The Effect of Coronavirus on the Colombian Dating Scene

Imagine you are walking outside in the streets of Medellin with a sexy paisa woman.

It is getting close to nighttime and she is wearing a nice dress that shows her body well.

And you are feeling like you will probably get laid that night.

You show up to a bar you often take women too but it seems closed for whatever reason….


Take her by the hand and maybe head somewhere else along the way for the date.

Somewhere where you two can be in public and see where the night takes you.

And all of a sudden, some Colombian cops stop you.


For breaking the quarantine!

Because of the coronavirus, there has been a quarentene in Colombia where you can only go outside for essential activities.

And trying to get your dick inside a sexy Colombian chick isn’t really part of “essential activities.”

But given this website is all about meeting hot Colombian women, I know for a fact plenty of you do see it as “essential.”

Especially as people still visit my website every month and are still trying to meet Colombian women online to date and maybe have a relationship with even.

Women that you can meet for example online at websites like Colombian Cupid.

Which you can check out here if you are interested in meeting cute Colombian women to date.

But given the situation right now with the coronavirus issue in Colombia…

Actually going on dates with the women down here is a lot harder than just communicating and getting to know them online.

And what has been happening so far in the last few months also can give us some good insight into trying to understand how Colombian society will move forward and what that means for actually going on dates with chicks down here.

So let’s cover all of that!

The Basics about the Coronavirus in Colombia 

Here we will just cover the basic facts about what has been happening in Colombia due to the coronavirus.

First, keep in mind that all of this information presented in this section of the article is based on all of the information I could find as of May 6th, 2020.

In Colombia, there have been a total of 8,613 known cases of coronavirus and 378 deaths and 2,013 people who recovered as well as of May 6th, 2020.

On top of that, all international and national flights related to Colombia will be suspended until the end of May at earliest.

But that could always be expended beyond the end of May so keep your expectations realistic on that.

The quarantine has been going on also from March 24th and was originally extended until May 11th. However, as of yesterday on May 5th, the quarantine was extended again until May 25th, 2020 with some restrictions relaxed. So far the quarantine has been extended three times now from and could possibly be extended again in the future.

During this quarantine, you are allowed to go outside for essential activities that include things such as purchasing food, getting access to medicine and healthcare services, using banking or postal services and more.

But as said before, some of the restrictions will be relaxed after May 11th where the selling of other specific products and services will be allowed later in May. Some of this includes cars, furniture, laundry services, books and stationary shops.

Also, another thing that Colombia has tried doing as reported in April is to reduce the amount of people outside by gender in Bogota specifically.

So only men outside on odd-numbered days and only women outside on even-numbered days to buy essential goods.

There goes daygame for all you men out there hoping to meet women in public in Bogota!

As if the other restrictive measures and the coronavirus itself were not enough to make it less likely that men would do daygame here right now obviously.

Now if you violate the quarantine, you are also at risk of 4 to 8 years of jail and paying a fine, according to this great article on the subject here.

As you can imagine then, plenty of establishments have been closed. This includes bars and nightclubs.

And bus travel between cities has not been allowed.

So with all that said, it is clear that Colombia is shut down as of May 6th, 2020 for anyone not living here.

And what implications does that have for the dating scene in Colombia as of now and in the future?

Dating is Dead in Colombia!

No more sexy Colombian women.

No more dating.

That’s it – this website is closed!

Guess we will all have to leave Colombia and head to greener pastures where sexy women are still available.

……like Guatemala, obviously (sarcasm intended).

But obviously there is no point as of right now to travel to Colombia to bang chicks or enjoy life here as of May 6th, 2020.

Unless you have the legal right to live here and have everything set up like I do, then it’s not even possible.

Flights to Colombia are closed until late May at earliest as said before.

Even if that was not the case, there is still risk that a flight you could purchase would be cancelled at a later point.

And even if you were in Colombia….

And let’s say you could somehow set up dates with chicks here without facing penalties for breaking quarantine.

The fact is that most women will not want to meet up until the quarantine is over.

I know other foreigners who do live here that are single and have been matching with chicks on Tinder.

And they all have been trying to keep in touch with these chicks and escalate with them over text for the time being.

Just because practically speaking the quarantine makes it very unlikely you will get laid.

And also because more women are naturally concerned about accidently infecting their parents at home as you can imagine.

And with bus travel domestically not permitted and nightlife venues closed….

Well, it’s clear that the dating and nightlife scene here is dead for the moment as of May 6th, 2020.

But that doesn’t mean that you should be inactive!

Or that the future doesn’t look bright for you.

So let’s look into that briefly – what the future likely holds for Colombia in terms of the dating scene…

And what you can do right now to make sure you have the best chance of having success with sexy Colombian women in the future.

When to Travel to Colombia?

So how will things change in the future and when in the Colombian dating scene?

First, it needs to be said that the when part is harder to predict obviously.

For example, the quarantine in this country down here has already been extended three times and now lasts until May 25th.

Will that happen again?

If I had to guess – probably.

And regardless of that – international flights to Colombia will not happen again anyway until the end of May at earliest.

So that means that you will not be able to enjoy the women down here until most likely June 1st at the very earliest.

And that assumes international travel is allowed to Colombia and that you can leave your house for non-essential purposes like going on dates.

But another thing to factor in also is that according to this article here – it is likely we will see a resurgence of the coronavirus in different waves in the future.

Especially if things open up more.

Which, based on what we have seen before, might mean more government action on limiting movement of people.

On the flip side of that, economic pain and social unrest might encourage government action to keep things more open then they prefer.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean opening up the borders to let foreigners travel down here.

It could mean to make the quarantine a voluntary one instead where the government encourages people not to leave their homes but doesn’t punish you if you do.

Obviously, a year from today on May 6th, 2019, most people were not predicting that we were going to have a coronavirus issue a year later.

So it’s difficult to predict obviously how things will change and what actions governments will take in the next 2 to 3 months.

And so because of that….

Despite international travel possibly being allowed into Colombia by late May at earliest, I wouldn’t travel if you trip is short.

Otherwise, you might end up locked down here and unable to leave if they change their mind and close the border again at some point during your trip.

And that doesn’t even factor in the possibility of flight cancellation.

Additionally, there will probably still be a certain number of women who just won’t want to go outside for dates in the immediate days to weeks after the quarantine ends.

And according to this article here on April 18, 2020, the Colombian president said that stadiums, bars and concerts will be closed for at least 18 months.

So nightlife will still be gone in the immediate weeks and months after quarantine is supposed to end and after international flights are supposed to be allowed.

Therefore, with all that said, the dating scene in Colombia is likely to not be worth it right after they are set to end quarantine and allow international flights.


When should you go to Colombia if you want to date the women here?

It’s tough to say.

First, I’d recommend you pay significant attention to the news.

Specifically in regards to the development of the coronavirus situation globally and in Colombia.

The worse it gets, the less likely I’d travel obviously.

For news on Colombia specifically, you will have to search for it in Spanish in Google obviously for the best sources.

But let’s say the government opens up the borders and ends quarantine as of right now.

I’d wait 2 to 5 months of watching how things progress.

If after 2 to 5 months….

The coronavirus issue is not ruining Colombian society….

And if there is no public consideration by the Colombian government to impose restrictions on movement of people….

And airlines are operating better and not cancelling as many flights…

Then I’d feel more confident in taking a trip to Colombia.

Especially if that trip is only going to be a week to a few weeks anyway…

And you have seen positive trends in the areas mentioned above leading up to a possible trip.

Then you will probably be fine but no guarantees obviously.

Do your own research.

And when things do seem better for traveling to Colombia…

What will the dating scene likely be like in that moment?

Predicting Future Trends in the Colombian Dating Scene

Once the dust settles a bit more and Colombian society is a bit more open…

There are certain trends that I think we will see happen in the dating scene down here.

First, I think women are going to be more down for casual sex and hooking up than before.

And I say that because that is what I am seeing as of right now.

Sometime ago, I broke up with my last Colombian girlfriend and have been enjoying the single life again.

Well, I was until this quarantine.

But that hasn’t stopped me from matching with chicks on Tinder in Colombia while living down here in Bogota.

And one thing I noticed is that while a lot of the chicks I have met are obviously not available to meet me right now…

Many of them seem very down to fuck and eager to meet up once society becomes more open.

The responses I am getting seem a little bit more engaging than what I normally have gotten.

Maybe my photos are better or my texting skills have improved.

But I think to a degree that simply put women are getting hornier and are simply getting anxious to meet up and see what happens.

Now as I said earlier in the article, I think we will see some hesitancy among some women to meet up with new men in the immediate aftermath of ending quarantine.

But I predict that will likely be overcome by the built up interest in women to go back out and have fun again.

Second, there will likely be an increased interest in dating foreign men in the future.

I’m not saying it will be dramatically higher than before but it will probably be higher than before this whole coronavirus situation started.

And why is that?

For two reasons.

First, exposure to foreign men down here will be going down as it already has.

Because so far no foreign men have been able to enter Colombia as of this writing due to the borders being shut down.

So only people living here like I have or other foreigners who traveled here before the travel restrictions are in Colombia.

On top of that, travel restrictions are not guaranteed to open in late May. They could extend that restriction. Therefore, the lack of exposure to foreign men could continue.

Furthermore, with bars and clubs being closed for at least 18 months, that will also discourage tourism I think. It won’t be the main issue though because…

A lot of people are suffering right now financially.

So many people have lost their jobs or seen a significant reduction in income in the US and elsewhere.

With a recession underway in the US and the world that is going to be one of the worst ones we have seen in a while.

So who in the US or elsewhere is going to have the money to visit Colombia and date the sexy women here?

Some yes. Many no.

Therefore, foreigners are going to have more a novelty in the dating market in the next few years.

And as mentioned elsewhere on my website like in this article, that does have some importance.

That novelty factor is obviously not going to be the main thing that gets you laid in Colombia.

Because, as mentioned here, you do obviously have to bring value to the table and be a high quality man.

Someone who has their shit together physically and not fat for example.

Who speaks ideally at least conversational Spanish and who isn’t socially awkward.

But assuming you are at least that, then you will probably see a greater interest in women than you did before down here due to that novelty.

In fact, I already have seen some of it myself when women are surprised by the fact that I am still in Colombia.

Despite the coronavirus…

And based on my conversations, I am definitely feeling at least some greater interest than normal from them online.

But moving on…

There is also a second factor that I think will influence the dating market down here in the future.

Which is that Colombia is going to be experiencing notable financial struggles itself as it is now.

In part because it is predicted that Colombia is going to have a recession as listed here.

And because so many businesses are going to go under because of the coronavirus.

With unemployment going up in Colombia as we have already seen here.

And also due to the significant decrease in tourism that Colombia is going to experience in the next few years as already seen here.

Among the fact that this coronavirus situation will also likely increase Colombia’s debt and deficit going forward.

When you factor all of that in, it’s clear Colombia is going to have a hard time financially.

But what does that mean for the dating market?

Well, a few things.

First, crime is probably going to increase as we already saw those same trends last year according to this article.

And the difficult financial situation will probably worsen it.

When it comes to dating, women are probably going to be a little more cautious if crime gets worse.

But I don’t think it will be significant as women down here are already used to instability.

Unless the country literally turns back to the massive instability we saw in the 80s to 90s for example…

Then only a small change will be noticeable I think in how cautious they will be to go out.

On the flip side, the Colombian peso will probably continue to be very favorable in the coming months to years.

It has already increased significantly to over 4000 Colombian pesos to 1 USD.

And if the economy of Colombia continues to worsen as I think it will, then it will at least hover around 4000.

If not improve from there…

All around making it cheaper to spend time in Colombia and go on dates.

On top of that, the financial instability will probably make foreigners with money an even more attractive choice to Colombian women looking for stability.

Improving your dating chances down here in Colombia.

And finally, as I said before, crime will likely go up in Colombia.

Now if it goes up notably and makes the news, that might scare away even more foreigners from traveling here.

Who instead might stay home or maybe travel to Costa Rica if they have the money for it anyway.

Which, again, how many people will in times like this?

And you know what else needs to be said?

That, as said before, bars and nightclubs seem like they are going to be closed for the next 18 months if you believe the Colombian president.

Now, to be fair, that is a minor setback but not a big one for the single man looking to have fun here.

As I hinted at elsewhere on my website, nightlife in Colombia is not usually ideal for trying to meet new chicks.

It is possible but nightlife is better suited for bringing a specific chick with you to enjoy the night and see what happens.

So while it sucks that nightlife here won’t be good for a while…

It won’t likely impact your ability to meet new women as you should be meeting most of them during the day or at night.

And as I mentioned in this ultimate guide to hooking up in Colombia that you can read here

You can always take women to cafes or parks.

Or, better yet, why not just invite them straight home now?

Because now you have a better reason to pitch to them for having them come straight to your place…

Because if the bars are closed, now the only place you can have a few drinks together is at your place.

Which, in my opinion, can work well in your favor for getting laid here.

All around, I’m much more optimistic about your chances of getting laid in Colombia once the dust settles.

Much of what I just said about how dating in Colombia will get easier will probably be applicable in the next two to five years.

There will probably be a point though where Colombia returns to pre-coronavirus normal assuming no other big event happens.

But that probably won’t be the case for maybe 3 to 5 years.

So in the immediate sense for the next 3 to 5 years after travel restrictions are lifted…

Dating in Colombia is probably not only going to be cheaper than before but probably easier for the single man who has his shit together.

Which reminds me of something you should do if you want to go to Colombia after the coronavirus issue is less severe….

Getting Your Shit Together for Your Trip to Colombia

Much of the advice here is the same, obvious tips I offer elsewhere on my website.

At the end of the day, if you want to bang hot Colombian pussy, then understand women here are not crazy different from women elsewhere.

There are obvious differences like the women here are sexier and more feminine.

And they are better in bed as I explained here.

But women like anywhere else still want a high quality man.

And so to improve your chances with women here in the future, I will start my advice by saying this…

Yes, it sucks you can’t go to Colombia right now and bang hot chicks.

But life isn’t over.

Instead, take this time you have now to focus on yourself before you get back into the game and start banging the women here.

The quality of your life will be better overall and you will have better results when you get here.

So here are 5 basic and obvious tips for what you should do right now.

So that when international travel to Colombia is allowed again, you are more prepared.

And I will keep it simple as much as of this has been explained before in other articles on this website on how to bang Colombian women like this one here. 

Tip 1: Diet & Get in Shape

Pretty simple and very obvious also.

But this needs to be said because there is a lot of misinformation out there about Colombian women.

One of them being that any socially awkward, fat, old dude with no Spanish can come to Colombia and bang the hottest women available.

Truth is, dudes like that will have to pay for it.

Nothing wrong with paying for it in my opinion. You do what you want.

But that is the truth.

So when it comes to staying in shape…

I don’t mean you need to be super fit like an athlete.

At the very least, just don’t be fat.

Ideally you will have some muscle but not being fat would be good enough for plenty of decent looking women down here.

Tip 2: Spanish to a Conversational Level

It is often asked if foreigners need to know Spanish to date Colombian women.

I feel the dudes asking this are the type who want to be lazy and are hoping that someone will bullshit them and tell them you don’t need Spanish.

Just fishing for the answer you want, I suppose.

Truth is you need Spanish.

Now there are women who do speak English but the vast majority do not speak it well enough.

You are simply limiting your options a great deal without it.

And the thing is that you don’t need to be great at Spanish either.

Just to a conversational level.

So if you want some tips or resources on how to learn Spanish, check out any of my articles here on the subject.

Tip 3: Research Areas of Colombia

There is more to Colombia than Medellin.

As there are plenty of cities in Colombia that have sexy women.

So know what you are looking for and do your research on the different cities to have a better idea of where you want to go.

Like Black women? Try Cali, Colombia.

White women? Bogota works well for that.

Want to be near the beach while you date Colombian women? Try the cities along the Caribbean Coast.

And you get the idea…

Now you are in luck here also!

I have guides on at least 20 different Colombian cities that you can check out here.

Just click that link here and you can scroll through the list of cities and click on which guides interest you.

Also, there is plenty of additional information on women from different areas of Colombia and dating in Colombia on this website obviously.

So you can do plenty of the research already.

The only 2 words of caution I will state are the following.

First, each of my guides has a nightlife section. That section in all of my guides is probably outdated right now as of May 6th, 2020 given that nightlife is closed in Colombia.

And supposedly it will be for 18 more months.

Second, I am not the only person who has info on Colombia.

Read the content I have and look for content elsewhere also.

There’s plenty of good info out there.

And if you have any specific questions, just send me an email in my contact form.

I try to respond to all of them but sometimes I don’t if I don’t know the answer.

Which, to be fair, I don’t know everything.

I try to help anyway.

Tip 4: Start Meeting Sexy Colombian Women Online Now

As I indicated before, I am doing pretty well for the most part with online dating.

As the women I am meeting seem notably more interested than before.

Of course, it’d be better if we could meet up but I’m planning ahead.


By getting their numbers and building up a connection with them over time.

That way when the quarantine is over, I will have plenty of women ready to meet me on Day 1.

And with the time invested in these chicks before that day comes, I’ll probably even be able to get intimate with one of these chicks on that first day.

If I choose the right chick anyway that is down for that.

Now how am I meeting these chicks online?

As said before, I am using Tinder for the moment since I am in Bogota right now.

However, you can meet chicks also by using Colombian Cupid.

Which is the website mentioned before where you can meet attractive Colombian women to date without even setting foot in Colombia.

Click here if you want to sign up for free.

You can check out their profiles of the women on that website.

If you find some you like, you can explore some of the cheap membership options available so you can communicate with them.

From then on, it’s just staying in touch, building a connection and getting them ready to meet you for some dates starting on your first day in Colombia for your trip.

And you know what else?

Would be a great way also to practice your Spanish and help you get closer to conversational before you arrive to Colombia.

If you want more insight on how to improve your Spanish while also getting dates set up with beautiful Colombian women before you even set foot in Colombia…

Then read this article I wrote on that same subject here.

At any rate, this will put you miles ahead of your journey to dating sexy Colombian women and improving your Spanish.

So try it out.

Tip 5: Prepare to be in Colombia Long Term


If there is one thing this coronavirus issue has shown us…

It’s that your dream of living abroad and dating beautiful women is only possible if borders are open.

Once the borders closed, only the gringos like myself who are already here can enjoy time in Colombia.

And if you really want to enjoy a nice future with sexy Colombian women long term, then the best way to do that is to plan a proper future here.

Now you can get started by reading some of my articles on living in Colombia like this one on the cost of living here.

But beyond doing research on how to live in Colombia, you also need the money to do so.

Now it’s not expensive to live in Colombia but it does cost something obviously.

Much cheaper than the US though.

At any rate, I will explain briefly what you should do but this is a much larger topic for another day…

In my own path to living abroad in Colombia, this is what I did.

I started out by basically doing low pay work teaching English for example.

Didn’t pay much.

But eventually I moved onto learning about copywriting and how to make money from websites.

The websites help give me money and require more minimal amount of work once they are established and going well.

Which also allows you time to focus on other projects that can make you money also.

While also helping diversify where your money comes from.

Which is essential as that minimizes your exposure to a recession since not all of your income comes from one place.

And you are self-employed, which has its own benefits.

At any rate, that’s the very basic summary. I have more info in my “About” section of Latinas Lindas.

And perhaps I will write more info on this subject.

But if you want more business ideas on how to make money while living in Colombia…

Ideas that are both physical and online..

Then check out this big article here I wrote as a guest post to another website where I brainstorm over some tips for making it work in Colombia and different business ideas.

Again, check it out by clicking this link here.

And once you are more established with some money making endeavor that is working out well online..

Or if you have a great idea that you have done your research for some business idea to implement in Colombia..

And assuming you have enough savings in the bank account…

Or assuming you have some retirement income to fund your lifestyle down here in Colombia if you are old enough..

Then get ready to move down here to Colombia.

Do your research on the different cities by reading my guides here.

Check them out for yourself.

And begin the process of getting residency in Colombia.

And perhaps citizenship if you want to go that far.

It’s a long process and will only get harder going in the future.

But once you are established financially and you have the legal right to live in Colombia.

Then your future living in this country…

And enjoying the beautiful scenery and the sexy women..

And making all the friends you can down here..

Will be more secure than just being a tourist who could get shut out of the country by another coronavirus scare.

So get on that process now.

And you will be miles ahead of most gringos when it comes to enjoying life living and dating in Colombia.

With a lot more time on your hands to do so… 😉

Final Thoughts

Hope this article clears the dust on how to move forward on getting laid in Colombia despite the coronavirus issue.

To summarize….

As of right now on May 6th, 2020, it is obviously not the time to travel to Colombia to get laid.

Nor could you anyway.

And even after travel restrictions and the quarantine are lifted…

I’d still recommend you pay attention to trends and only travel to Colombia if you feel confident that you can have a successful trip without any interruptions or harm to your safety.

And when you do get here, if you have your shit together, you will likely see good results with Colombian women.

And so keep in mind some of the things you should do to be prepared…

Improve your Spanish.

Improve your diet and physical health.

Get some online side hustles to help you be prepared in the future.

Consider moving to Colombia and getting residency or citizenship someday so future travel restrictions (if ever done in the years to come) don’t stop you.

Among other things that might help you…

And if you have any advice of your own for others or have any questions…

Send me an email or write a comment below in the comment section of this article.

Thanks for reading and take care!

Hasta luego parceros,


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