Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Valledupar

During one of my first days in Valledupar, I showed up to a hotel called Tativan Hotel. I had a date later that day at a shopping mall and didn’t know my way around the city.

Nervous that I would get lost, I approached one of the workers at this hotel to ask for advice.

I pulled out my phone and got a map of Valledupar onto it..

And she spent her time explaining to me which neighborhoods to avoid and which areas to visit to enjoy the beauty of this city.

On top of that, she even gave some pretty helpful advice for getting to where the shopping mall was for where my later date was set to be.

At that point, I thanked her and walked over to the shopping mall using the advice that she gave.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too far away and I didn’t get lost.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get lose since I’m pretty bad with directions.

At any rate, I show up and of course the chick I was going to meet was not there yet.

You know, Colombian women showing up late and all to dates – which is something common down here and something I wrote about in greater detail in this article.

But the wait was worth it.

Eventually, this chick named Rosa showed up but I didn’t recognize her at first I guess.

She gave me the look like “is that you, gringo?”

And that’s when I noticed her – a cute, petite Colombian woman with a nice face, white and black hair in a dress,

We had plans to go to a bar later that date soon enough and it ended up being a nice night for both of us.

Ending at her place.

Funny enough, when I showed up back to my hotel the next morning, the lady that helped me with directions was relieved to see me.

“Ay dios mio!” she said

Or something like that – I don’t quite remember but the same thing.

We greeted each other and she was nervous that I got lost and something happened to me since I didn’t get back to the hotel.

In a way, it was nice that someone noticed and cared.

Which, in itself, shows how nice and caring Colombian people in Valledupar are.

And also, from this experience, I learned how nice the women here are also.

And what more can you ask for?

A cute little Colombian city with a unique culture, welcoming and warm people with cute women.

Welcome to Valledupar.

First: Basic Facts

Known as the capital of the Colombian department of Cesar, Valledupar is a city located to a variety of mountains.

It definitely has quite a bit of beauty that is located outside the city and nearby within traveling distance.

Furthermore, Valledupar has an interesting culture to it as it is well known for being the place of vallenato music in Colombia. If you are tired of the salsa in Cali or the reggaeton in the bars in Medellin, then come to Vallenato!

Because you will get to hear a different type of music in the city that has contributed most to its development. You might find it enjoyable to hear. At the very least, it will be interesting as you will be experiencing another aspect of Colombian culture many tourists do not.

Second: Safety

To start, Valledupar isn’t the most physically attractive city in my opinion.

It’s not terrible but I just wasn’t a fan of some of the neighborhoods I came across when I was here.

In that for sure some of them did seem a bit shady.

But nothing ever happened to me and honestly this city isn’t that bad when it comes to violence. I never felt too unsafe despite the fact I came across just a few areas that were not so nice looking.

So similar to other parts of Colombia or anywhere in the world, just make sure to watch yourself and use common sense and caution when going about here.

And you will end up alright most likely without any incident.

Third: Spanish?

Similar to other cities like Riohacha or Pasto, you basically need Spanish to date Colombian women in this city. There’s no getting around it. I don’t remember on top of my head anyone who spoke English to me here or could.

So check out this article I wrote or this one on learning Spanish to a conversational level for your trip to Colombia!

It will make enjoying the women in this city much easier. 😉

Fourth: Demographics

In my experience here, I noticed there were more mestiza and white women in Valledupar than anything else.

Didn’t notice too many black women here.

So if you are into white or brown Colombian women, then Valledupar will do you well. It’s very similar to plenty of other Colombian cities.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The women in Valledupar are not as attractive physically as the women in Medellin or Pereira.

But they are more attractive in my opinion than women in quite a few cities like Riohacha, Bogota, Bucaramanga, etc.

The thing about women from Valledupar is that they are a bit more conservative. More faithful and a lot less sexual.

They don’t like to show as much skin as what you would see in a city like Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, etc.

But having said that, women here still dress up better in a more classy way that makes them look attractive and feminine.

So definitely you can enjoy plenty of very cute and pretty Colombian women in Valledupar.

Sixth: Nightlife

Despite the smaller size of Valledupar compared to more popular Colombian cities, you can definitely find some cool venues to enjoy the night at here.

The following are the places I recommend if you want to enjoy your night in Valledupar with your friends or with some chick you like. These are the places I enjoyed the most:

  • Palenke: Nothing wrong with this place. Some cute girls here that I have seen anytime I had gone. Good drinks. Worth a visit.
  • Beer Station: One cool thing about this place is the ice cream they have here. Definitely try it if you go here and include it with your drinks. Only issue was that the prices are a little bit higher here than what you can see elsewhere.
  • Morena Lounge: This is a cool little lounge area. The drinks are good and customer service is decent. Only issues I had were that the space is a little bit small and that it was hot in there.
  • Tierra de Cantores El Bar: Place was a little more expensive with some cover that I had to pay. I don’t remember how much it was but not much. Maybe 5 bucks or a little more. It was worth it given that the place was livelier and had good live music performed. Good customer service and some cute girls here also.
  • Faroto: A bit of a small space and is not very lively in my experience. Never saw too many cute chicks here either. Not a bad venue though. Better for sitting down and drinking with someone.
  • El Patio Bar: Nice open place with plenty of room. Definitely saw various cute girls here also. Worth visiting if you want to meet a nice chick at night. You will have a better chance here than in other venues on this list. 
  • La Premiere: One thing I really liked about this place was the size of the drinks. Music was not bad either. Only minor issue was that the place was a little bit dirty when I showed up for the first time. Otherwise, it’s a good venue to visit that usually doesn’t have much wrong with it aside from the music also being a little bit too loud sometimes.
  • Punto Corona: Another good venue to go to. One of the benefits of this place are some of the women you will see here that look nice. I usually enjoyed going here as it always had plenty of people and plenty of cute chicks. Only thing it needs is more space since sometimes it had too many people for the limited space it has.
  • Beer Time: It’s a cool area to sit down at. Not so much for meeting new chicks during the night but more for sitting down with some friends and having a night hanging out.
  • La Bodeguita: Great place to sit down at. Music is good and varied and never too loud. Ideal for sitting down and having a chat with a friend or a chick you like over drinks.
  • El Barril Licores: Plenty of good variety in drinks here. Customer service was reasonable also. One cool thing about this place was its selection of vallenato music. I found the vallenato music here to be more enjoyable for me personally. So if you want to enjoy it also, I’d recommend trying this place also. Good for sitting down and enjoying an aspect of Colombian culture and music. No complaints about this place.
  • Irma Rock Bar: Decent rock bar in Valledupar. Beer prices are reasonable. Have always enjoyed being here.

Out of all of these places, the venues I enjoyed the most were Tierra de Cantores el Bar, Punto Corona, El Patio Bar, La Bodeguita and Irma Rock Bar.

Seventh: Daygame

In Valledupar, the best spots to meet women in public (outside of any university) are the following in my experience:

  • Parque Los Mayales
  • Mayales Plaza Comercial
  • Plaza Alfonso López de Valledupar
  • Megamall Parque Comercial
  • Parque Novalito
  • Guatapurí Plaza Comercial
  • Unicentro
  • Parque De Los Algarrobillos

As you can tell by this list, most of the places listed are shopping malls. While parks here are a decent area to meet women, they are not as ideal as shopping malls in Valledupar.

It’s not like Bucaramanga where you have endless amounts of parks to meet women during the day.

Anyway, of these options, my favorite places to meet women were Guatapurí Plaza Comercial, Mayales Plaza Comercial and Unicentro.

Eighth: Online Game

Simply put, Valledupar isn’t going to have the best online game for meeting women.

When I started this website, I focused first on writing about the cities most tourists would go to like Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena, etc.

Where online game works very well.

However, those cities have been covered.

And when you go into cities like Valledupar, online game just isn’t what it is elsewhere. Not as many women to meet.

So like other smaller cities, use online game to meet a few of the women you can but don’t have unrealistic expectations for it.

And make sure to use daygame as well as that is the best way to meet women here in my experience.

And if you do use online game, I find Colombian Cupid to have an OK amount of women that are nice and pretty to date.

So check it out here.

Ninth: Restaurants

When it comes to meat, I oddly didn’t go around looking for any meat places too much when I was here.

Which is odd since I love steak, hamburgers, etc.

But one place I did come across that was decent was called American Buffalo House.

I guess the name somehow got my attention given that I’m American and all.

Now the food there wasn’t amazing but it was OK for the price. Definitely fine enough to eat at but nothing to write home about.

But when it comes to Italian restaurants, two places I found that were nice were Muffuletta 1906 and La Sierra.

When it comes to pizza, I recommend Ferrini Pizzeria and Pizza Station.

Out of all of those restaurants mentioned, Ferrini Pizza was definitely the best.

Simply put, I wasn’t that impressed by the restaurants in Valledupar. Ferrini Pizza was the only place that I actually enjoyed a bit more than normal and everywhere else was a bit bland in taste. 

If you spend enough time here, I’d honestly recommend just cooking at home more if you happen to have your own apartment.

Tenth: Hotels

There’s only one hotel I ever stayed at in Valledupar so I can’t speak of several hotels here.

But the one I went to was pretty good for the money so I’d recommend it to anyone.

And that hotel was called Tativan Hotel. It had a nice lunch, decent bedroom, a nice pool and the customer service was helpful. I asked one of the workers there about tips for enjoying Valledupar and she helped me a bit.

So it was a nice experience overall and I’d recommend it.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Valledupar is a nice little Colombian city not too frequently visited by foreigners coming to Colombia.

Perhaps because so many of them go to Medellin instead.

And you know what they are saying about Medellin these days?

That it’s becoming saturated with too many foreigners that are impacting the local dating scene and even making things worse for everyone involved in some ways.

Though Medellin is still a decent place to visit with beautiful women, the fact is that those ahead of the game in dating Colombian women have already started dating women in smaller cities.

Places like Valledupar for example or elsewhere.

Places that still don’t get too much touristy attention and where one can also more easily find a faithful and traditional woman to settle down with.

So if you want that experience, check out Valledupar!

Plenty of cute Colombian women here that are nice for settling down with.

And if you have any insight or questions of your own regarding Valledupar or Colombia, let me know in the comment section below or send me an email.

Thanks for reading and take care.

Hasta luego parceros,


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