of getting laid during the Feria de Cali.

¡Vámonos parceros!

What is the Cali de Feria?

The Cali de Feria is by far the most important cultural celebration in Cali.

During this event, you will come across different events being held and enjoy a variety of Colombian music, including the type of music Cali is most famous for – salsa.

Aside from salsa, sometimes you might hear Vallenato or Merengue music.

The event itself is held every year from December 25th to December 30th and can be a great way for you to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in Colombia as I wrote more about here in this article.

Below are the main events of the Feria de Cali that you can enjoy that I remember from my time there.

The Inaugural Concert

Known in Spanish as “El Concierto Inaugural”

This event is the opening act to the Feria de Cali.

During this event, you will have plenty of Colombia’s most important salsa bands play salsa music during this time.

And if I remember right, I think they had bands play other types of music also during this concert.

If you want to practice dancing to salsa music anyway, this is a great event to do so.

And as I will talk about later in this article, it is also a decent chance to maybe meet a cute chick or two that you can dance with and maybe exchange contact info.

You can watch a video of this event here if you like.

El Salsódromo

This event is held from 5 PM to 10 PM on the first day of the Feria de Cali – December 25th.

This is actually the event that I was describing at the beginning of this article.

Where you will see plenty of lights being flashed around and people dancing to salsa music down the street.

The dancing is fun to watch and it goes on for quite a while obviously.

I’d recommend you check out this event. It was the more memorable part of the event to me personally.

You can watch a video of this event here if you like.

Encuentro de Melómanos y Coleccionistas

This is an event that is held every day from December 26th to December 30th during the Feria de Cali from 3 PM until 1 AM.

If after listening and dancing to salsa music during the Inaugural Concert and the Salsódromo….

You happen to have enjoyed one of the bands playing, then here you can buy a record of whatever salsa band they happen to have available here.

There’s plenty of bands you can buy music from so you have plenty of options.

And also you have the opportunity to talk with them also if you would like to practice your Spanish or get to know the bands better.

All the while getting to enjoy some live music during this time also.

You can watch a video of this event here if you like.

Parade of Antique and Classic Cars

Otherwise known officially in Spanish as the “Desfile de Autos Clasicos y Antiguos.”

I don’t remember when this event is typically held so I had to look it up.

Apparently for 2019, the event was held on December 27th from 4 PM to 8 PM.

Compared to the opening events on December 25th that we have already talked about…

This event is pretty chill for the most part.

A lot less dancing where you sit down and watch a bunch of antique and classic cars being driven down a street for people to observe.

Though the event was pretty cool since I like cars personally..

I’d avoid this event if you are not interested in watching antique cars.

You can watch a video of this event here if you like.

Super Concert

Known locally in Spanish as the Superconcierto…

This is another one of the more fun events of the Feria de Cali.

As you can guess easily enough by the name, it’s just a large concert with plenty of salsa music being played.

And if I remember right, I think they had other types of Latin music like reggaeton being played also.

And lots of lights and overall a great show to witness.

People dancing, great music, Colombian culture and plenty of hot chicks that you could meet up with here.

I’d strongly recommend you try this event out if you got the chance to attend Feria de Cali.

I don’t remember when it was exactly held so I had to look it up…

And apparently they hold it on December 27th from 7 PM to 4 AM.

You can watch a video of this event here if you like.

Carnaval del Cali Viejo

Perhaps more fun than the car event…

This carnival is held on December 28th from 4 PM to 7 PM.

This event is definitely more recommended because it is more fun and attracts more people in general.

So make sure to show up early to get a good spot for when it happens.

This carnival is one of the most important events and has a lot more tourists as well compared to other events.

So you might even meet some other people from your own country here also.

I remember having met a few Americans and a British dude when I went years ago.

Here you will enjoy more music being played and more people dancing.

You can watch a video of this event here if you like.

La Calle de la Feria

This is actually a pretty new event that they have added to the Feria de Cali from what I understand.

Apparently they started this event in 2016.

And it is held on December 29th and December 30th from 6 PM to 2 AM.

Here you will hear more salsa and Latin music being played while people dance outside.

It can be another great event to attend.

I don’t remember this event being available when I first went to Feria de Cali many years ago but I did attend it when I revisited Cali a few years ago.

And it was a great opportunity.

Very fun time with some friends that I know and met a chick also during this event.

Where we exchanged numbers and met up later for a date.

So overall it is worth it.

You can watch a video of this event here if you like.

Other Events

Now keep in mind that these are just the main events that I have experienced.

There are always other events on the calendar.

Which, if you can read in Spanish, then you should check out the website of Feria de Cali by clicking here.

It has all the information you need and more updated information on what exact events will be held aside from the ones mentioned above.

For example, they used to have an event called Cabalgata where it was basically a parade of Colombians riding horses. It was around in my earlier years living in Colombia but has been cancelled for some time now.

Though it may come back – so keep an eye out if you happen to attend Feria de Cali in the future.

At any rate, check the website I posted here to be informed on what other events the Feria to Cali will hold for whenever you might attend it.

So now having covered the music and the dancing that you can enjoy during this event…

What is one other way you can enjoy the Feria de Cali to the fullest?

Meeting up and getting laid with Colombianas during this event.

Getting Laid with Colombianas

As you can already imagine…

This event is one of the greater opportunities to meet up with and get laid with sexy Colombian women.

Not only is it one of the easiest cities to get laid in Colombia…

As I wrote about here in this article for example.

But with the Feria de Cali going on, there is even more opportunities to get laid since everyone is celebrating and looking to have a good time.

So break down the different things the single man should know to get laid with sexy Colombian women while enjoying the music and the culture of the Feria de Cali.

¡Vámonos parceros!


Before you even buy your plane ticket to Colombia…

I’d recommend you pick up a Spanish book obviously if your Spanish is a bit rusty or non-existent.

This is an obvious tip to begin with but you’d be surprised by the amount of men who ask the question…

“Do I need Spanish to bang hot Colombian chicks?”

Well, while some do speak English…

The vast majority do not obviously.

So yes, you do need Spanish.

Now I don’t recommend you go to college or anything to learn Spanish because of how expensive courses are obviously.

Just grab a Spanish text book. I recommend this one since it was what I used many years ago and I found it helpful.

On top of that, check out Duolingo, which you can check out here.

And your first step is to just get a basic handle on the grammar and get enough vocabulary into your system.

You don’t have to be fluent. Just basic conversational is the minimum of what you need.

This should take you maybe 3 months to have the minimum handle on the grammar and vocabulary.

Next, I’d recommend you actually practice Spanish verbally.

Now unless you have a bunch of Latino friends who speak Spanish in your area…

You will need to practice with some people online.

Since you are here to date hot chicks in Cali…

Why not put the two together?

Read this article I wrote for a more detailed explanation on how to learn Spanish and meet hot Colombian chicks at the same time.

But the basic idea is that you join up on Colombian Cupid – which is a online dating website to message Colombian chicks.

To make an account is free and a monthly membership to send messages isn’t much.

You can check out Colombian Cupid by clicking here.

And in case you want to know more about Colombian Cupid before making a free account, then check out my review of it here.

Anyway, you message the chicks on there and ask for their numbers to add to your phone.

Then you use a free messaging app call Whatsapp where you can do free international calls and texting with chicks from anywhere – including Colombia.

Whatsapp is entirely free and it would be a great way to practice writing in Spanish and speaking in it before your trip to Colombia.

Since, as said before, you can do free calls with it.

Give yourself maybe 2 to 3 months of practicing Spanish with these chicks to get your Spanish to conversational.

And when you show up to Cali, you will already have a little army of hot Colombian chicks that you can date and that know you.

But we will get to more on that in a bit…

Next we need go to the next step of preparation …


The first step in getting perfect logistics is to download Whatsapp already!

As said before, it is a great tool to talk with chicks online and practice your Spanish for free.

But also keep in mind that most Colombian chicks use Whatsapp for communication purposes while down here.

So if you are going to date hot chicks, then download it. All free. No bullshit. No payments needed.

Now when it comes to logistics in the city of Cali…

Before you even show  up, you might be asking “where should I go and how do I find a place to stay?”

For ideal logistics, you have to know that in my experience…

A lot of Colombian chicks usually are more comfortable meeting up for a date at a shopping mall before taking the date somewhere else.

Just as a usual starting point to more easily find each other.

And sometimes I take those dates to parks before my place.

So ideally you will set yourself up in a part of Cali where you have a mall, a park and some bars maybe nearby.

Now if you want an idea of what shopping malls and hotels are ideal, then check out my ultimate review of Cali here.

Where I give even more information on nightlife and getting laid in Cali.

But regarding the malls and hotels…

My opinion is that the best mall in Cali is Chipichape Mall.

You also have Jardin Plaza, Unicentro Mall and Palmetto Plaza.


Well, keep in mind that I don’t really have much experience using hotels in Cali because I always used an apartment here.

But I’ve been told that Hotel Obelisco Cali, Hotel Stein Colonial and NOW Hotel are all good.

But I recommend you try to get a mini apartment or some one room studio.

Because if you are looking to get laid a lot, you want a place with more privacy.

Even Airbnb is not ideal as I have had issues with it in Colombia – as you can read about here.

For a specific area to stay in the city, I’d recommend El Centenario based on my experience. It has plenty near it and will be ideal for the Feria de Cali.

I remember coming across some of the beer gardens for example near that area.

Granada is obviously another decent area also.

Now how do you find an apartment in Cali?

Since I did say that was ideal…

A few ideas.

First, show up to Cali about maybe at least a week before the Feria but would be ideal to have a little more time than that.

So that way you can walk around different areas looking for any advertisements or postings of apartments or places to stay at.

Another option that is good is to look up Facebook groups where people post offers for apartments or rooms to rent all the time.

Since I haven’t had an apartment in Cali for a long time now, I had to look up some basic Facebook pages to check out.

Apparently there is this group on Facebook called “ARRIENDOS CALI VALLE” that you can find by clicking here that has rental options.

There is also this one group called “ALQUILER HABITACIONES CALI” on Facebook also that you can check out here.

Check out both of them – they both seem to be at least active enough as of this writing for you to find something.

And I’d bet you that you could probably find a place to stay for say a month (maybe less but no guarantees).

When looking for a place by the way…..

Some things to KEEP IN MIND!

First, always ask on their guest policy. If they say no guests, then don’t go there. But ALWAYS ask on the guest policy because you don’t want to stay in some family’s home to only realize they won’t let “Alejandra” and “Karla” of Tinder to come in to suck your dick.

Second, never send anybody money EVER without seeing the place first in person and only pay the deposit and the rent at the very second you are moving in. There are scammers in Latin America that ask you to deposit ahead of time “because we have so many potential clients and you could lose out on a great deal.” Then you deposit and they take the money.

Third, ask about any parks, bars or malls nearby.

Fourth, obviously make sure the place is furnished and everything.

Fifth, obviously ask how much time you need to stay. I can almost guarantee you that you can find a place that will be cool with you only staying a month. Again, less than a month is going to limit your options but I can see you finding someone working out something with you if your time in Cali is limited.

Especially because you are a foreigner and foreigners usually have good reputations among some in Colombia for being better people to rent to for any period of time. Just because we have more money and there is less fear that we are going to fuck their place up.

Anyway, those are some of the basics on logistics. If you have any questions, send me an email or write a comment below.


Given that Cali is not the coldest area of the planet…

I don’t recommend you bring a winter coat obviously.

And the attire for the Feria de Cali is obviously not very formal either.

In fact, much of what you should bring is similar to the attire you would bring for going to the Carnival of Barranquilla.

Which is another great event to celebrate Colombian culture, get drunk and fuck hot Colombian chicks.

If you want to know more about it, check out my guide here for it.

And so as the attire is similar for the Feria de Cali…

I’ll just repost what I advised you should bring for the Barranquilla event for the Feria de Cali as well.

There really isn’t any difference.

When packing your suitcase, get some of the following:

Lots of deodorant.

Some well fitting pants that are either blue or black in color.

Some sneakers and also some more semi formal shoes that looks nicer. 

More informal but still nice looking shirts for when outside and more semi formal shirts for any night going to a nicer club. 

A decent watch. 

Plenty of condoms obviously.

Basically, as long as you don’t look like a slob, you will be OK. Try not to look like a stereotypical tourist with the sandals and shorts. None of that here.

Basic pants and some shirts is fine.

Nicer shirts, pants and shoes only if you intend to go to the nicer clubs in Cali outside of celebrating the Feria de Cali.

Which isn’t a bad idea either and you can read more about the nightlife of Cali here in my guide to Cali nightlife.

Learning Salsa

Before you step into Cali, one thing you should know…

Which you might have guessed by now after reading what type of music they play at the Feria de Cali..

Which is that it is ideal if you learn how to dance to salsa while here.

Salsa is a type of Latin music that you will find is quite popular in Cali.

In fact, they often call Cali the “capital of salsa.”

Now you don’t have to be a professional expert in dancing salsa when you get here.

And chicks also will not even expect you to know how to dance it given you are a foreigner.

But since so much of the nightlife plays salsa music, knowing the basics to it is ideal.

Just learn the basics and you will be set.

And if you do, the chicks will be impressed that you even took the time to learn the basics to salsa dancing.

Which can help you get laid in the process.

To get started, I included a video of some Colombian salsa music here (includes an image of a sexy woman to get you motivated to listen).

Hope you like it! 

Planning Your Time

Now how much time should you give this event?

Depends largely on your budget and also how much time you can get off work obviously.

As said before, this event lasts from December 25th to December 30th.

So 6 days at the very least.

But you want to give yourself more time than that.

After all, you’d be very tired if you showed up on December 25th.

So I’d say at the very least – the very minimum – should be December 23rd to January 1st.

Make sure to give yourself 2 days at the very least before the Feria de Cali in case you have a flight that is cancelled or something.

However, that is the very minimum you should be here.


Because it’d be ideal if you could give yourself a few more days to check out Cali before the Feria to give yourself more time to get comfortable with your surroundings.

It’d be great if you could get at least 3 days to check out your neighborhood and the popular spots of the city before the Feria.

That way you are just more comfortable in general in getting to know the city.

And also it’d be great if you could leave by January 2nd instead of January 1st – just in case you are too hungover on January 1st for obvious reasons.

I’d hate to have to fly while hungover.

So if we could be more generous, I’d say December 20th to January 2nd. That’s 14 days or two weeks.

That’d make me a little more comfortable.

Of course, the more time you can give yourself, the better.

The reason why I say that is you can really maximize your trip if you give yourself at least one month before the Feria and one month after.

Now I get most of you probably can’t do that due to not being able to stay away from work for that long.

But the reason why I say that is more ideal is because of the following:

  • Slightly easier to get better rental deals.
  • You can make more local friends a bit easier before the Feria with that extra time, which would improve the experience.
  • You can run through the local Colombian chicks that you met up with online before the Feria starts so you have an idea of which chicks you like most. Then you have a better idea on which chicks you would want to celebrate most of the Feria with and have a better time.
  • After the Feria is over, you can spend a month (ideally) exploring Cali and the surrounding areas in Colombia a bit more for the overall experience.

So if you are very limited on time, give yourself December 23rd to January 1st.

If you can afford yourself slightly more time, give yourself 2 weeks from December 20th to January 2nd.

And if you are very lucky, then shoot for December 1st (after Thanksgiving let’s say) to February 1st.

Your Budget

Your budget is obviously going to depend a lot on how much time you spend here.

For that reason, I made up two different budgets. One is based on a one week trip and the other is a 2 month trip.

Which should ideally give you a basic idea of how much money to save up (which is exactly the same to the Barranquilla Carnival budget since not much would be too different):

Hotel: $30 USD a night x 7 nights = $210 USD.

Food: $20 USD a day x 7 days = $140 USD.

Transportation: $6 USD a day x 7 days = $42 USD.

Beer Money: $100 USD

Miscellaneous: $58 USD

Flight Cost: $800 USD roundtrip

Total: $1,350 USD.

Now here’s an estimated budget for one month:

Apartment: $400 USD

Food: $10 USD a day x 20 days = $200 USD.

Eating Out: 10 Days x 15 USD = $150 USD

Transportation: $6 USD a day x 30 days = $180 USD.

Beer Money: $160 USD

Miscellaneous Costs: $60 USD.

Flight Cost: $800 USD roundtrip

Total: $1,950 USD.

Similar to the Barranquilla budget, there are obviously a few things to note here.

First, the miscellaneous costs could be whatever. I don’t think you will spend that much since most everything else I could think of is covered. But just add it in just in case.

Second, you have to keep in mind I haven’t lived in Cali for some years now. I live in Bogota now. But I assume 400 dollars would be enough for a month. Also keep in mind that the 400 USD would be for a furnished apartment that already has utilities covered.

Third, your food costs could be more. I have lived in Colombia for a long time now and I think it is realistic enough. However, I don’t eat out every day and I assume you would since you would be a tourist. You might want to add maybe another 10 bucks a day to the food costs but it might be fine. I don’t spend much money on food anyway down here and it can often be cheap.

Fourth, the hotel costs might be a bit more for a short trip depending on your standards. A 30 dollar hotel won’t get you much but it can work out fine. Hotels though are not as expensive here as the US.

Finally, keep in mind that I tend to be more conservative when it comes to budgets and how much I spend. I just prefer to save money as always so your budget might always be higher but I feel this is a more or less rough estimate of what you could expect to spend.

Now let’s get to the chicas….

How Difficult are Chicks from Cali?

As written about in this article here regarding the best cities in Colombia to date women in Colombia…

Those in Cali tend to be some of the easiest in my experience right up there with chicks from Pereira.

So without even taking into consideration the Feria…

Chicks in Cali are already pretty easy to have sex with.

But then you add in the Feria and they are even easier.

Honestly, unless you don’t have a pulse, you probably will get laid.

And even then, some of the chicks down in Cali might still be available to fuck.

But no guarantees…

So how should you begin meeting them?

Well, as we discussed under the section regarding Spanish…

Meeting Chicks Online

As said before, you want to meet chicks online before your trip to Colombia.


Well, first, it can be a great way to practice your Spanish.

Second, you can ask them for more updated information on the logistics for the Feria de Cali.

Because even though I have been to the Feria a few times, things can always change every year and I live in Bogota right now (not Cali).

So they could probably be a little bit of a help in that regard.

Especially  as well if you connect well with one online and she can maybe even help you find an apartment.

Which they would be better at given they live there and you don’t.

Though you could find an apartment easy enough anyway I think.

On top of that, meeting them online before your trip makes it easier to get the ball rolling for your sex life when you show up.

Because you start meeting these chicks online…

Collect some numbers.

And have conversations with them and build up a connection with them before your trip.

And some of these chicks you build a connection with will be more ready to have sex with you before your trip even.

Where you two might even be exchanging nude photos and already talking about sex before you even show up.

It’s happened to me before my trips to other places and other guys I know have done this as well.

So to improve your dating chances in Cali…

Make sure to make a free account on Colombian Cupid where you can find someone special.

There you can meet Colombian chicks specifically in Cali, Colombia.

Which there are plenty of.

In my experience, you don’t need any real funny opener when you view their profiles and send a message…

Just check out the profiles of chicks you see and send a standard message to the ones you like.

In my experience, asking for the number right away works well enough and isn’t any worse than trying to have a conversation first.

So just skip the BS and ask for the number right away in the first message.

My usual message with online dating is something like the following:

“Hola (su nombre), que tal. Vi tu perfil y me gustan tus fotos. Me gustaría conocerte más pero no siempre checo mi perfil aquí. Tienes Whatsapp?”

Which translates to…

“Hey (her name), what’s up. I saw your profile and I like your photos. I would like to know you more but I don’t always check my profile here. Do you have Whatsapp?”

It’s as simple as that. Chicks here don’t usually expect you to have a great opener or anything like that in the US.

And remember Whatsapp is that free messaging app everyone uses down here.

So take the numbers that are given and add them to your phone after you downloaded Whatsapp.

Then get into Whatsapp and send a standard copy and paste message to all of them “Hola linda” or “hey beautiful.”

And take it from there.

Now I’m not some text game expert as some dudes claim to be.

I know some dudes might claim there is a better way to text a chick on these sites or on Whatsapp.

Honestly, my approach works for me and has gotten me enough fun so I don’t see the problem.

You’ll be fine most likely as long as you don’t say something socially stupid.

Anyway, give yourself at least a month of talking to these chicks (2 to 3 months if you are also using them to improve your Spanish to conversational level).

But keep in mind that a month is good enough otherwise. Because any longer and some of them will lose interest in you due to the time.

So if you are showing up to Cali on December 20th or December 1st, then get started on November 20th or November 1st.

And over time, you will get a better idea on which chicks are more into you and which ones are not. Focus on the ones that are and build on that. With some of them, you might even get sexual over text and then those chicks especially will be down to fuck when you show up.

But before we get to that, let’s talk another thing about meeting people online…

Making Friends Online

Now keep in mind this tip is for those planning on being in Cali for at least a month.

If you won’t be here for a month, skip this step.

But you do want to make friends online before your trip.

Because life isn’t just about pussy, now is it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to make some friends that you can meet up with for when you show up?

Who you could go to parties with, have some beers with and also maybe be introduced to new chicks with.

So how do you meet dudes online to be friends with for your trip?

Now I’m not an expert on doing this but I have done it before.

Usually I would just go to Facebook again and look up “expat groups in x city.”

So go to Facebook and look up “expats in Cali.”

I did that just now for you and found this group here.

So maybe it will help you.

Check it out and check out any other group you can find on Facebook (or the internet in general) for people you can meet up with if you care to.

Can enhance your experience overall for this trip.

Arrival to Cali


You have arrived to Cali.

Now before you do, make sure to do the following to make sure your trip gets started well.

After all, you want to get laid, right?

Here’s a classic tip I recommend to try and get laid on the first day to any city you go to.

Including  Cali.

Now remember those chicks you were supposed to be talking to for at least a month online through Whatsapp?

What you need to do with them is the following…

First, take a hard look at those chicks you have in your phone and list them from best to worst.

You define best and worst by two basic factors:

  • Who looks the best to you physically
  • Who seems the most down to fuck

Not more difficult than that.

You obviously want to fuck the best looking chicks that are most down to have sex with you.

When you have an idea on who is the best out of your options…

Just focus on those best options…

Try to see if you can sexualize the conversation with the best options (not always possible so don’t force it if she won’t go there).

And then now for planning your first day…

You want the best option you got to meet you at the airport.

The best option is basically the best looking chick that was willing to get the most sexual or flirtatious at the very least with you over the phone or text.

You also want a second best option in case the first option is suddenly not available.

Now with these two options, you want to tell both of them more or less when you are going to show up to Cali.

But only tell the first one about the exact time and with what airline that you are showing up with.

Because you want her to show up and be waiting for you at the airport.

And tell the other one that you also want her to show up to the airport for you but don’t tell her the time or the airline you are flying with. No specific information.

Just make sure you know you have two good options that agree to meeting you at the airport before your trip.

But you don’t want to give both of them the exact arrival information because you don’t want both of them waiting for you obviously at the same time.

But this way in case option #1 can’t make it in the last second, then you have option #2.

With option number #2, just tell her that you don’t know the exact hour but know the day and will update her on that later.

Now if #1 is able to show up (and you confirm this on the day of your trip), then tell #2 that your flight is delayed until the next day late at night (without a specific hour).

So that way she won’t show up for no point and also won’t see you meeting #1.

But if #1 cancels for whatever reason…

Then tell #1 at a later point that your flight was delayed until the next day at night (without a specific hour).

And call up #2 to be ready with the specific arrival information.

If both of them cancel?

That sucks but it has never happened to me.

If it happens, bad start to your trip I guess.

But assuming it doesn’t…

Then you can start your trip with having a sexy Colombian chick wait for you at the airport…

And where you two can go to whatever hotel, Airbnb or apartment you are going to…

And maybe you can start your trip off well with getting to bang a hot Colombian chick right away (assuming you two were sexual over online chat).

If not sexual, well, it might still happen if your initial time goes well and you know how to escalate to that point on your first date.

At least either way you either have sex right away on your trip or you get to have at the very least a date with a hot Colombian chick (which might lead to sex depending on how it goes).

And there you have it…

You finally arrived to Cali with a hot chick waiting for you and maybe you got to start it right with a bang.

But what about the rest of your trip?

Meeting Sexy Chicks in Cali

Now let’s assume your first day in Cali is over…

You showed up to the airport.

You hopefully had a sexy woman waiting for you.

Hopefully you had sex too.

And you are either in a hotel or you are in the process of moving into an apartment (and perhaps have already done so).


Now what should you go?

Well, a few things…

First, like I said before…

You should spend the next few days going to the popular spots in the city and also checking out your neighborhood.

That way you can see what Cali has to offer and also get more aware of your surroundings.

On top of that, you hopefully have other chicks in your phone.

Just plan out dates with them and confirming you are in their city.

If you happen to have lots of chicks to plan dates with (which can happen with a month of pre planning online), then get a notebook.

And just write down when and where the dates are.

Now keep in mind that chicks can be flaky here so plan enough so that you always have something going on.

Next, you might want to meet chicks in public areas – especially if you have more than just a week here.

As said before, shopping malls are more popular here and can be great places to also meet new chicks and collect numbers.

Some of the malls I suggested before?

Chipichape Mall, Jardin Plaza, Unicentro Mall and Palmetto Plaza.

Including any parks or universities also.

Just check out my guide to Cali by clicking here and go to the “daygame” section for more information.

By meeting chicks in public, you can add more numbers to your phone and have more dates set up to bang hot Colombian chicks.

Just make sure your Spanish is at least conversational before you do it.

Do You Have to Buy Tickets?

Now do you need any tickets to purchase for the Feria de Cali?


There are a wide range of events available as indicated in the beginning of this article.

When I went, I only bought one ticket for one event – the superconcierto (the super concert).

All the other events I went to did not have any cost to them.

And when I went to the super concert, I think I only spent about 50 USD more or less.

That’s a rough guess based on my bad memory but I don’t remember it being very expensive.

At least for us foreigners, it isn’t much.

All the other events were free.

Now where did I buy the super concert ticket?

It was at some public area that a Colombian girl I was dating brought me to when I asked her where I could buy a ticket.

This was years ago and it was at some place I never went to before.

However, I remember that there were places in public where you could buy tickets.

And that ticket prices varied by quite a bit depending on what type of ticket you wanted for the event.

I would assume those places where they sell the tickets might not also be the same places where they sell them now..

So just check out the website for the Feria de Cali here and look it up online as well in Google for when you are preparing for the trip.

Just google something like “donde comprar boletos para superconcierto en feria de cali.”

Literally just copy and paste that if the official website doesn’t have the information for your specific trip.

I’m positive you can find the information (assuming you read Spanish well enough).

If all else fails, have one of the Colombian chicks you are talking to on Whatsapp to help you out.

That’s what I did anyway when I had a Colombian chick help me find the place where I could buy a ticket.

And like I said…

If you don’t plan on going to the super concert, then you most likely won’t need a ticket to enjoy the Feria de Cali since most of the events have been free in the previous years.

Events for Meeting Colombian Chicks 

In my experience, the best events to meet new chicks during the Feria de Cali were the following (in no particular order):

  • The Inaugural Concert
  • El Salsódromo
  • The Super Concert
  • Carnaval del Cali Viejo
  • La Calle de la Feria

Basically, any event that is more active where there is great music, plenty of beer and lots of people dancing.

Just keep in mind that again you should learn the basics of salsa dancing.

Nobody will expect you to know how to dance to it perfectly and most Colombians don’t either really.

Just learn the basics since much of the music you will be hearing will be salsa.

Now outside of these events which we have already covered in detail….

One other common event that is held during the Feria de Cali from my memory is the Beer Garden, which is held by Club Colombia.

To be fair, I am not sure if they still hold this event to this day since it has been a few odd years from my time in Cali and I live in Bogota now.

But basically Club Colombia would hold this event called Tescas in Cali.

Where you would show up and have some food and beer. Was a good event to meet up with people and even got a few numbers from it also.

Another decent event to meet up with people and also perhaps meet hot chicks to exchange numbers with and maybe have sex with later.

Nightlife Venues

Now while the Feria de Cali might be fun…

Obviously it is important to know what nightlife venues are good in Cali.

For where you want to take new chicks to on dates.

One thing to mention though is that the chicks in Colombia tend to go to nightlife venues in groups.

With friends and all.

You don’t see so much mingling in the crowds at these places.

So while it is possible to meet up with a new chick to hook up with later at a bar or a club in Colombia…

It is not as common and is not ideal compared to other ways to meet chicks in Colombia.

But where should you go if you want to go to a nightlife venue for a date or to check out some new bar or club?

Well, keep in mind that the information presented below might be a tiny bit outdated as of this writing – June 6, 2020.


Because I live in Bogota now and we have the Coronavirus shutting down the economy as of this writing.

So some of the bars or clubs presented below might be shut down as we speak.

Hopefully not but these are the bars and clubs I have gone to when in Cali that I personally enjoyed.

Hopefully you can enjoy them too.

Bourbon Street.

La Topa Tolondra.

Las Brisas en Jamundi.

Avenida Sexta.

San Alejo Bar.

Tin Tin Deo.

An area called Menga.

Jala Jala Club.

Favela Club.

Café Mi Tierra.

Fun After the Feria de Cali

Now as I hinted at above…

There is much to do in Cali and Colombia as a whole beyond the Feria de Cali.

That is why I recommended that you spend more time here than just a week and perhaps ideally until at least February 1st.

But what should you do?

Well, that depends on your budget.

I assume you will have seen most of what Cali offers already.

Now if you have the budget for it, why not see other areas outside of Colombia if you have the time?

For me personally, the following areas of Colombia are my favorite personally:

  • The Coffee Triangle with all the hiking opportunities it has (set up base in Pereira)
  • The Caribbean Coast with all of its beaches (set up base in Barranquilla)
  • Bogota is also a great option given that is has so many touristic attractions like the Gold Museum for example.
  • Among so much more….

And keep in mind this extra time would also allow you to meet up with and bang hot Colombian chicks in other Colombian cities as well.

But what about touristic attractions outside of Cali?

Well, I’d recommend you go to a beach if you have the free time to do so.

This would especially be ideal if you have a special Colombian chick that you liked more above all of the other ones that you have met by this point.

Though the Pacific Coast of Colombia is not as nice for beaches as the Caribbean Coast (in my opinion)….

There are a few beaches where you could enjoy a nice week with a hot Colombian chick.

Take the best Colombian chick that you met on your trip to Cali and you can enjoy a nice week at one of the following beaches:

  • Piangüita
  • La Barra
  • Ladrilleros
  • Juanchaco
  • Bocana

What a better way to end your trip to Cali, Colombia than spending a week at a beach with plenty of liquor and a nice Colombian chick to be banging all week?



Great music.

Colombian culture & celebrations.

And plenty of hot unforgettable sex.

Could you ask for anything more?

Well, maybe a million dollars but we all can’t be too greedy, can we?

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need.

I would have given more information on how to do well on dates with Colombian chicks to get laid…

But I already have a guide to that in case you are interested…

Just check out this ultimate guide I wrote to getting laid in Colombia by clicking here.

At any rate, I wish you the best of luck in having fun in Cali during the Feria de Cali.

And if you have any questions or insight of your own…

Let me know in the comment section or send me an email.

Thanks for reading and take care!

Hasta luego parceros,


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