Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Quibdó

Some years ago, I traveled to a Colombian city called Quibdó by myself during my days of exploring different parts of Colombia.

Upon arrival, I step outside the airport to get hit of heavy humidity.

Not long after while in the taxi, a lot of rain started to descend onto the city and the taxi driver got stuck in heavy traffic.

After a bit, we finally reach my hotel and I as exhausted.

Long day traveling and I am finally in my bedroom.

On days like this, I just want to relax and sleep.

And so I did.

It was a Friday afternoon when I showed up and I already had plans later that night actually.

Having connected with a Colombian woman from Colombian Cupid, I knew I had to get out of the hotel eventually.

This nap wasn’t going to last a long time, unfortunately.

But we had made arrangements and I value my word.

So I get up and get ready for our date.

Sometime later, she shows up to my hotel where I greet her. She was a very attractive woman with a great body. Nice lips, tight pants, nice amount of makeup and all around attractive.

I guess that’s motivation enough to get out of bed.


And definitely was a nicer introduction to Quibdó than the heavy rain and humidity.

Welcome to Quibdó.

First: Basic Facts

Serving as the capital city to the Colombian department of Chocó, this small Colombian city has over 100,000 people residing in it.

In my experience here, the city was overall very humid and hot whenever I was there.

You take one step outside and immediately you are sweating.

Another odd thing about Quibdó is that it seems to rain quite heavily throughout most of the year or at least most of the time that I was there.

Quibdó seemed to be wet with a lot of rain almost all of my time there. It by far has some of the heaviest rain I have seen anywhere in Latin America.

Despite all of that, Quibdó has an interesting culture with heavier African and indigenous influence.

Overall, it can be an interesting city to visit despite the unfavorable weather.

Second: Safety

Similar to most Colombian cities, I never had anything happen to me when I showed up here.

However, it never felt too safe in my opinion.

For whatever reason, it felt a little bit similar to Cali in some ways.

Just that more of the neighborhoods and streets in this city seem much shadier and not very appealing to the eye.

I also had more people looking at me weirdly in this city. Probably because they don’t get as many foreigners and I’m quite obviously a foreigner since I’m white and nobody I saw there was white.

Easier to stick out in a city like Quibdó than in Bogota for example.

Either way, it wasn’t a terrible city to visit. It just felt a lot less safe but nothing bad happened fortunately.

Third: Spanish?

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Which is rare for me to be honest…

You need to learn Spanish to a conversational level to do well with the women here. Never met a single soul that spoke English in this city.

And if you do speak Spanish to a conversational level, you can speak to more women to set up more dates and they will be impressed by the fact that a foreigner learned their language.

So if you want to learn it, read this article here that I wrote also on how to learn Spanish.

And get working if you want to enjoy the sweet and feminine women in this Colombian city!

Fourth: Demographics

You will notice a heavier concentration of Colombians of black and indigenous ancestry in this city. Not too many, if any, of Arab descent like in places like Monteria.

And not really any white chicks from what I saw like in Bogota.

So if you are into chicks of black or indigenous ancestry, then you will like Quibdó quite a bit.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The women here are overall quite physically attractive for sure.

Their bodies are more naturally great with minimal plastic surgery from what I have seen. Plenty of great bodies.

Only negative when it comes to the looks here is that it seemed to me like the average woman here doesn’t have the prettiest face compared to other Colombian cities.

While in a city like Pereira, you will notice women tend to have great bodies and great faces.

Or how in Bogota women have decent faces with average to decent bodies relative to other Colombian cities.

In Quibdó, the women have good bodies overall but with less attractive faces on average relative to other Colombian cities like Pereira, Medellin, Barranquilla, etc.

On top of that, the women here seem to be much more open to showing more skin and dressing more casually.

So overall, you won’t be disappointed here. Plenty of very attractive women in the end.

Sixth: Nightlife

Given how small this city is, there isn’t really a lot of nightlife here. If you come here, don’t expect anything major or a whole lot of cool bars or nightclubs to go to.

In making the list below, I really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel from what I remember to come up with 10 places for you all to visit.

In this list, Pachoso Bar is really the main spot. Everything else here isn’t as good and even Pachoso Bar isn’t that impressive in my experience.

Now you will see some cute girls here and there at some of these places and I did manage to pull one back to my place.

But it’s not likely. Night game isn’t going to be very effective here but it can work.

Anyway, here are 10 places I recommend.

  • Pachoso Bar: One of the most popular areas (if not the most popular) in this city. Good music that is a bit varied. Good drinks. If you can only visit one nightlife venue in this city, go here.
  • Sports House Quibdó: Probably one of the better areas for seeing cute chicks in the city. The place is a little bit more spread out. It’s a nice place to visit and one of the few places I liked a lot more.
  • Zona 7: One thing I liked about this place was the more open space. Easier to walk around. Also, you’ll find more people here and the place has some cute girls here also from time to time.
  • Mambo Yambo: Not a bad place. Drinks are also cheap like most venues in this city. Customer service was a bit slow.
  • Ruta 31: Prices are reasonable and not too expensive. Staff here is friendly. A more chill place to drink at.
  • Martina Resto Bar: Not much to say about this place. I showed up once to this venue and it was reasonable. Not really exciting. But everything went well. Customer service, the drinks, etc. But not very memorable either.
  • Licorera Bar La Fuente: This is a nicer place to visit if you want to have some heavier drinks. Better for visiting with some friends.
  • Shorry: This place is also a bit quiet like most of the venues here. Not too many people here. Just another chill spot to drink at with someone with cheap prices and reasonable music.
  • Son Sabroson: Music choice is good and drinks are reasonable. Only issue is that the volume of the music is a bit loud.
  • Restaurante Bar Grill & Beer: This place has pretty good food. I’ve enjoyed being here occasionally when I’m hungry on a night out.

Out of all of these venues, the ones I liked the most were Pachoso Bar, Sports House Quibdó, Zona 7 and Restaurante Bar Grill & Beer.

Seventh: Daygame

Given this is quite the small city at only over 100,000 people, I wouldn’t suggest you do a whole lot of daygame.

Reality is that you’ll be noticed more quickly for doing a lot of daygame in basically any Colombian city under 500,000 people more or less if you do daygame long enough and intensely.

Though that isn’t to say you can’t do any daygame. Just be much more conservative in how often you do it, how many women you sleep with and how you approach women.

Indirect game would work better here in my opinion.

Also, the more women you sleep with, the much quicker it will be for some woman from the past to see you walking around with other chicks in here.

So if you are running through a lot of women in this city, you will be noticed in my opinion eventually given just how relatively small it is.

Because while to most North Americans, a city of 100,000 might seem like a decent sized city…

In Colombia and basically all of Latin America, a 100,000 city is more like a small town of maybe 20,000 to 30,000 people in terms of how it feels.

Everyone knows everyone and word gets around quickly.

So if you happen to be in Quibdó, you basically have two options when it comes to daygame and dating women here in general.

First option: Spend maybe two months here at most and enjoy the women that you get back to your place. Be discreet about it and move out when you have had enough fun. But don’t do it too long. I feel maybe 2 months might be too long for this but you will know better when you are here playing the field if you ever do. And don’t be so obvious about playing the field because you might get some chick or two you had sex with before to notice and get upset.

Second option: Find some cute chick to enter into something more serious with if you want to enjoy a nice woman from Quibdó over the long term.

Though if this second option, I’d be very cautious of ever entering into a long term relationship with a woman from Quibdó. Perhaps for a certain period of time where I know the relationship will end at some point.

But otherwise, it’d be a tougher sell as I have seen more cases of infidelity here. And from other Colombian guys I know, this city doesn’t seem to have the best reputation for fidelity and finding someone to settle down with.

For sure, you can do it but I’d simply be more cautious is all.

Who knows – maybe you will find someone to be with longer than just a few months that can keep you happy for life. There are plenty of great women all around the world. Best of luck if you happen to find someone nice here for that.

Eighth: Online Game

Look, there is a little over 100,000 people that live in this small Colombian city.

For research purposes, I tried to see how many I could find on Tinder in here and how many I could find in Colombian Cupid.

Because when I did travel here, I only used daygame to meet women since I figured it wouldn’t be that important to do online game in this small city.

So when it comes to Tinder, I didn’t see a whole lot. Maybe in the future some of you will find someone cute on Tinder in this city. But there weren’t that many cute looking chicks in my opinion.

With Colombian Cupid, I saw a handful of Colombian chicks that were cute and even a few that were quite beautiful.

So if you want to use online game in this city on top of daygame to meet women to date, then I’d recommend Colombian Cupid.

Try it out here if interested. Free to sign up and see if there are any chicks you want to message.

Ninth: Restaurants

Similar to Monteria, this city seems to have plenty of good seafood.

Again, not from personal experience but from what I have seen in this city and from what I was told in this case from some of the women I was with when here.

One of the better seafood places here seems to be Mar y Sabor Cevicheria.

But for my own tastes, the best restaurant I came across in this city is a place called Maria Mulata Quibdó. They seem to have more of a range of food here than just one type. But anyway, they have good pizza and the best pizza really in Quibdó.

But among other things I have eaten there, it has all been good. So you can’t really go wrong here. Plus, the staff there were very friendly whenever I visited.

Another good place I liked was called Al Carbon Parrilla Bar. They had decent steak. It’s not the best you will have in your life but probably the best in Quibdó. It’s not bad either way.

Also, there is another place in this city that is popular called La Paila de Mi Abuela. It has more traditional Colombian food from what I could tell.

Additionally, there is this place called Zimarrones Burger. They have some of the better hamburgers in this city. They won’t again be the best burgers in your life but the best you can find here without doubt.

At any rate, those are most of the restaurants I would recommend. If you are going to spend time here more than a month, I’d recommend cooking more often given that there are not as many nice restaurants as one would hope.

But out of all of these places, I liked Maria Mulata Quibdó the best. Outside of that, Al Carbon Parrilla Bar was my second favorite.

Tenth: Hotels

There were two hotels that I have been to when visiting this city.

They are Mia Hotel Chocó and Hotel Interpacific.

Both of them had similar prices are roughly around 30 to 40 bucks more or less from what I remember.

The first one was better than the second in terms of customer service and also in terms of the quality of the bedroom.

However, both places are good and worth the price.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Quibdó is a small and nice little city in Colombia that has a lot of cultural importance to the country.

And when it comes to enjoying the nightlife and the women, you absolutely can have some fun here.

Plenty of very sexy women in this city if you are looking for more casual fun or to settle down for a bit into something more serious.

And by visiting this city, you will be enjoying a place that many foreigners do not visit.

So I recommend to many of you to get off the tourist path of places like Medellin or Cartagena and visit parts of Colombia few foreigners do.

You will enjoy so much – including the culture, the people, nightlife and also the sexy women.

And if you have any questions or insight of your own regarding this city, please write me a comment below or send me an email.

Thanks for reading and take care.

Hasta luego parceros,


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