Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Villavicencio

In 2010, I first traveled to Villavicencio during the years that I had been going around exploring different parts of this beautiful country.

Back then, it was a cool area but didn’t feel very safe during my small time here when I first showed up.

Later, I decided to give Villavicencio more visits to really get a better feel for the city.

And over the years, I have noticed more and more people coming here.

The city is growing.

And with that, more sexy Colombian women to meet up with.

Where one night I was back in Villavicencio and going out for the night with a few buddies I have over there.

Sitting down at a bar, we have our drinks while listening to joropo music that is playing in the background.

Which is very typical music you hear over there in Villavicencio.

And to be fair, I can’t dance to it very well.

Over time here in Colombia, I’ve learned the basics to salsa, merengue, cumbia…

But joropo is not something I have much experience with as you don’t hear it much elsewhere.

But during our time there, I noticed a chick sitting down by herself.

She ends up paying her check and gets up to go outside.

And once outside, she seemed to be by herself just smoking a few cigarettes.

Being curious, I go outside also and tell my buds I will be back to get some fresh air.

I open up a conversation with her and she became curious very quickly.

“What are you doing in Villavicencio?” she asked (in Spanish obviously).

Fortunately, my Spanish had gotten a bit better by this point so I could actually understand her well without problems.

Despite the loud music nearby from the bar.

But after telling her about myself, she was even more interested.

“I’ve never met a gringo in Villavicencio before.”

Well, the conversation continued…

More flirting…

And I decided to give my dancing skills a try.

And wanted to impress her of course. 😉

So we got dancing to some of the joropo music under the statement that she would introduce me to it.

And being how Colombian women can sometimes get impressed by foreign men learning how to dance to their music, she enjoyed it.

But my hope was to get her dancing with me somewhere more private.

So we exchanged phone numbers and I asked what she was doing that night.

“About to go home.”

So I invited her to my group and bought her a beer.

But thankfully for me, that night ended up in us dancing joropo back at my apartment. 😉

And ultimately you also can enjoy a similar night in Villavicencio.

So get on over here, learn joropo and enjoy the sexy llaneras (women of this region) in this growing city.

Welcome to Villavicencio.

First: Basic Facts

Serving as the capital of the Colombian department of Meta, Villavicencio is an important Colombian city that is rapidly growing. As reported here in Colombian news, Villavicencio has gotten a considerable amount of people to move here since 2005.

And with current trends, this city will continue growing and currently has over 527,000 people living here.

Which means it will develop more, have more infrastructure and entertainment to offer to expats…

And more beautiful Colombian women to meet also. 😉

If you are looking for a city that, according to current trends, is growing and has plenty of potential – then check this place out before more expats get here eventually.

One great thing about this city also (aside from the women) is that it is located in a plain that Colombia shares with Venezuela called the Los Llanos. This city is also located close to plenty of mountains. Because of its location then to Los Llanos and the nearby Andes mountains..

This city has plenty to offer in the countryside nearby for tourists to visit and enjoy.

Just make sure to bring some water with you when you enjoy the beautiful countryside near the city as it is also quite hot here normally.

Culturally, this area is also quite distinct from the rest of Colombia as Villavicencio and the surrounding area has what is called more of a “llanero culture.” For Americans, this culture best resembles what we saw “cowboys.”

Or at least that is the observation most foreigners to this area tend to make. This part of Colombia has a lot of cattle, enjoying life on a ranch, taming anaconda, riding horses, etc.

In my experience, people here tend to not beat around the bush, are more direct and not afraid to say what they think. They are nice though as long as you are respectful. They also tend to be more conservative in general and tend to be quite culturally different from most parts of Colombia in my opinion.

At any rate, you should definitely give this place a visit and check out Villavicencio. It has plenty of nearby scenery that is nice, friendly people, a growing city, and food that I actually like..

Which is important since I find most of Colombian food to be not very tasty.

But the food in this region is my favorite out of all of Colombia since people here really know better how to cook some well tasty steak and other types of delicious meat.

A lot of tasty beef and BBQ style food.

And not to mention the fact that this city has plenty of cute Colombian women. 😉

Second: Safety

Whenever I have been in Villavicencio, it always felt like there was something underneath it all that was shady. However, I didn’t really know what it was the first time I went.

When I went back a second time to spend more time here, I got to know more about Villavicencio. Making some friends here, they told me how the broader Colombian department of Meta can be quite dangerous when it comes to criminal groups and kidnappings.

So for me personally, I generally felt the city was safe enough. It was a nice city in general and I never had any trouble. Nothing happened to me personally.

But I always felt like there was something in the city that seemed not right. And getting to know it more, it might be that perhaps the city has a more criminal element that blends in well with it and also that the broader Meta department doesn’t have the best safety reputation.

In the end though, just use common sense and caution. Don’t go looking for trouble and getting mixed in with bad folks. If you do all of that, I feel confident that probably you will avoid any trouble here despite anything shadier that might be in the city.

Third: Spanish?

Oddly enough, I did meet two chicks here that spoke decent enough English.

On top of that, some guy selling snacks in the street approached me to sell something and noticed I am a foreigner. When he noticed that, he managed to actually speak in decent English also and we had a conversation about why I am in Colombia and Villavicencio.

Outside of that? Didn’t meet anyone else that could speak English here.

Reality is that Villavicencio is not too touristy – so perhaps I just happened to stumble upon a few folks that speak English here.

At any rate, definitely learn Spanish to a conversational level if you want to have the best chances of doing well with Colombian women in Villavicencio.

Fourth: Demographics

This city consists of largely mestizos and white Colombians. There’s also a much smaller black population here but not much relatively to places like Cali or Sincelejo for example.

So most of the women you see here then are basically going to be white or light to medium brown skin for the most part.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The women here are attractive for the most part.

First, the women here are not usually obese and tend to maintain their bodies well. However, on the other hand, women here do not usually have curvier bodies or bodies that are naturally built better and sexier like in places like Medellin, Cali or even Barranquilla.

Furthermore, plastic surgery isn’t common here either from what I have seen. In summary then, the women have decent bodies overall that are natural but not as nicely built as women elsewhere.

When it comes to dress code, women tend to dress more conservatively here.

One negative I have seen here though is you have more careerist women here by a little bit and don’t dress in a more feminine way when outside in public.

However, it’s not as bad as what you would see in Bogota for example. It just happens to be a little more common here than in other cities here like in Neiva for example.

Because overall there are still plenty of cute women that know how to dress nicely when outside. They just don’t show much skin though due to being more conservative.

In the end, the women here are definitely attractive enough and are not the worst you will find in Colombia.

Sixth: Nightlife

…….mention the type of music they like it

  • La Fogata Rock-Bar
  • La Pajarera Bar
  • El Burgues
  • Pa Mayte
  • Beer Villavicencio
  • Las Sombrillas Amarillas Bar
  • Buffalos Beer Pub
  • Broadway Pub
  • Mateo Pub
  • Beer Station

Among these nightlife venues, the ones I enjoyed the most wereBuffalos Beer Pub and La Fogata Rock-Bar.

Seventh: Daygame

Interested in meeting a nice and pretty Colombian girl in Villavicencio? Try checking out any of the

following parks or shopping malls. You will find plenty of cute Colombian women at some of these


  • Centro Comercial UNICO Outlet
  • Parque de Los Fundadores
  • Primavera Urbana Centro Comercial
  • Parque Guayuriba
  • C.C Unicentro
  • Parque Central Villavicencio
  • Viva Shopping Mall

Out of all of these areas, the best ones in my opinion are Parque de los Fundadores, Parque Central Villavicencio, Primavera Urbana Centro Comercial and C.C. Unicentro.

Eighth: Online Game

Oddly enough, I found there to be more chicks online here than what I expected. Given that this city is a bit smaller, I didn’t expect to have much luck here.

With Tinder, I did manage to get a few dates online here.

And also had plenty of success with Colombian Cupid.

I found the women there to be very easy to open on and got a lot of interest back for being basically the only foreigner they have seen in their city.

So if you want to really enjoy dating Colombian women in Villavicencio or anywhere in Colombia, check out Colombian Cupid here.

Free to join and maybe you’ll meet some cute Colombian women afterwards to date like I did here.

Ninth: Restaurants

There’s actually quite a few nice restaurants here that are nice.

One of my favorite restaurants here is a Brazilian restaurant called Rodizio Brazon Brazileiro.

They have plenty of good meat and the service is good.

And when speaking of meat, there are two places I like for steak in this place. One called Asadero El Amarradero del Mico and Iskaparrilla. Between the two, both are nice but I like the former more.

There’s also a few nice Mexican restaurants here. The best one I found was Nachos Grill. Another I liked was Aleros Restaurante Bar Mexicano. Between the two, I like the former more.

There’s also a restaurant here that has a bit more Italian food with some seafood also for those who like seafood. It’s called Oliva Mediterranea. And for pizza, try Pizza Parrilla. That place has some of the best pizza in this city.

Out of all of these places, my favorite places to visit were Rodizio Brazon Brazileiro and Asadero El amarradero del Mico.

Tenth: Hotels

I’ve been to a few hotels in this area but I had more bad luck finding a good hotel when I first started visiting this city.

Eventually, I did find a good hotel that I actually liked quite a bit. It’s called Hotel GHL Grand Villavicencio. The cost is around 70 bucks I think more or less from what I remember.

Good service, a nice pool, great bedroom, etc.

Can’t go wrong with it.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely one of Colombia’s hidden gems that not too many visit.

It’s a nice little city with plenty of cute women to date.

Good restaurants and some nearby attractions also.

Not to mention the cheaper cost of living as this city is not very touristy as most of the tourists only stay in places like Medellin.

So stop by sometime before more tourists realize about this hidden gem and visit this city in greater numbers.

It will get more expensive and might even saturate the dating market in the years to come.


Not sure. Right now the tourists are starting to visit places like Cali, Pereira, etc.

This is the city to go to in order to stay ahead of the game and enjoy another Colombian city before others do.

And if you have any insight or comments of your own, let me know in the comment section or send me an email.

Thanks for reading and take care

Hasta luego parceros,


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