20 Dating Differences of Colombian Chicks by Class

On a cloudy day in Medellin, another American arrives to the second largest city in Colombia.

But why?

For the culture?

The food?

Well, definitely not for the food.

Instead, he’s looking to get some Colombian pussy.

But how is he going to meet hot women to sleep with?

Maybe with Tinder or some other online dating app.

And among the chicks he matches with, some of them are living in “the barrio.”

In crappy neighborhoods that are a bit more dangerous than other areas of the city.

And in the midst of chasing pussy in shady neighborhoods, maybe he is looking to buy some drugs also..

Or whatever else his vices might be.

Now granted most gringos and foreigners are not traveling to shitty neighborhoods to get laid.

But it is something that has happened in the past from time to time.

Gringos going to “the barrio” in search of drugs…

And also some Colombian pussy – be it from normal barrio chicks or prepagos.

But why?

Is there no where else where he can get pussy in Colombia?

Of course there is!

But that same gringo might also prefer not to fuck with Colombian chicks who are from the upper class in Colombian society.

Which is a group of Colombian women that sometimes gets talked badly about among the gringos coming to Colombia just for sex.

But why is that?

Why do the barrio chicks get some of the love and the upper class chicks get a bad reputation among some gringos?

Here let’s break down some of the general differences that you will notice among both types of chicks.

Which will hopefully help you better understand why one tends to get more love than the other.

Point 1: Easier to Impress

First thing to mention is that Colombian women from the “barrio” are simply easier to impress.

Buy her a beer and she will appreciate it more than an upper class chick.

Whereas if you are dating some upper class chick, it is more likely she will want to go to a fancier club.

If you suggest that you two go to a normal working class club, she will likely look down on the suggestion.

And think she is too good for a place like that or have no interest in general.

So if you are going to a bar with either type of chick, the barrio one is less likely to have higher standards on where to go.

Unless she is a gold digger who is looking at you as an ATM machine to buy her a bunch of stuff.

Point 2: Money Issues among Barrio Chicks

Speaking of money…

It should be mentioned that both types of women might try to suck money out of you eventually.

Let me explain.

With the poorer barrio chicks, they are more likely to come up with a sob story about why they need money.

Maybe they need money for their kid that they had with some dude who is out of the picture.

Or maybe she is confessing her love for you in like a day of meeting you online…

And is basically trying to manipulate a desperate dude looking for love in order to get his money sent by Western Union.

Now keep in mind most barrio chicks won’t treat you like this necessarily…

But some of them do try to squeeze money out of you before you even met them..

Or during some date after you two already had sex.

My basic advice is never give money but never indicate you don’t have money to give.

Fuck them as much as you can…

And if their patience is running thin and they are demanding money or no more sex..

And you can’t keep them waiting any longer for the check…

Just dump them and focus on other chicks.

But keep in mind one other issue with them…

Point 3: Likelihood of Stealing from You

From what I have seen, barrio chicks are more likely to steal from you.

Maybe you go to the bathroom and she sneaks some Colombian pesos out of your wallet…

Or however.

Maybe she drugs you on your first date and steals from you with the help of someone else.

Just keep in mind there comes an extra danger among them when compared to upper class Colombian chicks.

At least in my experience from what I have seen among other gringos.

But keep in mind these upper class chicks are not always so innocent either…

Point 4: Social Media Hoes

As we all know, there are women out there who are not really all that interested in actually going on dates necessarily.

Instead, they prefer to basically use apps like Tinder to pull guys into their Instagram so that they can get more followers and attention on there.

And it has been reported on in the media that a lot of women who use Tinder are just looking for validation as you can read about here.

Now, in my experience, upper class chicks are more likely to be fishing for attention and validation than barrio chicks.

Sure, there are some barrio chicks who do that as well but it’s a lot less likely from what I have noticed.

So while you are more likely to be harassed for money by a barrio chick…

You are also more likely to find time wasters among the upper class chicks who just want to use you as a validation tool.

Not all upper class Colombian chicks are like that but they are more likely to do something like that.

Point 5: Green Card?!?

On the topic of Colombian women trying to use you for their own gain…

One thing you will notice among people who criticize foreigners trying to bang Colombian chicks is that they make a certain claim…

That the women they are pursuing only want a green card.

And they often claim these same women are so poor and just trying to escape Colombia to the US.

So basically they are talking about barrio chicks.

Now is this true?

Do barrio chicks want green cards more often than upper class chicks?

Now, to be fair, an upper class chick would have an easier time getting inside the US.

Just because she comes from more money.

And in fact, as we will discuss soon, it is quite likely she has been to the US.

But barrio chicks, in my experience, are not looking for a green card.

Neither are upper class chicks obviously.

This is somewhat of a stereotype that I believe is generally not true.

Maybe some of the “gringo hunters” are as I wrote more about them here

But even most Latina women do not want to move to the US.

There are too many issues that come with that – leaving family behind, going to a new culture where they don’t speak English, etc.

As you can read more here about my thoughts on why so many Colombian women would not want to move to the US.

Point 6: Better English

As you can imagine, Colombian chicks from the upper class tend to speak English better.

Not always but they are more likely to have gone to a private school growing up.

Where they would have likely learned English.

On top of that, they might have likely spent time in the English speaking world..

Where they could have improved their English there also.

Compared to barrio chicks…

Who are less likely to have learned it growing up and not have spent a single day in the US, Canada, etc…

Now some of the barrio chicks might know a word or two in English..

But not really much of anything.

So if you prefer a chick who speaks English, someone in the upper class would work better for you.

If you don’t, as some gringos prefer that they don’t, then barrio chicks would make more sense.

And one of the reasons for why some gringos prefer Colombian chicks with no English is related to the next point…

Point 7: Americanized

In the eyes of some gringos…

Colombian chicks who speak English are “too Americanized.”

This basically means that they are too similar to the chicks back home in the US or wherever.

They might also use the word “westernized.”

Meaning too similar to chicks from “the West.”

However you define “the West,” it typically includes at least the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and Western Europe from my understanding.

Basically too similar to chicks from the “first world.”

Now the issue gringos have with Colombian chicks who are “too Americanized” is that they believe they have more of the negative qualities typically associated with “westernized” chicks.

High entitlement, snobby attitudes, a lack of femininity, etc.

Is any of that true?

Well, we will discuss it shortly in the following points..

But keep in mind it is one reason for why some gringos prefer barrio chicks over upper class Colombian chicks.

Point 8: More Bitchy Attitudes

So let’s jump right into that topic, shall we?

Are these more “westernized” upper class Colombian chicks too bitchy or entitled?

Well, in my experience, they are more likely to be so.

In part because they tend to be whiter looking.

Nothing against white people because I am one myself.

And not all of them are white.

In the same way there are some poor white Colombians and some rich brown ones.

But one reason why is because one thing you will notice is that some whiter looking latinos tend to be more likely to think that their shit don’t stink.

At least when they compare themselves to Colombians who are black or indigenous looking for example.

On top of that, simply by being from an upper class background, they might think they are better than others to a degree.

Classism and all.

Plus, some of them have spent time in the US where women have it much easier dating wise than in Colombia.

Which might have inflated some of their egos also.

So you will notice bitchier attitudes among the upper class Colombians than the barrio ones for a variety of reasons.

Less bitchy attitude among poorer ones – richer ones tend to be whiter and have traveled and more likely to think their shit don’t stink

Point 9: Anti-Male Attitudes

Another issue among some upper class Colombians is that some of them are more likely to carry the typical anti-male attitudes and beliefs that you see in the US or Canada.

Most won’t…

But when compared to barrio chicks…

It is more common to see that mentality among the upper class ones then the barrio ones.

Just keep that in mind and also check out this article I wrote which discusses a similar topic.

Point 10: Easier to Relate with…

Another issue to bring up…

Which adds one point to the upper class Colombian chicks over the barrio ones in my opinion…

Is that the upper class chicks tend to be more relatable than the barrio ones.

At least in my experience.

In large part because the barrio chicks, in my experience, tend to be less intelligent overall.

They might be more street smart perhaps but overall they are less intelligent from what I have seen.

Less educated in school, less ambitious…

And more likely to view you as a walking wallet to steal from or beg for money from.

So overall, despite the issues that upper class Colombian chicks bring to the table..

They are, in my opinion, easier to relate to.

Just as long as the one you are dealing with is not bitchy, entitled or has anti-male beliefs.

Point 11: Barrio Chicks are More Easier?

One other reason why some gringos tend to prefer barrio chicks over upper class ones..

Is that they consider the barrio chicks to be sluttier…

Or easier overall to sleep with.

Is this true?

Well, it kinda is overall in my opinion.

Barrio chicks just overall tend to be less picky and more likely to fuck around with a new guy.

And for certain reasons as discussed in this article..

Such as they are easier to impress…

Or that you will be more “exotic” to them as we will discuss below…

They tend to be easier overall in my experience.

But having said that…

Point 12: Upper Class Chicks can be Slutty Also

Women in any part of the world like sex just like men do.

Now if the upper class chick in question comes from the very upper class…

Where she is the daughter of a president or something..

Then yeah, she won’t be easier.

You won’t even meet Colombian chicks who are in that top tier of Colombian society economically.

But the upper class chicks beneath that who have been to the US….

Or who live in big cities like Bogota or Medellin…

They tend to carry with them very liberal attitudes about sex overall.

Now they might be a little bit pickier as to who they have sex with…

But overall they are not difficult as long as they are into you and you know what you are doing..

As long as you two flow well, sex won’t be hard to have with chicks from the upper class either.

Especially with their more liberal attitudes about sex in general…

Point 13: Exotic Among Barrio Chicks

As hinted at before…

You will likely be more exotic among the barrio chicks than the upper class chicks.

Just because the upper class ones likely speak English..

And have been to the US, Canada, Europe, etc…

And have likely met other foreigners as well as they live in nicer neighborhoods.

Whereas the barrio chicks are less likely to speak English…

Or have traveled..

Maybe they have met some gringos though that have been to their barrio to fuck them…

But they don’t live in the same neighborhoods as where the gringos would live.

And so by being more exotic among them, they can be easier to sleep with in a way.

It helps a little bit.

Point 14: Convenience

As said before…

Some of the gringos going to these barrios are also looking for drugs.

Or other things.

Like prepagos.

And in the time spent going to working class neighborhoods or the barrio, they are more likely to come across barrio chicks anyway.

Just a matter of convenience in a way.

Point 15: Barrio Chicks Are More Available

The barrio chicks in question are more likely to make themselves more available to gringos and foreigners.

In part because maybe they are looking to scam a gringo or beg for money…

Maybe some of them are gringo hunters also and just have a thing for foreigners…

Whatever the reason may be…

They are more likely than upper class Colombian chicks to put themselves out there to find foreign men to sleep with.

And as a result, can be easier to sleep with.

Point 16: Upper Class Chicks Have Their Own Money

One thing you will notice is that upper class chicks are more comfortable with money..

As you can imagine.

As a result, if you go on a date with one..

She is more likely to be comfortable spending her half on the date.

Especially as she is, to a degree, more “Americanized” where a chick spending her half is more common up there than in Colombia.

Whereas the barrio chicks are a lot less likely to ever pay their half.

Just one thing to consider when comparing barrio chicks to upper class Colombian ones.

Point 17: Working Class Venues are More Chill

When dating chicks from the upper class to the barrio chicks…

One thing you will notice is that upper class Colombian chicks will not go into working class bars..

They might often look down on such things.

And when you go to a working class bar for example, you might like the experience more than an upper class bar.

In part because the people at the venue are less snobby and classist overall.

That’s been my experience.

This has less to do with the women and more to do with where you would take them…

And where you might even meet some if you are looking to meet Colombian chicks at night.

By going to the working class bars instead…

You will notice that people are more chill..

Less snobby…

The chicks are less stuck up…

Easier to make guy friends..

And also…

Point 18: Upper Class Venues are More Expensive

As you can imagine, the working class venues and bars tend to be less expensive overall.

Pretty obvious.

And is one other very minor benefit overall to going to working class bars instead…

Which is one reason for why some gringos prefer to go to places like that…

Including the friendlier people and less snobby and classist attitude…

Point 19: Which is Better for Sex?

 So to wrap up the sexual component of this…

Who is better for sex – barrio chicks or upper class chicks.

Well, as said before, the barrio chicks are easier to sleep with than the upper class chicks.

But on top of that…

Based on my own experience..

Barrio chicks tend to be more fun sexually than upper class chicks in Colombia.

The upper class ones are more robotic in certain ways and just less exciting all around.

While the barrio chicks tend to carry a more submissive and sexual energy to them that is stronger than what you see in the upper class chicks.

Just my experience personally that barrio chicks are better for sex overall.

Point 20: Which is Better for Relationships?

Outside of sex…

Let’s say you wanted a serious relationship…

If given the choice between barrio chicks in general and those from the upper class in Colombia…

Which would I choose?

Not considering the individual differences between the two chicks…

I’d probably go with the upper class ones.

Just because they are more relatable overall..

Less likely to harass me for money…

Their own family is not likely to view me as a walking wallet either…

I wouldn’t have to go to a crappy neighborhood to see them…

Are smarter usually overall….

And we are better able to connect personally in my experience than with barrio chicks.

So between the two, from my own preferences, I’d go with the upper class Colombian chicks.

Assuming, of course, that the chick isn’t bitchy, entitled or has anti-male views like some of them do.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind there are probably other differences that one could have brought up…

If you have any thoughts of your own regarding Colombian chicks..

Any questions or insight of your own..

Let me know in the comment section below or send me an email.

Thanks for reading and take care!

Hasta luego parceros,


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