Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Yopal

When I first arrived to the Colombian city of Yopal years ago, I arrived alone to see a new place I had never been to.

Upon arrival, I noticed how often I was getting looks from women here and soon learned about some of strong interest some of the women here have in foreign men.

Perhaps in large part because there’s not too many of us here – yet.

But it can definitely be said that some of the women here in Yopal made me feel welcome for sure as I visited this city in several occasions.

It felt like a decent place to visit to really meet cute Colombian women outside of the tourist trail.

Women that were friendly, warm, feminine and all around carried themselves well.

What more could the single man want?

Welcome to Yopal.

First: Basic Facts

Being the capital city of the Colombian department of Casanare, this city of 152,655 people was founded in 1915.

However, it didn’t become a capital of a Colombian department until Casanare was created as a Colombian department in 1991.

So from what I understand, Yopal has been gaining a lot more popularity over the last few decades as it became a capital of a new Colombian department and more people move here over time.

And when it comes to living here, you will notice it is a bit hot. Though not as terrible as other Colombian cities like this one or this one that I wrote about.

When it comes to culture, this city isn’t the most exciting place culturally speaking in Colombia. Not like Barranquilla or Cali for example.

But this city is in the Llanos region. Which as discussed in this article or this one that I wrote here – this region is interesting culturally to be fair.

One aspect of that is joropo music – which is a type of music quite popular in this region of Colombia.

Similar to how you will listen to and enjoy salsa in Cali, you will enjoy joropo music here in Yopal and the broader Llanos region of Colombia.

On top of that, one important area in Yopal culturally is the Virgin de Manare. It is an area where locals do pilgrimage and where you can get good views of the city.

And outside of all of that, there are plenty of beautiful areas close to Yopal. Such as horse riding opportunities in the countryside, beautiful rivers such as the Cravo Sur river, nearby fincas and ranches, mountains, etc…

Not to mention a place called El Garcero, which is a beautiful area with plenty of trees, garden and river streams.

So while the culture of Yopal can be a little bit interesting, I personally found the natural offerings nearby to this city to be quite nice.

Second: Safety

This city hasn’t been the worse place in Colombia for safety that I have been to…

However, it’s not amazing either when it comes to safety. There were some parts that felt unsafe and the city seemed a bit less developed in general.

It wasn’t terrible either way. You can definitely be safe here as long as you have common sense and don’t get involved in trouble.

Most likely you won’t have any trouble.

Third: Spanish?

Never met anyone here that spoke any amount of English.

This small city is very off the usual tourist trail. There isn’t as much of a demand here to learn English for foreigners visiting on vacation.

So to do well here with the women, you will absolutely need to learn Spanish to a conversational level.

Which you can learn how to do so with this article I wrote here.

Fourth: Demographics

You will find most of the people in Yopal are white or mestizo. Now mestizo means a mix of white and indigenous.

So most of the Colombian women in this city are going to be either white or light to medium brown skin for the most part. Not much else.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The women here are attractive for sure. They don’t have the curviest bodies though relative to Colombian women from other cities like Medellin or Cali.

But they are not fat here either and keep their bodies in shape. They often dress in a conservative and feminine way that looks good but also doesn’t show much skin.

Not much plastic surgery here either.

In short, definitely there are attractive women here but not the most attractive out of all of Colombia.

Sixth: Nightlife

  • El Bar de Jack
  • Paradise Club
  • Beer Station
  • Oasis Bar
  • Molepub
  • Plaza Juarez
  • Bar las Divas
  • Chaplin Bar
  • Bar San Angel
  • Palotal

With all of these places to visit, the nightlife venues I liked the most were Plaza Juarez and Beer Station.

Seventh: Daygame

For Yopal, you’ll be best to go through any of the parks or shopping malls in finding cute women during the day. The following are the places I recommend:

  • Parque el Resurgimiento
  • Centro Comercial Unicentro
  • Parque la Herradura
  • Parque la Estancia
  • El Hobo Centro Comercial
  • Parque Intra
  • Centro Comercial Gran Plaza Alcaraván
  • Parque Francisco de Paula Santander

Out of all of these areas, the best ones to visit are Parque el Resurgimiento, Centro Comercial Unicentro, Parque la Herradura and Centro Comercial Gran Plaza Alcaraván.

Eighth: Online Game

Online dating really seemed a bit dead here when I tried it.

I didn’t get too many matches on Tinder as I didn’t see many cute chicks. I managed to get one number anyway from Tinder but that was it.

However, I did get a few more numbers from Colombian Cupid. Seemed a tiny bit more active. But don’t have big expectations for meeting women online from this specific city as there just isn’t a whole lot.

Meeting women in public venues will work better. But even then, you won’t get as many here because of how much smaller this place is compared to other Colombian cities.

But definitely give online dating a try here. Go to Colombian Cupid here and sign up for free and you can probably meet a nice Colombian girl to date if you are heading here.

Ninth: Restaurants

There were not many restaurants in this city that I came across but there were a few good ones I liked.

Mostly places that had good meat, steak, beef, etc.

First, a place called La Res is the best place I found for steak in Yopal.

Outside of that, Asadero la Mamona and Morrillo & Brangus Restaurante Bar were good also.

There’s another restaurant here for burgers called Carbon & Vino that was decent also.

For Italian food or pizza, go to Napoli Pizza Al Leno or Choppers Pizza Gourmet.

And for a place with decent Colombian food, try Sazon Casero.

Tenth: Hotels

There’s a certain hotel chain I like whenever I travel around Colombia. It’s called GHL Hotel. I’ve been to it in other Colombian cities.

They also have a GHL Hotel in Yopal and I recommend it. It’s a good experience overall.

Their hotels tend to be more modern in Colombia with good rooms, bathrooms, professional service and often good drinks and food available.

But if you want a hotel a tiny bit cheaper, go for L’aurora Hotel Boutique. It’s nice also with a good pool. Main differences between the two hotels here is that GHL Hotel is a little more expensive but also has nicer rooms and bathrooms in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

From my time spent in this city, it often felt that the women were more interested in me here than in quite a few places in Colombia.

One of the reasons I believe for why this is the case is because of how little foreign attention this place gets.

And how few foreign men from other countries visit Yopal.

It was an interesting experience when it came to dating here and really showed me what importance your foreign value as a man can have dating wise.

Contrast that to Medellin where foreign men have gotten a bad reputation for being sex tourists as I wrote about here.

The difference between the two cities was interesting.

Now don’t think that this will mean it will be easy to sleep with the women here. They really do tend to be quite conservative relative to many parts of the country.

So if you are more into finding a nice woman to settle down with, this city will work well for you.

And despite this city feeling a bit shady in some parts, it is overall not a bad place.

The local people here are welcoming and this place really has more of a “small community feel” given how small the city is in general in terms of space.

Which is common in Colombia and Latin America as cities tend to feel smaller than they actually are population wise.

So if you want to escape the big cities in Colombia…

And really get to live in a smaller city in Colombia with more of a “small community feel..”

With welcoming people and warm, feminine women?

Then this place will serve you alright.

And if you happen to have any insight about this city or questions, let me know in the comment section or send me an email.

Thank you for your time.

Hasta luego parceros,


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