Interview with a Colombian Cam Model

It’s a lonely night…

You are horny and all 100 of your hookup buddies are dying from the coronavirus…

In desperation to cum, you turn to porn…

And like so many men in this current generation, you turn to some cam website.

Where you can watch a cam girl in real time get naked and do sexy things.

And perhaps one thing you notice if you happen to also like Colombian women…

Is that a lot of the Latina cam models are supposedly from Colombia.

Why is that?

Well, first and foremost…

As you may already know, Colombia has a solid reputation for having very sexy women.

But compared to other Latin countries like Bolivia for example, the women in Colombia do tend to be more sexually liberal in some ways.

Which both might contribute as to why Colombian women are so popular on those websites.

And in my experience living in Colombia all these years, I have even met a few Colombian web cam models!

Now let me say first…

They are just as fun in bed as they seem to be on camera…;)

Hell, compared to most women you meet, they tend to be better at sex in general.

Just all around more wild and horny.

Now given the fact I know a few Colombian web cam models in real life..

Some who no longer get naked on cam and one other who does…

Why not then explore this topic a bit more by actually having an interview with one of them?

So last weekend I got a Colombian chick who used to be a web cam model and actually had some success at it.

Unfortunately for you horny guys, she is no longer a web cam model.

Nonetheless, I got her to take a small bus trip to Bogota to see me.

For her privacy, I won’t reveal her real name or what specific area close to Bogota that she lives in.

But she did call herself “Alejandra” when she cammed up.

Of course!

All the sexy Latinas are named Alejandra, right?

That was her fake name she gave to horny men paying her money to get naked (not her username though).

So if you are interested in learning more about Colombian web cam models and why they do what they do…

Then read the interview I posted below.

I recorded the interview where it was done in Spanish (her English is not the best).

And then I translated what we said to English and wrote the more important parts below.

In the future, I might add more to it when I have the time (the overall interview was like an hour long).


The Interview

Seth: So let’s start at the beginning – what website did you web cam at and when?

Alejandra: I started with Chaturbate way back in 2016 and was a web cam model until the new year of 2019.

Seth: So roughly three years more or less.

Alejandra: Yes.

Seth: And why did you get into web camming? Did you come from a poorer background?

Alejandra: My family was average. We were not poor growing up or rich. Just average. I finished school as well and could get a job. What happened though was most of the jobs in Colombia do not pay well compared to working as a web cam model.

Seth: But how did you hear about it?

Alejandra: I’ve always been sexually curious and knew about web cam websites for a long time. I knew you could make money and decided to work on Chaturbate.

Seth: And was it hard? Did you need to go through an approval process or what?

Alejandra: No. I only made an account and had to verify my identify and age.

Seth: And did you have reservations about it? Did your family find out?

Alejandra: Partially. Some of the men on Chaturbate are creepy and ask about very personal information. And there is the feeling that you are not doing much with your life because it is not professional or honorable obviously. But otherwise it was fine. And my family never did find out.

Seth: How were you able to keep it from your family for so long? Didn’t you live with them?

Alejandra: When I got started, I only did it in my room when they were gone. But I soon got my own apartment from the money I was making and it was easier to hide.

Seth: And how much money were you making?

Alejandra: When I started in 2016, I made usually around 400 to 600 US dollars a month. In my last year, I had more success and was making around 3,000 to 4,000 USD a month on Chaturbate. But that doesn’t count the money I also made on other websites like OnlyFans. All together, I probably made closer to 5,000 USD on average months and sometimes a little over that.

Seth: Did your parents or friends ever notice how much money you had? Were you spending a lot of it?

Alejandra: No. I saved most of it because I always knew I would not be able to do this long term. It did help pay for my university but otherwise I never made big purchases.

Seth: But what did you say to your parents when they asked what you did for a living?

Alejandra: That was difficult because I had to lie. I do not like lying. But I always said I was freelancing and earning US dollars online. And when I explained the exchange rate between US dollars and Colombian pesos, they understood it was good money. Although I never admitted to how much money I made.

Seth: And how often were you online?

Alejandra: To be successful on Chaturbate, you have to have a schedule. I was web camming 3 days a week when I lived with my parents. But when I moved out, I was working 6 days a week except Sunday during the night.

Seth: And what is a typical day on Chaturbate like?

Alejandra: I would turn on my laptop. Then get to the broadcasting section of Chaturbate. Start my broadcast. And basically wait for men to come in the room. Or sometimes women also. But mostly men. And they type in the chat. Most are nice. Some are mean and others will beg me to do sexy stuff. And over time some men will pay money and that’s it.

Seth: So be nice, chat with people and wait for those willing to spend to come in.

Alejandra: Yes.

Seth: And how often were people mean? What would they do?

Alejandra: Usually just say I am ugly or call me a bitch if I do not do something for free. Other times men would be creepy and ask for too much personal information. Or they might claim they will come to Colombia to date me.

Seth: So there were some men who believed that they had a real romantic or sexual chance with you?

Alejandra: Yes. It’s part of the job. You have to be sexy in front of the cam and show interest in the men who show up. Be flirtatious with them and show interest. And some of them begin to see a real possibility with you and even develop a connection.

Seth: And did you ever have a connection with any of them? Romantically or sexually?

Alejandra: No. These are lonely men. Often very old. Sometimes a man would ask me if I like older men like 50 or older. And I say yes, older men are sexy too. And some of them are happy to hear that. Others give me money to do something sexual or just because they like me.

Seth: Some men would just give you money just because? Because they like you?

Alejandra: Yes, that is very common. Sometimes you get a man who comes in and spends whatever in a month and becomes a regular. Maybe 100 bucks a month. Or sometimes even more. Maybe as much as 500 to 1000 a month if they have lots of money and are really lonely.

Seth: So it’s not just sexual but also a matter of having a human connection with someone.

Alejandra: Yes, and like I said, some of those men start to look for a future with you. Most do not. Maybe 90% do not. But a few do. And that is when it is creepy if they take things too far. Like ask too much personal information.

Seth: Do any of them ever realize that nothing will happen between you two?

Alejandra: It is rare. Most do not take things too far like trying to make plans together. But some do. Over time, I believe some of them just lose interest and look for new girls on Chaturbate. Others do get angry if I make myself unavailable in person.

Seth: How does that work?

Alejandra: Like they will say that they will go to Colombia. What city do I live in? Where will we meet? And I say that well I am unable to meet. I have school and am busy. Or that I need to know you more before I give out my information.

Seth: And have you ever given your information to anyone on the website? Ever met any of them in person?

Alejandra: No.

Seth: And have any of these men actually gone to Colombia to find you or know your personal info?

Alejandra: A few have claimed to have traveled to Colombia but I never had any issues. One claimed he went to Medellin and the other 3 that I am thinking of I do not know where they went. But I live in a small area so it is not likely they would find me. And none of them were able to learn more about me.

Seth: Would you say web camming was worth it overall?

Alejandra: Yes. I made a lot of money. Much more than in Colombia. In Colombia right now I make about 3,900,000 Colombian pesos a month (a little over 1,000 USD at the time of this interview). Which is good money for Colombia but was only possible because of my education. Which Chaturbate helped pay for. And I still have most of the money I earned on Chaturbate.

Seth: So why quit? You’d be making more now on Chaturbate than your current job.

Alejandra: Yes but it is not a serious profession obviously. I will be a grandmother one day and nobody wants to see grandmother tittles I fear. Also, I would like to have a family soon and I cannot do that type of work forever while being a mother and having a more serious job.

Seth: So you quit because you wanted to move onto something more serious.

Alejandra: Yes.

Seth: And you want a family. You have a boyfriend now, yes?

Alejandra: Yes.

Seth: Does he know about your work as a web cam model?

Alejandra: No. If he knew, I am not sure if he would date me. Some men would be accepting of it. Others less so. He is more traditional in some ways. And he would also have an issue with the fact that I had sex with other men on web cam sometimes. That helped me be more successful also on Chaturbate. Also, if he knew, he might tells others. People do not keep secrets well. Then my family might know.

Seth: Are you worried he might find out that you did web cam

Alejandra: It is unlikely. There are so many web cam girls. Thousands of them. And I deleted my entire history with that website. My account is gone. I do not go to Chaturbate anymore.

Seth: But what if he watches porn?

Alejandra: That could happen. But there is so much porn out there. Also, like I said, he is more traditional and conservative in some ways. I told him before I agreed to be his girlfriend that I want a more serious man. Someone who is professional and also religious. Fortunately, he is religious and does not look at porn from what I know.

Seth: But most men do look at porn. Even religious people.

Alejandra: Yes, but we live together. I have never seen him use porn and I have looked at his internet history a few times. I am not worried.

Seth: What about all the money you have? It’s quite a bit for Colombia. Don’t you think he will ask where you got it?

Alejandra: He was surprised by how much money I have. Now that we live together, he knows. But I simply said I saved a lot working from freelance writing. And I don’t even think that web cam work would be something he would suspect.

Seth: What is your plan if he finds out?

Alejandra: Tell him I made a mistake and moved on.

Seth: And going forward, what are your dreams for the future?

Alejandra: Move up in my career. Have a family.

Seth: Great. Well, hope it all works out for you. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about it.

Final Thoughts

Reflecting back on the interview, there are a few things that have crossed my mind.

First, great for Alejandra to make so much money and do well with web camming. It is risky to her especially if anyone were to find out. But she definitely did better than what most jobs in Colombia could offer.

But having said that, I do feel it sucks for the boyfriend in question. To have a girlfriend or even a wife in the future hide stuff from you seems wrong to him. Though Alejandra and I have been friends that have hooked up every once in a while for a few years now, it is what it is.

Just goes to show that so many men think that their small town girl is some conservative religious girl but really not so much.

It could happen in small town USA or even small town Colombia. Women have their cultural and individual differences across borders but are really similar in many ways regardless.

And finally, it is quite sad that a lot of men use web cam websites like that to find a connection with a woman.

Especially when that woman does not care about you and only wants your money.

It is quite evident that most men are too lazy to improve themselves and have resorted to just jerking off instead.

While maybe even having a fantasy about finding love on a website like this.

Instead of taking the harder and longer road to self-improvement and meeting women in the real world.

Be it in the US, Colombia or wherever you want to date chicks.

The main practical advice here that I can give to most men based on this interview is the following.

First, don’t have unrealistic ideas that any small town or religious chick is not going to have a past. Any woman can be just as likely to have a past like that.

Not shaming her past necessarily but I know a lot of guys would not want a woman with that type of past.

So just don’t be naïve is all I’m saying. Chicks from small towns or the church are not necessarily any more traditional really in the grand scheme of things.

Second, don’t be like one of those dudes who wastes all of his money on these websites hoping you can win a chick over. You won’t. You will just be her foreign wallet.

Instead, improve yourself and go out there to meet chicks. You will get a lot more pussy.

And if you want to get pussy in Colombia (and not just watch it on a web cam), then read any of my articles on dating and getting laid in Colombia.

There are plenty of hot chicks in Colombia that are available to date and have fun. 😉

Thanks for reading

Hasta luego parceros,


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