15 Cities to Get Laid with Sexy Latinas Outside Colombia

For a lot foreigners thinking of going to Colombia, the usual plan is to stop by for a few weeks and bang plenty of hot chicks and go home after.

Maybe check out some touristy areas also…

Enjoy the music too…

Make some friends…

And try out all the delicious Colombian food that there is.

OK, the last sentence was a joke but the rest is true.

But what if you want to bang hot Colombian women for more than the 6 months that your tourist visa allows?

Because keep in mind that foreigners can only stay in Colombia for 6 months per calendar year.

And have to leave Colombia for either 6 months or until the next year starts on January 1st.

So unless you are planning on getting residency here or some other type of visa that will let you stay long term…

What should the plan be?

Well, you can always go back home for those 6 months.

But you know what else you could do?

Travel to another city in Latin America for 6 months and bang hot Latinas there before returning to Colombia.

After all, who wants to give up on banging hot Latinas for 6 months every year?

Life is short – so enjoy it with Latinas with big tits and asses who wouldn’t mind meeting you. 😉

So if you want the fun to go on but don’t want to get residency in Colombia just yet…

Where should you go to bang hot Latinas and enjoy life in Latin America before being able to return again to Colombia?

Let’s look at some specific places I recommend.

And before we do…

Just keep in mind that some of these places will only allow you to stay for maybe 2 months or so.

While possibly allowing visa extensions.

Other places will let you stay for 6 months.

And other areas like Cuba would be harder for Americans specifically to enjoy.

But of course, you can always travel to a few of these areas while waiting for Colombia to let you back in.

That way you won’t ever miss a day of banging hot Latinas and enjoying life in Latin America.

So let’s get to looking at 15 different cities in Latin America that I recommend (in no particular order).

¡Vámanos parceros!

City 1: Mexico City

Even though this list is in no particular order…

I do believe Mexico City is definitely one of the best places you can go to while taking a 6 month break from Colombia.


First, you can stay in Mexico for 6 months if you are an American.

So boom.


You don’t have to stay for just 2 months and then have to leave to another city like a few other options on this list.

Second, while the women in Mexico City are not as hot as what you would normally get in Colombia…

There are definitely plenty of hot chicks though in this city as it is one of the biggest cities in the Americas.

You simply have so many options and the women here are very much down to fuck.

Third, the location is ideal. It is close to the US and Canada if you happen to be from there…

As opposed to having to go to say Buenos Aires in Argentina which is much more south.

Fourth, the city offers some of your best bang for your buck in terms of quality of living and when you consider how cheap it is to live there.

So all around it makes a solid choice in my opinion.

City 2: Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is another great option if you want to get out of Colombia for 6 months.

Now since I haven’t been to Brazil in a tiny bit, I had to do some quick research on the visa rules.

From what I can see, it seems that the Brazilian government will let you stay in the country for 90 days per trip but you can stay in the country for 180 days total per calendar year.

So it seems from my understanding that you would have to leave after the first 90 days and then you can come right back in for another 90.

Thus, allowing you to stay here for the extra 6 months you need outside of the 6 months in Colombia.

You could mix it up in different ways.

Maybe do 3 months in Colombia and then 3 months in Brazil and just rotate between both.

And Brazil is by far one of the other best countries in Latin America for banging hot Latina women.

Brazilian women simply have some of the best bodies you can find on the continent.

And they are just as down to fuck in Rio de Janeiro as anywhere else.

So while you are banging hot Colombian chicks and learning Spanish…

You can also get started on banging hot Brazilian chicks and learn Portuguese.

Not a bad way to live, huh? 😉

City 3: São Paulo​

Now speaking of great Brazilian cities to visit while outside of Colombia….

São Paulo​ is another great option for those looking to enjoy some of the great “assets” that Brazilian women offer.

Plenty of hot chicks here also and they are also just as down to fuck as anywhere else.

And similar to Rio de Janeiro, there are enough women that speak English here if your Portuguese needs some work first.

The only two negatives to Brazil that I can think of really…

Are that Portuguese is a little bit harder to learn and it will take some effort.

And also that Brazil is not as close to the US or Canada so the flights will be longer and more exhausting.

But it will be worth it when you get to bang all that hot Brazilian pussy. 😉

City 4: Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is by far one of the best easiest cities in the Americas to bang hot Latina pussy in my personal experience.

The women here just seem so much more down to fuck than anywhere else I’ve been to.

Where the amount of chicks I can bang in a given month is always notably higher than anywhere else I have been to.

At least up to the point of this writing.

Now whenever I have gone to the Dominican Republic, it has always been on short trips up until now.

Usually you will get a tourist visa that allows you to stay up for 30 days and that can be extended to 90 days while in the Dominican Republic.

So while it can be a very rewarding place to bang hot Latina pussy…

You might have to mix the Dominican Republic with another area.

Say 3 months in the DR and 3 months in another city perhaps.

Or perhaps do 3 months in Colombia and 3 months in the DR and just go back and forth for a while.

City 5: Santiago de los Caballeros

Santiago de los Caballeros is another city in the Dominican Republic that is great for banging hot Latinas.

In my experience, the women here in Santiago were hotter than what I saw in Santo Domingo but that’s just my opinion based on my preferences.

Either way, you can find hot chicks in either city.

Same visa issues mentioned above still apply obviously.

And one other thing to mention is that I found the women here in Santiago to be a little more conservative sexually than those in Santo Domingo.

But still, that’s not to say that it is difficult to bang hot chicks here.

It isn’t. You can still have plenty of fun. 😉

City 6: Cusco

Sitting right next door to Colombia is another fun country called Peru.

A very fun country in terms of hiking and natural beauty.

On top of that, you have plenty of impressive pre colonial ruins like the famous Machu Picchu obviously.

Which, if you decide to live in Cusco, you will be pretty close to Machu Picchu and plenty of amazing hiking opportunities nearby.

On top of that, if you don’t speak Spanish well, then Cusco can be a great option for you since it is a very touristy city.

So more people here who do speak a decent amount of English.

Another benefit?

The tourist visa to Peru lasts 183 days so that you can spend the whole 6 months here without having to move to another city.

Plus, the women here are overall pretty easy sexually compared to a lot of Latin American cities that I have been to.

But just three words of caution on that…

First, Peruvian women as a whole tend to be more conservative sexually so not everyone in Cusco is going to be easy. Just seems to be something about the city that encourages it.

Second, I suspect (though I am not positive) that white guys will benefit from this much more so than anyone else. Any of the guys that I have known (including myself) who have said that the women are easy in Cusco were white.

On the other hand, I’ve met a few non-white guys on my travels who disagreed with the statement that the women in Cusco are easy.

So race might be a factor here but I have no personal experience with it obviously since I am white and don’t know personally how the women in Cusco treat non-white guys.

Just something I suspect might be the case from what I have heard and seen.

Third, the women in Cusco are not going to be the sexiest women in Latin America.

Peruvian women in general just don’t hold a candle to Colombian women.

So just keep all of that in mind.

City 7: Guadalajara

Going back to Mexico…

Where you can have a 6 month tourist visa that will let you stay here until you can go back to Colombia.

Now while Guadalajara is not my favorite Mexican city…

At least when compared to Mexico City, which is a place I love.

Guadalajara is still a fun place with decent nightlife, relatively cheap cost of living, close to the US and Canada and….

The women here are pretty hot overall.

You won’t be too disappointed.

The only issue is that I found them to be a bit more conservative than women in Mexico City but it’s not much to worry about.

City 8:Culiacán & Mazatlán

Moving onto a few more Mexican cities…   

Culiacán and Mazatlán in this case.

Why two cities put together?

Well, I wanted to keep this list under 15 cities and these two Mexican cities are relatively close together and are both in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

So I figured I might as well put them together even though both cities are different obviously.

But you will notice that the women in both cities tend to be very hot and are not too difficult to sleep with.

In my travels, I have heard some expats call them the “Colombian women of Mexico” due to how great their asses and tits are.

On top of that, the women in these two cities tend to put in more effort to maintain their bodies well and look good.

But I wouldn’t say that the women here are as good as what you get in Colombia…

But when compared to most of Mexico, these two cities certainly offer some of the better looking women you can find.

The only downside to these two cities in my opinion is that it is easy to get bored here.

Which some might find odd to say since it is known as a beach destination but I don’t care for beaches personally.

So while the cities themselves were not very entertaining…

The women definitely were and you won’t be disappointed with them.

City 9: Panama City

Panama City is one of the most ideal locations you could pick in terms of how close it is to Colombia.

Just because of that alone, it deserves a mention on this list.

On top of that, it’s quite a comfortable city overall and has plenty of nightlife and attractions to offer.

So your quality of life will be nice and the close location to Colombia makes this place ideal for those leaving Colombia for 6 months.

As a bonus, it seems you can stay in Panama for 180 days out of the year.

However, I don’t have experience with this because my trips to Panama were always short.

But it seems that a visa extension for180 days is possible.

So close location to Colombia, nice quality of life and the full 180 days allowed.

Now what about the women?

In my experience, women from Panama are not as great as what you get in Colombia.

Given that it is a big city, you won’t be disappointed in my opinion.

There are cute women running around that you can try to have sex with.

And plenty of them.

They just won’t be as hot as the ones in Colombia and they are a little more conservative than what I have found in Colombia from my experience.

City 10: Buenos Aires

Now speaking of high quality cities to live in Latin America…

Buenos Aires in Argentina is one of the highest quality cities you can live in from my experience.

Argentina as a whole is simply more developed and the quality of life is nice.

And over the last year or so from at least 2019 or so, I have been hearing that the cost of living has gone down by quite a bit in Argentina.

Apparently the USD is crushing the Argentine peso as of right now in 2020.

So the benefits so far are….

That the cost of living is pretty good…

The city offers high quality of living and plenty of entertainment…

But what are the negatives?

Well, you are only allowed to stay in Argentina from what I have seen for 90 days.

Now this issue can be resolved in part by simply taking a boat ride to nearby Uruguay.

I did it once and it was quite comfortable.

I don’t remember how much I spent but it wasn’t much and the boat ride I think was just a few hours more or less. Not much time.

And you stay in Uruguay for a few days and come back to Buenos Aires by boat for another 90 days until you can review to Colombia.

So while that can be annoying, it is possible to stay in Argentina for 6 months.

But there is one more negative…

Which is that the women in Argentina…

While they are not ugly, they are not amazing looking either in my opinion.

Now I know some will disagree with me and say that they are very sexy.

But the only men I have known who have said that either have a strong preference for white chicks or they are only reiterating what someone else told them with no personal experience of their own in Argentina.

So if you have a preference for white Latinas, then Buenos Aires is actually a pretty solid choice.

However, as you can read about in this article I wrote here comparing Colombian women to Argentine women…

Argentine women really don’t put in as much effort into their appearences while in public and have more average looking bodies in my opinion.

All the while Argentine people in general tend to be more closed off to meeting new people and making friends..

So trying to meet chicks in Argentina and bang them can usually require a bit more work than compared to chicks in Colombia for example.

It’s not impossible or too difficult honestly..

But you need more effort to bang lower quality chicks than compared to say Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic or any of the Mexican cities mentioned on this list.

So more effort for less reward.

I’d pick Buenos Aires anyway if you want a place that offers a higher quality of living anyway. That’s really the main benefit here.

City 11: Mendoza

Next we have Mendoza…

Which is another Argentine city.

Everything I said before about visas in Argentina still applies here.

Only difference is you might instead need to take a trip to nearby Chile instead of Uruguay to do a border run and get your additional 90 days.

Now when it comes to hooking up, I found the women in Mendoza to be a little bit easier than chicks in Buenos Aires but not by a whole lot.

But the women in Buenos Aires are definitely hotter than the ones in Mendoza in my opinion.

The only downside to this specific city is that I found it to be more boring than the nightlife and touristic attractions that Buenos Aires offers.

Between the two, I’d pick Buenos Aires.

The pussy will come easier but it will be lower quality and there are less touristic attractions.

Plus a trip to Uruguay is easier than one to Chile.

City 12: Cordoba

Next we have another Argentine city on this list…


Now everything I said previously about visas is still true here obviously.

90 days in and a quick trip to Chile in this case to get your next 90 days when you return to Argentina after a few days in Chile.

Now while the city itself was quite boring to me…

There was one benefit this city has over Buenos Aires in my opinion.

Which I found the chicks in Cordoba to be slightly hotter than the ones in Buenos Aires.

Though they were not necessarily any more difficult or easier to sleep with than the chicks in Buenos Aires.

In terms of difficulty, they were about the same but slightly hotter.

So if you want slightly hotter Latina chicks and don’t care much about anything else..

And you don’t mind taking a longer trip to Chile than Uruguay…

Then pick Cordoba over Buenos Aires.

But I’d pick Buenos Aires because the trip to Uruguay is easier and the city itself offers much more in entertainment.

City 13: Belo Horizonte

Based on my experience in Brazil, Belo Horizonte was another great option for banging hot Latinas.

And also keep in mind that visa details I mentioned previously about Brazil – a 180 days in a calendar year is possible here.

Plus the women here in Belo Horizonte are just as hot as what I have seen elsewhere in Brazil.

Amazing asses and tits. Great bodies all around.

And they are not too conservative sexually…

The only two issues I had with this city..

Is that one that I found less women who spoke English here than elsewhere in Brazil.

My Portuguese isn’t terrible but it is not anywhere near as great as my Spanish.

So while I did find some who spoke English…

There seemed to be less than what you get in say Rio de Janeiro.

Second, the city wasn’t as exciting for me personally but the quality of life is decent.

So all around, Belo Horizonte is a good choice for banging hot Latinas and living in Latin America.

City 14: Monterrey

Finally, we have another Mexican city on the list – Monterrey.

Keep in mind that again you can stay here for 6 months out of the year so you won’t have any visa issues until you can visit Colombia again.

Second, the women here are overall quite hot and Monterrey has plenty of decent chicks to offer.

Plus, they are not too conservative sexually in my experience and so you won’t have any issues there.

On top of that, it is again located close to the US and Canada and not too far from Colombia.

And Monterrey has a decent enough quality of life with plenty to do as well.

So relative to other cities on this list, it definitely is not a bad option.

Plenty of hot women with a decent quality of living for a reasonable cost of living.

And 6 months guaranteed of fun. 😉

City 15: Havana

Next we have an interesting choice here…

Havana in Cuba.

Obviously this isn’t a very strong choice for Americans out there.

And I have to disclose one thing before I say any more on Havana…

I have never been to Cuba or Havana specifically because I am American so I am recommending this city only a tiny bit.

And that’s the reason also for why it is the last city on this list…

I don’t feel too confident recommending it because I don’t have any personal experience but…

Over the decade or so of living in Latin America, I have met numerous other travelers running around this region…

And every once in a while I have met one who has been to Cuba and Havana specifically.

So here’s the details from what I typically hear (but haven’t experienced for this specific city):

First, it seems that Canadians can stay there for 90 days and so many other nationalities only get 30 days.

So it’s not the best place to visit in terms of how much time you are allowed. You’d most likely have to mix this city in with another place on this list for example.

Second, apparently the chicks in Havana are quite hot. Plenty of sexy women apparently from everybody I have heard.

I have never heard anyone say that they are ugly at least.

But having said that…

Apparently hooking up is a bit difficult here.


Because apparently there are not too many places that allow visits and you will have to deal with trying to find a normal chick who is down to fuck instead of a prostitute.

Which apparently there are a lot of prostitutes in that city.

And those are just a few of the logistical issues..

The only benefits Havana seems to bring to the table are..

One, it is relatively close to Canada and Colombia. So It’s not a pain to visit.

Second, the chicks there are apparently hot.

Third, Havana does seem like it would be a cool place to visit with all the architecture and history that it brings.

So maybe for a small visit…

Leave Colombia for your 180 days…

Go to Havana for 30 to 90 days…

Bang a few chicks that you can manage to find while enjoying the mojitos and the touristic areas of the city.

And possibly Cuba as a whole – there’s more to Cuba than Havana obviously.

Then take your boots and head on over to some other city on this list to bang hot Latinas and enjoy life in Latin America until you can go to Colombia again. 😉

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now have a good idea on what cities to visit outside of Colombia in Latin America if you want to keep on banging hot Latina chicks…

While of course waiting for Colombia to let you back in and have another 6 months on a new tourist visa… 😉

And even if you don’t plan on entering and leaving Colombia every 6 months…

The cities on this list can still serve you well in finding hot Latina chicks to bang.

But keep in mind also that this list is not perfect.

It wasn’t meant to be the “top 15 cities” because there are thousands of places that you could possibly visit in Latin America obviously.

It’s a huge region!

And there are plenty of other good options that you could go with.

But if I had to leave Colombia for 6 months, these would be some of the first places that come to mind.

And if you are interested in learning more about how to bang hot Latina chicks elsewhere in Latin America outside of Colombia…

Then keep your eyes open on a new website I am starting called Sr. Gringo.

Which is meant to document better my experiences in dating Latinas elsewhere in Latin America and my travels elsewhere also.

You can find the website by clicking here

But keep in mind that as of June 1, 2020, the website isn’t really up or anything.

I am working on different projects as of right now and am busy.

So you can expect to find content on that website by I’d say October 1, 2020 at the latest most likely.

And if you are reading this past October 1, 2020…

Then click on that link here to visit that website and enjoy all the other articles I have on living and dating in Latin America.

Hope it helps!

And if you have any insight or questions on this topic regarding dating Latinas or on any of the cities listed in this article…

Then write a comment below in the comment section or send an email.

Thanks for reading and take care!

Hasta luego parceros,


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