Gringos Pursuing Sexy Colombian Women, Drugs & Fiesta

On a yacht.

In the Caribbean near Colombia.

Two sexy naked Colombian women having sex with you as much as you want over four days.

Endless amounts of alcohol.

Great music.

La Rumba.

Does that sound great to you?

Well, according to various foreigners coming to Colombia, it sounds like a great opportunity to them!

So much so that there have been foreigners spending $6,000 USD for such a trip.

Welcome to Sex Island!

Where everything with the yacht, the sexy women, the alcohol and the rumba is included for 4 days for a price of $6,000 USD according to the media here.

This type of trip has caught a bunch of media attention and is just another example of sex tourism to Colombia.

Now you can find out more about the company that offered this type of tour in the past at their website here.

But essentially how this trip worked out was that you spent $6,000 USD and you would be taken to a “drug friendly” Caribbean Island for 4 days by a yacht. During this time, you can have all the alcohol you want and can choose 2 women out of 100 offered to have sex with as many times as you like during the trip.

According to this news article, a good deal of the men involved were “professional guys” with good careers and many of them married.

And once these men stepped on the yacht, the sex and the fun happened almost right away. Once they arrived to the island itself, they were taken to a “luxury five-star hotel” with “unlimited food” and much more.

So that’s basically the trip in a nutshell.

And as you can imagine, it got a lot of interesting coverage by the media with numerous individuals posting online in the comment sections about how this is disgusting basically.

As you can read about in the comment section here.

Granted, this isn’t the first time that foreigners have gotten bad attention in Colombia for pursuing sex tourism and drugs in this country.

There’s plenty of examples online that you can find regarding outrage over this trend.

For example, a website called Expat Chronicles by a man named Colin used to write about drugs in Colombia as you can read here.

And it got enough negative attention from the Colombian government that the writer faced a “pseudo-deportation” that you can read about here.

Then you have an American guy named Roosh that wrote a book called “Bang Colombia.” Though I haven’t read the book myself, I’m assuming it has something to do with getting laid with Colombian chicks.

Or maybe it’s about some of Colombia’s raging and banging EDM scene as I wrote about here.

Ok, ok, that’s a terrible joke.

But obviously his book got a lot of negative attention from the Colombian media as you can read here in Spanish.

More recently, the media reported here that there was a guy named Austen Summers that had a “Medellin Immersion” course that basically taught dudes how to get laid with Colombian chicks.

It was reported by the media that the guy was eventually accused of harassing and following women down the street.

According to this article here by the media, apparently the guy might be in Canada now.

And of course you have online dating websites and mail-order bride websites focused on connecting foreign men with Colombian women.

While beyond all of that – you also have foreign men that don’t want to go to Colombia but enjoy looking at sexy Colombian women get naked online at cam model websites like Chaturbate.

Which, by the way, that’s almost like its own niche of women that men look for online at these websites – “Colombian women.” You don’t see as much interest in Bolivian or Nicaraguan women for some reason….

And of course – you also have online websites like mine and numerous other content creators that write about or make videos about having dating success in Colombia.

In the end, you can say that Colombia has a history of attracting plenty of bachelor men.

And they are not all the same.

Some of them are out to do drugs and drink a lot while maybe having sex with prostitutes.

Others looking to do “PUA” stuff and sleep with lots of chicks.

While some are more interested in finding the right woman to settle down with.

Either by mail-order bride company or by trying to find a nice Colombian woman the more normal way.

But what are my thoughts on this trend?

The Gringo Love with Colombian Women

Well, you are reading the thoughts of a guy who has a website called Latinas Lindas…

I’m not exactly the one to discourage foreign men from having fun down here.

Be it casual sex or finding the right woman to settle down and have a family with.

After all, I’ve had plenty of my own casual fun with Colombian women and currently have a Colombian girlfriend.

So who am I to judge the foreign man that wants to enjoy some time with Colombian women?

I personally don’t see anything wrong with the idea of a foreign man come to Colombia or anywhere in Latin America to enjoy life and dating down here.

Because keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with casual sex in my opinion. If two consenting adults want to have sex with each other, no problem.

Just as long as he understands boundaries and doesn’t harass any women. Obviously as men we have to be aware of a woman’s body language and know when a chick is interested or is not.

If she isn’t, then go find someone else. Otherwise, you are creating a bad moment for everyone involved and wasting your time.

So as long as you approach women properly with social and dating skills of a functioning adult, then I don’t see any issue with the foreign men that sleep with Colombian women that consent to it.

And if a dude finds the women here to be a better fit for marriage and he finds someone that he wants to enjoy life with, equally fine.

Granted, I’m not as big of a fan of marriage agencies specifically. There is one case of it working out that I heard about that you can read here.

And I know about a certain company down here that has a better reputation than most.

But in most cases I advocate for men to improve themselves and get boots on the ground here long term if they want to find a nice Colombian woman to settle with.

Though you all can find a nice Colombian girl to marry anyway you want. I just believe that doing it yourself without the help of a marriage agency will yield much better results and will probably be cheaper.

And what about dudes who want to use prostitutes?

Well, in Colombia, prostitution is legal. So no issue there.

As long as the chick is not trafficked obviously or underage, then I don’t see the issue here. If she consents to it and they reach an agreement, then no problem.

After all, having sex is legal. Giving money to someone is legal. Why should it be bad if you put the two together?

Because let’s be honest – some men simply are not getting young hot chicks to sleep with them no matter what.

If you are a dude who is over 60 for example, then you almost guaranteed will not be having hot young chicks to want to sleep with you.

Even in Colombia.

So in cases like that – I can understand why a dude would use a prostitute.

Though I have never used one myself because personally I see it as a waste of money and not necessary in these days.

Given how easy it is to have casual sex with women in Colombia or most of the world, you should be able to attract a decent woman.

Especially if you improve yourself.

And that’s one issue I find with prostitution more than anything else – which is that I see it as making men lazy.

To where a dude might decide to just watch porn or pay for a prostitute instead of making himself the best version that he can be.

And if he were to do that, he’d naturally attract higher quality women in his life and also be more satisfied with his life in general.

Plus, keep in mind that there are plenty of sexy women down here. So you don’t really have to pay to enjoy a casual or a more serious time with them if you make yourself the best you can be.

Learn Spanish. Work out. Be social. Improve your income.

It takes hard work and is harder than just paying for a prostitute but is much more rewarding.

But if any of you want to use a prostitute for whatever reason and if it’s legal where you are – then I don’t see an issue.

Especially if that involves going to a sex island with two hot Colombian chicks and lots of alcohol. 😉

After all, I have already explained why I could see some men would want to pay for sexy chicks like on a yacht to a sex island

And who are those men?

Men Having to Pay

First, I can obviously see the appeal behind specifically going on a yacht to a sex island where you can have an orgy with sexy women and drink endless amounts of alcohol.

And as said before, I can understand why a dude over 60 would have to pay. Most likely no amount of self-improvement is likely to get the dude laid with hot young chicks.

But remember the type of clients that were reported to be going to this sex island as discussed in the beginning of this article?

A lot of married and professional career men.

Now I’m not a fan of cheating in general nor am I a fan of men that cheat on their wives.

It’s not ethical obviously and men in this situation should split first before looking for love or sex elsewhere.

However, I can understand logically why some married men would look for prostitutes on a sex island without justifying it.

Here’s the reality a lot of married men have faced or currently experience – a lot of them are not happily married.

Plenty of them – as this article described – are professional men and probably spent a lot of their youth climbing up the career ladder.

And not so much time dating women and getting experience in the dating market.

Basically a dude who focused more on career than getting laid and didn’t have that much dating success when younger.

Men like that from what I have seen tend to eventually marry some lower quality chick that they are not actually that in love with.

But it’s still some chick that agreed to be with them when many other women wouldn’t.

A lot of these men are desperate and lonely with minimal dating success due to not really focusing on improving their chances with women while younger.

So imagine then a guy who marries basically one of the first chicks that shows him interest but they don’t have much romance or love in the relationship.

And the dude in question has kids with this woman and wants to keep the family together.

But doesn’t really have a lot of love for the woman he is with nor sexual attraction.

And any of the passion that might have been in the relationship is now gone.

So a dude like that is in a tough situation. He’s in a loveless, sexless and passionless marriage but finds the consequences of leaving too deep.

Because it will mean a tougher life for the kids (who are the most important here) and also a divorce could mean getting financially destroyed in divorce courts.

Ultimately, it would be idiotic to leave the marriage in most cases but the marriage doesn’t offer the intimacy nor the love the guy desires.

So I can see why a dude who followed this life path would go on a yacht to pursue sex elsewhere. Logically, it makes sense but it is not ethical nor could I ever see myself arriving to that point.

It’s harder to judge when I have not walked those shoes though.

And believe me – there’s a lot of people who judge folks that have been going to Colombia to get laid either with prostitutes or with normal chicks they meet online or in public.

But why the criticism?

Understanding the Anger against Foreigners Looking for Sex or Love

In this case, there are basically six types of people that get angry about foreigners looking for sex or love abroad in Colombia. Below are the groups I commonly see get angry.

  • The Colombian government
  • Colombian incel dudes
  • Insecure women from the West
  • Angry local feminists
  • The religious crowd
  • The media

In the first case, I can understand why the Colombian government doesn’t want its country to be known as basically the place to go for drugs, prostitutes and easy women.

It’s not the most respectable thing in the world.

It tends to draw in the wrong type of crowd that the Colombian government doesn’t want more of.

On top of that, the Colombian government has been taking more active measures recently to paint the image of its country as some cool, exciting and adventurous place with beautiful nature and amazing culture.

You know – things that would promote other types of tourism that are not R rated.

Which also bring in more money for their country and is more respectable seeming.

And on top of that, I imagine that governments like the Colombian government must feel some pressure from the public when foreigners pursue sex down here.

Because you get a bunch of angry local feminists and the media talking about it.

So perhaps that anger from the public encourages the Colombian government to be more concerned about it.

Though probably not as much as it would in places like Canada given governments down here are less effective and efficient.

Second, you have the Colombian incel dudes. Now most Colombian dudes are not incel like in any country and most don’t care about foreigners coming here to get laid or find love.

But there are some folks here that are basically incels. You get this type of people in any country or racial or ethnic group.

Think an Asian dude that doesn’t want non-Asians fucking “his women.”

Think a black woman that hates seeing a black dude with a white woman.

Or a white man that hates seeing a white woman with a black dude.

The reality is that in every group of people you have certain individuals that have this concept of “their women” or “their men.”

And someone who thinks like that tends to not have much dating success, if any.

While feeling insecure when they see someone that isn’t from their group having sex with “their women” or “their men.”

Same thing here. Some Colombian dudes don’t get laid ever and also feel insecure about foreigners fucking “their women.”

These same dudes are also in denial about how easy Colombian women can be and will say something like “Colombian women are not whores because they are Catholic.”

Which, if you read other articles I wrote like this one or this one, you would know that the Catholic faith doesn’t stop Colombian women from fooling around.

Third, you have insecure women from the west that hate it when dudes find sex or love abroad. They are basically chicks that also feel insecure about themselves also like the incel Colombian dudes.

They tend to be fat, ugly and/or lack any grace of femininity. For the most part, they hate it when men are not picking them.

It’s like an older 35 year old chick that hates it when men her age prefer younger women that are under 25.

When you can’t compete with the competition, you try your best to shame the men out of pursuing the competition.

Maybe it will work. Maybe you can enjoy your cats and wine.

Eh, who knows.

Fourth, you have the local angry feminists. These are Colombian chicks that usually (though not always) come from privileged backgrounds.

You can read more about SJWs in Colombia in this article I wrote here.

Basically the same crowd. Privileged Colombians that are usually whiter looking and live in nicer neighborhoods of the more popular cities like Bogota or Medellin.

In all honestly, I’m not entirely sure what their issue is with foreign men looking for love or sex here. They seem to hate more though men pursuing sex (prostitutes or casual hookups) than dudes looking for love.

That seems to be where most of their attention is targeted at. Also, oddly enough, they don’t ever seem to get anywhere near as upset about local Colombians pursuing prostitutes or casual sex. They also never mention Latinos from other Latin American countries like Argentina pursuing sex or prostitutes.

Which there are plenty of them – they just never make the news or the outrage for some reason.

On top of that, they never get angry or upset about foreign women pursing hookups down here with Colombian men.

Granted, female sex tourism is not as high to Colombia as it is to other countries like the Dominican Republic. 

Which you can read about male and female sex tourism to the Dominican Republic here.

But it does happen. I have met chicks like this and the outrage regarding foreign women doing this is completely non-existent.

So I have seen what their outrage tends to look like but I don’t really understand why it is that way.

Perhaps it just comes out of some desire to better control male options and they hate it when foreign men know how to get what they want down here.

Or maybe some of you can provide input on that in the comment section below or send an email if any of you noticed something there I haven’t yet.

At any rate, here is an interesting letter posted in the Colombian city of Medellin some months ago. It clearly represents some of the local anger against male foreigners from the west pursuing women down here. Though it’s not clear who the author is.

In all likelihood, it is either a Colombian incel dude or (most likely) some local group of Colombian feminists. 

I simply see it as more likely for a group of local female feminists than one Colombian incel dude to write this letter and post it somewhere.

As you can see, when it comes to sex, the complaint seems to be more about in this case about drugs and prostitutes.

More specifically in Medellin in this case. As written about in this article I wrote here, sex tourism to Medellin has gotten so heavy that it has created some negative tension towards foreigners to some degree there.

Of course, when adding the “Medellinense,” it fails to tell any Medellin resident (or Colombian) to not pursue prostitutes.

Just a rule for the foreigners I suppose. Even though I have seen met plenty of local Colombian dudes that pursue that lifestyle as well.

 I guess outrage only works if it comes directed at just foreigners.

Anyway, if you want more of a critique of this letter, check out a good response to it here on a website called Expat Chronicles. It’s where I originally came across it.

Fifth, you have the religious crowd. These folks tend to come from more conservative and rural parts of the country.

They honestly don’t make much of a noise regarding foreign men looking for sex here since they focus more on their own issues.

They also never care about foreign men looking for love here. But for religious reasons, they tend to see any man (Colombian or foreign) pursuing prostitutes, drugs or casual sex as morally bad.

Just like they do in the US for example.

Sixth, you have the media. Now I don’t believe popular media companies in Colombia actually are upset about this trend.

In my opinion, I feel most of them are just exploiting the old “evil white foreigner is coming to fuck our women” fear.

For the ratings and all.

Got to make that money somehow!

At any rate, these are the types of people that tend to get most outraged by men pursuing sex (prostitutes or casual hookups) or love abroad in Colombia.

One common element a lot of them have (though not all) is a certain degree of xenophobia that comes with a certain dislike or suspicion of outsiders.

Additionally, one other common reason why individuals in these groups dislike foreign men looking for specifically casual sex in Colombia is because it also disproves a certain myth about Colombia.

Which is that Colombia is some “holy Catholic place” where the Catholic faith of the Colombian people makes it to where casual sex doesn’t happen.

That Colombian women don’t casually hookup ever or engage in prostitution.

It’s basically a myth about Colombia that is commonly said by more often the religious crowd, the incel Colombian dudes and the local feminists.

Where the religious crowd will say it because they believe that their faith actually stops this from happening as much as they think it does.

And the incel dudes basically just need another excuse for why they don’t get laid – ah well, the women won’t have sex easily because of their faith!

While the local feminists and the incel dudes both want to promote an image of Colombian women as having more respect for themselves and being more conservative than they actually are.

Though if you want to read more on how the Catholic faith plays a role in the dating scene, then check out this article I wrote here.

But anyhow, can these people ever change anything or are they just wasting their breath?

Is their frustration about foreign men looking for sex and love in Colombia pointless?

Possible Solutions?

Since I don’t have anything against men looking for sex or love here, I’m not advocating stopping it. At the end of the day, it all involves consenting adults agreeing to sex or romance with others.

Just in this case it happens to involve a foreigner with a local Colombian.

But what could Colombians do if they wanted to stop all of this?

Well, not much really but they got options, I guess.

First, they could try to make prostitution illegal and prosecute it. However, it wouldn’t happen anyway. Making it illegal doesn’t stop it.

Especially in a developing country with all the corruption and inefficiency that it has…

Well, good luck stopping it – especially when it comes to stopping local Colombian dudes pursuing prostitution also.

Second, you have the foreign dudes looking for casual hookups or love in Colombia. How are you going to stop that?

In a big city like Bogota, nobody notices who is having sex with who. This isn’t some small village of 10 people. It’s easy to hookup without anyone noticing.

And it’s easy for a foreign dude to meet local Colombian women in completely normal ways. In a university, shopping mall, at a NGO, Tinder, etc.

You would basically have to stop all foreign men from ever entering Colombia ever. Otherwise, it’s not possible to stop them from pursuing casual sex with women here.

And that wouldn’t stop the fact that Colombian culture is heavily sexualized and plenty of local Colombian dudes would continue hooking up anyway or doing drugs.

Or pursuing prostitutes. So the issue would still be there but the nationality of the men doing it would change a tiny bit.

And also there would still be some foreign women here pursuing hookups because they got a Latino fetish. To be consistent and not hypocritical, you would have to stop them from entering Colombia too.

On top of that, the demand side of things isn’t changing anytime soon.

When you have a country like the US where ever increasingly marriage there is too risky of a proposition as I wrote about here

And where the women are ever increasingly less feminine and less sexy when compared to Colombian women.

And where gender relations are really toxic right now with more men and women feeling very antagonistic against each other…

Well, you are naturally going to be creating a stronger demand among the men there to pursue sex or love elsewhere.

Just like those married dudes that probably stumbled into a passionless, loveless and sexless marriage but can’t leave because of the consequences of doing so.

So unless you change the demand side of things, you are not going to stop the foreign men from coming.

The only way I could possibly imagine Colombia changing it to a degree is by either making their women ugly and masculine and/or by changing the culture.

For example, you have Argentina. Argentina has a reputation of having very sexy women (though I disagree with that).

At any rate, you don’t have anywhere near as many foreign men going there because it’s farther away and also because the women are harder to sleep with.

While you have countries like Brazil and Colombia that have sexier women that are much easier.

So if Colombian culture was less sexualized and if the women were a bit more conservative, I’m sure that would discourage some of the men from coming.

Not those looking for prostitutes anyway but those looking for casual hookups.

Or they could make their women ugly. Encourage obesity, more modest dressing styles, shorter hairs of strange colors like purple, tattoos, etc.

Less plastic surgery also.

If you did that, I guarantee you the amount of men looking for sex and love in Colombia would drop dramatically.

Because why would they travel so far to bang ugly and masculine women?

Especially when there’s plenty of more masculine chicks in countries like the US anyway.

Now unless “ugly and masculine women” becomes some popular fetish….

It would work.

So for those mentioned groups above that dislike this type of male tourist and want to stop it….

All you need to do is offer your entire female Colombian population the following:

  • 3 McDonalds Hamburgers a day.
  • 2 liters of soda a day.
  • Ban plastic surgery and gyms.
  • Government offered haircuts to cut their hair very short (or make them bald for bonus points).
  • Government subsidized tattoo shops on every street for women to get them.
  • Encourage them to take on insane amounts of debt so they are a financial burden if married.
  • Make divorce a weapon in which a divorced man will be financially ruined.
  • Mass media that encourages distrust and toxic beliefs between men and women.
  • Encourage very stressful lifestyles for everyone that will decrease sex drives.
  • Somehow convince several generations of Colombian women that selling their asses to “Corporate Colombia” to work at a 9-5 job that they’ll hate will bring more life satisfaction than having a successful marriage with a man and family that they love.

Now if you do all of that, then I guarantee you that the amount of men looking for sex and love in Colombia abroad will decrease dramatically.

Or you could hope that Venezuela fixes itself and is able to offer much sexier women than Colombia can. Which, in theory, could distract a certain percentage of the horny and lonely foreign men from going to Colombia and go to Venezuela instead.

And that likely will happen eventually – I’m sure the crisis will end eventually. And when it does, some of these men will probably go to Venezuela over Colombia.

But regardless – the trend of male foreigners coming to Colombia for casual sex or love will continue.

After all, can you expect anything different when so many men in the US desire something that a lot of the women back home don’t offer?

Meanwhile, you have a country called Colombia that has a very sexualized culture with plenty of sexy women?

Sexy women that men hear about online either in websites like this, through dating agencies or online cam model websites?

They might be coming in yachts to sex islands.

Or maybe fly into the big cities like Medellin to hookup on Tinder.

Maybe some dating agency will bring them in to find their future wife.

Perhaps they will simply enjoy simple lives here – hookup from time to time and eventually settle down with a normal Colombian chick.

Just like I did.

In any case, that is what it would take to really slow down the rate of foreign men pursuing sex and love in Colombia.  

But to be fair….

There are some mixed trends that we are seeing in Colombia that might actually bring about some of what is mentioned above for changing Colombia.

Predictions on Trends in Colombia

It should be mentioned that there are things happening in Colombia that I believe will impact things in the future for foreign men purusing love or sex here.

First, as written about here, foreign men in Medellin have a more negative reputation as sex tourists.

This is because of how often they have been pursuing sex down here and leaving.

Now as I wrote about here, it’s not difficult to overcome this negative reputation and still do well in Medellin.

I believe anyway that likely this belief about foreign men will continue and grow and could make pursuing hookups down here a little bit harder.

But there will always be smaller cities down here that foreigners can go to where this won’t likely ever be a problem.

And you can check out some of those cities in my city guides here.

Second, it is pretty typical that when a country develops economically that you see certain things become more popularized.

Materialism and consumerism become stronger.

Emphasis on settling down and forming a family becomes less strong.

More women pursue casual sex lifestyles more strongly and become less ideal for marriage when they are older.

And said women also become more jaded with men and more likely to end the marriage anyway.

You also have more women pursuing careerism out of the hope that it will provide a happier lifestyle.

Which also tends to mean that these same women will not focus as much on their femininity and appear to be more masculine to most men.

All of which will mean that it will be harder to find a woman in Colombia that is ideal for marriage.

Now you can always go to smaller Colombian cities or even towns where it will be possible.

And check out those city guides if you want to know more about some of those places.

But on the other hand – this will also likely make it even easier than before to hookup with women down here.

Since women who pursue that lifestyle tend to not pursue relationships and more casual sex. So just focus on keeping yourself the best type of man you can be and it will be fine.

But keep in mind that if women here became more masculine and didn’t keep up more feminine appearances…

Then more men would see it as less satisfying to pursue casual sex with them anyway.

And that’s something that likely could happen – though I have my doubts given the culture here.

Third, you also have more frequent cases of “toxic feminism” being promoted by the same activists mentioned above in Colombia.

Though cases I have seen of that here are rare and mostly located in the biggest cities like Bogota or Medellin.

And most Colombians – as of now – don’t take them seriously.

Furthermore, I don’t see the issue ever becoming as severe as it is in the US but I could be proven wrong someday in the future.

We’ll see.

Fourth, prostitution will not likely ever be illegal here. For those who prefer pursuing prostitutes, you will probably be fine regardless of all of these trends.

And even if it became illegal and they somehow were effective in stopping it, you’d have nearby countries with sexy Latina prostitutes also if that’s your thing.

Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Dominican Republic, etc.

Fifth, I don’t see any efforts so far in Colombia to make divorce a weapon that women can use against men here.

Granted, things can change rapidly but it doesn’t seem to likely be an issue as of this writing. So marrying the wrong woman down here is less likely to financially ruin you.

Sixth, the physical health of Colombians seems to be getting worse. According to this article here, 20% of the Colombian population is obese.

And according to this article in Spanish, obesity is apparently getting worse here.

That isn’t much of a surprise. Typically speaking, I believe there likely is some correlation between the material development of a country and its obesity rates.

People consume and eat more perhaps.

Which means ultimately that the women here will likely be less physically attractive in the future if trends continued.

With more obese women and also more masculine women that sacrifice femininity for careerism. 

But one positive thing to note here anyway is that food in Colombia is not typically as unhealthy as it is in the US. That might help a little bit in keeping obesity rates lower than in the US.

In summary, current trends make me believe that it will be harder to find a high quality woman to marry in Colombia.

I do not believe that things will be too bad by 2030 within a decade. However, it’s hard to predict how quickly things can deteriorate. It might take until maybe 2040 for many of the current negative characteristics of Western women to appear more strongly and commonly in Colombian women.

And given that divorce rates skyrocketed in the West after much of these same developments occurred, it will likely increase in Colombia as well. Though that likely won’t financially ruin foreign men as much as divorce in the West does.

As I wrote about here concerning the minimal risk to divorce in Colombia.

Furthermore, it might be the case that any foreign man looking to pursue casual sex here might indeed prefer going to other countries instead. Perhaps Venezuela for example when it stabilizes or lesser known countries like Nicaragua or Paraguay.

On top of that, no signs indicate that prostitution will change for those who want it and casual sex might likely become even easier to pursue down here due to trends above.

But the women in question – if above trends continue – will be less attractive and feminine for men to want to pursue.

Granted, there will still be sexy chicks here but simply less of them.

Will Things Change in Colombia’s Future?

As I see it – quite likely if trends continue. But most men still have plenty of time to enjoy Colombian women before things get to that point.

At least 10 years if not 20 or even more.

Though the thoughts here are nothing more than an educated guess based on the information available online and predictions made by observing how things have gone in the West.  

In that case, the groups mentioned above that really dislike foreign men pursuing sex and love here might finally be happy.

As most of the men pursue what they desire elsewhere.

But it will come at a cost –

  • More obesity
  • Higher divorce rates
  • The destruction of the family unit
  • Higher rates of loneliness, depression and suicide
  • More toxic gender relations
  • More people pursuing empty lives of materialism, consumerism with soul-sucking jobs
  • Masculinization of women and emasculation of men

And that’s the ironic part about all of this.

Which is despite modern day outrage about foreign men from the West coming to Colombia to pursue Colombian women for sex or love…

That Colombia will ultimately become Westernized in many ways and become much similar to the country that is sending the men that they don’t like pursuing “their women.”

And who knows – perhaps we will then get more Colombian men that become desperate and lonely…

Who ultimately pursue sex and love elsewhere in countries like Venezuela, Thailand or Ukraine?

And then we will hear probably about some business taking lonely Western and Colombian men together on a yacht to pursue sex, drugs and alcohol on some sex island like Margarita Island.

A place where Western and Colombian men can come together to piss off the Venezuelan population and their government by banging “their women” and having margaritas on Margarita Island.

Who knows – maybe someone will even create a website called “Dating Venezolanas.”

Where the first idea definitely sounds like a solid business opportunity for anyone thinking ahead by 20 or so years.

And the second idea would be a good plan for when Venezuela stabilizes and someone manages to get boots on the ground there.

Well, we’ll see anyway how much of this will happen or not.

As much of this is based on observing trends in the West and assuming it will bring similar development in Colombia.

After all, why should Colombia be any different from other countries that have followed this path?

So that’s just my take on the matter.

At any rate….

If any of you have your own take on the matter or a question – let me know in the comment section or send me an email. I look forward to any additional insight.

Thanks for reading this article and your time.

Hasta luego parceros,


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Maed April 18, 2020

Thank you for sharing such a blog!
Best regards,
Mead Zacho

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