Guest Post: How to Improve Your Dating Success Anywhere

The following article is a guest post by Pierre, who holds a blog at Pierre is very enthusiastic about incorporating Seduction principles into dating. Here is how he would typically run a date with a girl he likes… You can certainly apply this template to dating Colombianas or dating women anywhere!

My name is Pierre, and when I turned 45 years old, I discovered to my own surprise that it was actually easy to take women to bed. The realization came to me in 2015. My girlfriend had just sent me a breakup message over text, I was back on the dating market, and this time I was decided to learn dating as a skill. 8 months later, after I tweaked my dating template away from the conventional dinner-date, my success rate began skyrocketing.

Over time, this is the dating template I came up with. It has given me very good results, beyond all expectations. I would personally follow it each time I’m on a first date with a girl I like. It is the template I followed when I met my current girlfriend. It’s also the one I follow when I’m traveling and looking to spend a night or two with a girl. I have made it work with women from a wide variety of ages, culture, nationality, social background, and degree of conservative education.

So here is this dating template. It has clearly boosted my love life. It will work for you just as well. And it will certainly work for you when dating Colombian women!

Before the date

Have a goal for the date beforehand

You should know before the date what it is you are planning to achieve on this date. Going to a date without a plan is a sure way to ending nowhere. Your goal can be:

Taking her to bed by the end of this date

Getting a second date with her, and take her to bed then.

Now getting a second date is a hazardous road, especially if you have little experience. Girls emotions are a fleeting thing, and just because she seemed to enjoy this date, is not a guarantee she will still feel good the next day when she wakes up. You are running the risk of never seeing her again. And if you do get her on a second date, she will likely make it harder for you to succeed. That is just the way women work!

I wouldn’t recommend the second date route until you have mastered how to conclude in one date. This should be your objective, especially if you are new to this. So… aim to conclude on the first date.

Plan your logistics before the date

Later you will have to isolate her and make sex happen. You need to know beforehand where this will take place. Obviously, make this place as nice and welcoming as possible. Perhaps have a bottle of wine or liquor at hand. Perhaps some sound system to play some background music.

Also, you will have to physically transition with her, from your date venue to your home. If it’s going to be a one hour long commute, I can guarantee that she will have plenty of time to doubt and change her mind. So you want to have a date not too far from your home.

Finally, keep in mind that you will need four to five hours, from initial meet, to final happy conclusion. Start your date early enough. And discreetly poll her for her own availability before setting the date.

The date venue

For the date venue I recommend a relaxed informal place, with few people around. A formal place such as a restaurant puts a lot of pressure on her to behave in a certain way. It is also a dating cliché that sets you in the role of the pretender, and her as the chooser. It is a very bad frame of interaction!

Instead, try a simple coffee shop, or a nice lounge bar.

During the date

Your objective is to make her feel good, and to ramp up her excitement. It is not to try and impress her. You will actually impress her more by not trying to!

Emotional connection

During the date, you carefully avoid talking about yourself, and genuinely focus on her story instead. Let her do most of the talking, listen to her, and just step in here and there to guide the conversation. Sometimes, you also step in to briefly relate to what she’s saying.

Apart from that, only talk about yourself if she specifically asks. When she does, don’t linger too long on yourself, then turn the focus back to her.

That’s the way to make her feel good!

Physical connection

Remember, you have a plan to introduce your p in her v later on. It can’t get anymore physical than that! So you need to get physical at some point. But you will find that the longer you wait to break the physical barrier, the more awkward it gets.

So I recommend you start touching her very early in the date. You typically break the touch barrier by briefly touching her “incidentally”. This can be, for example, a quick gentle tap on her forearm on a high point of your conversation, as if to highlight the point you are making. If she reciprocates the touch, you are good! But if she doesn’t, retry the same after five minutes, and anyway move on.

Next, during the course of your date, and while running the conversation, you want to escalate your touch, from “incidental” to “deliberate” touch, and perhaps (if it’s going well) to “more daring”. Examples of deliberate touch include running your hand along her arm, or in her hair. Examples of daring touch include caressing her cheek or her neck, caressing her leg, or even more. There is no limit to what you can get away on a first date if you know how to do it smoothly.

What all this touching does is, it sub-communicates her “I am very confident at handling you physically”. When done well, it does wonders. You can get a girl extremely horny this way.

In order to do all that in a smooth way, I recommend you sit side by side during the date. Plus, it is body language 101. Face to face is two bodies oriented against each other, and confrontational. Side by side is two bodies oriented in the same direction, and collaborative!

Sexual tension

If you are used to try and make your girl laugh during a date, think again. Your goal is to get inside her pants, and not be an entertainer. You want her to be with you because you’re sexually exciting, and not because you’re funny.

Sexy beats funny anytime.

Your goal is to setup a sexy mood. And you do that by distillating sexual tension. How exactly to do that is a subtle chemistry that deserves a post in itself, but I will give you here a few pointers:

Your body language sub-communicates that you are a self confident man in full control of yourself, and as such you remain unfazed by her beauty.

At the same time, as a man with numerous sexual options, you have this no-big-deal attitude and willingness to walk away if it came to that.

You are able to achieve a subtle balance between exhibiting sexual intent, while at the same time leaving her in doubt as to the extent of your interest.

Sexual tension does not derive from anything you say directly. Rather, it’s from what you sub-communicate by your attitude, tone and body language, and from what you imply between the lines.

It may take many dates to master that, but when you get there and combine sexual tension with the touch escalation technique described above, you have the recipe for an explosive cocktail.

After the date

When to end the date

There are a few signs you can watch for. For instance, she may look or sound hyper excited, like giggling for no reason, or being very touchy with you. She may be trying to draw your attention to her body, like playing with her hair, or adjusting her bra. Or if you tried putting your arm around her shoulders or waist, or leading her with her hand in yours, and it felt very well accepted.

Some of these signs can be very subtle to detect.

So even if you didn’t notice any sign, you should move on anyway. A good rule of thumb is 1h30 to 2h into the date maximum.

Lead her to your home

It is time to end the date, settle the check, and lead her to your home. This is the time to be a little subtle. If you ask her if she wants or not, you are exposing yourself to a possible “No”. Once a “no” has been voiced, she can’t retract it, and you are likely to hear more “no” after that. So don’t do that to yourself. Never put yourself in a position where she could kill you with just a No.

Instead of asking her, tell her.

Here is how it could look like.

You(leading her to your car by her hand): Let’s go and listen to some cool jazz music.

You were actually telling her the plan, not asking her.

Her: OK!

Her(a few minutes later): Where?

You(with a wink) : it’s in my home!

And if she didn’t ask where, just lead her to your home.

She may laugh and let you lead her. This has been by far the majority of the time in my experience. But once in a while, you will have a woman who puts up some resistance:

Her: I need to go home now, because [insert excuse]

The best way to handle that is with some sexy persistence.

You: But it’s too early to go back home, and it’s too cold outside for a walk. OK. I will take you to my home, and after 30 minutes I will drive you back. Now let’s go.

If you have used an affirmative tone here, like if the sale has already taken place, you shouldn’t have any more problem. Something like this is the worse I ever had to handle.

In any case, make sure that the transit time to your home is as short as possible, and make sure you speak all the time during the transit. Now is your time to do the talking! You need to occupy her mind and avoid some nervousness and doubts to take place.

At home, escalate her physically

If you managed to isolate her at home with you, congratulations! I have good news for you: your chances of concluding this date successfully have gone up tremendously.

At home, make her comfortable. Put some background music (that cool jazz music…), get her a drink, have her sit in your couch, then sit next to her. Have a little back and forth conversation, then come closer to her. It’s time to escalate!

If you have followed my advice to escalate your touch during the date, then this is the natural continuation of it. Just resume your touch escalation where you left it. This time you will go from “deliberate touch” to “daring touch” , then overtly “sexual touch” . You’ve got to take these boobs out!

Ultimately, you are aiming to conclude this date with some great sex!

Handling resistance

During escalation, be aware of her comfort at all times. If you feel the slightest discomfort, stop what you are doing, take a little distance. Focus on somethiing else. Talk as normal. Then start again after 5 minutes.

It is normal to experience some resistance during this stage (though not always!). Your key through resistance is sexy persistence.

It is also important that she feels free to leave anytime she wants. Tell her as much, if you have to.

Most of the time, the resistance (if any) is a token one. She is a woman that respects herself, and she has to know for herself that she is not an easy woman. So she won’t make it easy for you.

However, once in a while, you will face real resistance. When she is really sure that she does not want it. If this is the case, just let her go. But the only way you can distinguish between token and real resistance is by persisting long enough! So just don’t give up at the first signs of resistance.

And if you have done everything well, good job! You turned a theoretical possibility of being together, into a solid reality 🙂

Some concluding thoughts

The response I have had from women when doing exactly that, has been very positive. When performed smoothly, it is extremely exciting and seductive to women. It is a very masculine way of getting together, and guess what, women dig it. At the same time, it is bullshit free. At no point are you lying or misrepresenting your intentions, it’s as honest as it gets.

In sum, girls are going to remember you as standing out from their usual shy pretenders. You are going to see girls chasing you!

This is in complete contrast to how Seduction is usually conveyed in the media, as evil and manipulative. It’s not! What society doesn’t like about it is, it gives power and control to the male. For some reasons, the western society prefers to have females in control of sexual and love matters. The rationale is, I guess, it makes for a more orderly society?

The same template can be used to get into a relationship, as well. I’ve had my current and past girlfriends this way! Compared to conventional dating, this model sets you as the man in charge from the very beginning. Which is a good thing for your relationship!

If you are new to this

If you are already good at getting girls, the above will be nothing new to you. But if you’re not, you will greatly benefit from applying this template. You are likely to struggle from two things: (1) your fear of losing her, and (2) this little voice telling you that, surely, she’s not yet ready for that!

This is because you greatly underestimate the appeals of masculine boldness and confidence. By pulling something like described here, you are exhibiting some masculine qualities which are extremely seductive to women. Displaying these qualities will do much more for you than displaying muscles, wealth, or social position.

Also, you will find out that women are much more open to a casual encounter than they care to admit.

Lastly, realize that the opposite approach (the “prudent” dating) rarely works with women.

So my advice is to just ignore your doubts, take a leap of faith, and try!

I hope, dear Reader, that you have enjoyed reading this post. You may want to check my blog The Doctor’s Diary ( where I describe my approach to dating in much more details!


The Doctor

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