Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Ibagué

Years ago, I was living in a Colombian city called Pereira.

It’s a cute little city in the Colombian Coffee Triangle.

Full of nature, beautiful women and interesting culture.

One day, I decided to take a break from Pereira and spend a few months elsewhere in a city not too far away.

A place called Ibagué – another city in the Colombian Coffee Triangle.

Because I wanted to get a better understanding of Colombian cities that are not getting any tourist attraction.

Places that few foreigners ever really go to.

Now Pereira back then was much less touristy but that is changing as word is getting out about how amazing Pereira is.

And more foreigners and expats are showing up there.

But Ibagué?

Very few people show up there from what I understand.

And in my time there, I never saw a single foreigner.

While among all the times I returned, I only rarely came across someone who wasn’t Colombian spending time there.

Which, to be fair, is surprising.

Given how nice the city is.

Because similar to Pereira, it also has very beautiful women.

Now not as beautiful as the ones you will find in Pereira but you definitely will not be disappointed with the chicas living in Ibagué.

On top of that – the city was nicely designed, beautiful nature nearby and overall was a very welcoming place.

So why isn’t this place more popular?

Well, because tourism in Colombia only really started to get more popular a little over a decade ago.

The tourists started with places like Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena….

Now they are moving in more and more to places like Cali, Pereira, Bucaramanga….

But I guarantee you that Ibagué will gain more popularity soon as tourism increases.

And the foreigners spread out to other cities not yet popularly written about.

Places like Ibagué.

Which is a great option for long term living…

And also a nice city to be in if you want to enjoy some very sexy Colombian women.

So let’s get into that…

Welcome to Ibagué!

First: Basic Facts

Ibagué is a city located in the Colombian Coffee Triangle and is the capital of the Colombian department of Tolima.

As of right now, the city has a population of a little over 500,000 people.

Which, for Latin America, is a relatively small city. When you spend time here, you will feel that it is quite small and easy to get around.

When it comes to climate, the city overall tends to remain warm or sometimes get hot. Not as hot as Barranquilla however…

But more like a comfortable warm than anything else. Never too cold in my experience.

Also, keep in mind that this city has a lot of potential growth for business and industry. It has one of the major urban cities of Colombia and has a lot of potential for growth.

Which, in the long term, means more people moving here and more chicas also. 😉

Furthermore, the city has quite an exciting culture as it also due to its festivals and musical performances that you can occasionally find here.

Beyond all of that, keep in mind that this city is also located in the Colombian Andean region. So you will find plenty of nearby mountains and some volcanoes for you to enjoy also.

Second: Safety

When I was in Ibagué, I never noticed any issues with crime.

Walking around the city, I felt safe all around without any issue.

Though to be fair, anything can happen anywhere but I never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

The only slightly shady thing I encountered was that I noticed a few folks from Venezuela supposedly in the area the last time I was there begging for money in the street and being a bit aggressive.

I also have a few friends in the area and they have commented that the city has taken in a few Venezuelan immigrants like other Colombian cities have done…

And while most of them are fine, a few of them are a bit aggressive in asking for money and a tiny bit intimidating.

I noticed this too last time I was there when I did a short visit after my longer stay there.

But outside of that, it’s not bad. For the most part, I never felt unsafe.

Third: Spanish?

Suffice to say, you will need to learn Spanish to do well here with the women.

From what I have seen, very few people here speak English if any.

I do remember one guy I met working at a café I went that spoke a little bit of English.

But outside of that – nobody.

So if you want to meet the sexy women here, learn Spanish.

Check out this article here that I wrote about how to learn Spanish for your trip to Colombia.

Fourth: Demographics

Compared to other parts of Colombia like Cali, I noticed that Ibagué had a whiter population.

You will see the girls here are much whiter normally speaking with plenty of mixed race (mestizas) here also.

But that’s mostly it – plenty of white and brown Latinas here for the most part. Not too many black chicks.

Fifth: Attractiveness

In my experience, I noticed the chicks here to have a similar attractiveness to what you would get in Pereira.

There wasn’t too much of a difference but I would say that there are more attractive chicks in Pereira or Manizales than Ibagué.

But you will not be disappointed here.

The only complaint I had was that the chicks here don’t have asses as impressive as what you would see in a place like Medellin or Cali for example.

But also there were more natural bodies here also and a lot less plastic surgery…

So if you like more natural bodies, then this place will definitely satisfy you.

And if you want to meet some sexy Colombian women in general, then you can’t go wrong with Ibagué.

Sixth: Nightlife

During my time in Ibagué, the following nightlife venues were the best to visit in my experience. Enjoy!

  • Estancomodos Bar: One of the best places in this city. Not really anything wrong with it. Good food, good prices, good drinks, good vibe and good music with some live performances. Decent customer service overall. I’d say London House below is slightly better because I like the customer service and the vibe a tiny bit better there but this place is basically just as good and one of the best venues in the city in my opinion.
  • Sky Rooftop: Another cool venue here that also has some of the best (if not the best) views you can find of Ibagué. Drinks are good also and the space is wide open and not too small. Only negative is that the live music performances were not as good and the music could be more varied. However, music isn’t bad overall. In short, definitely a cool place to check out – especially since there are some cute chicks that pass by here.
  • D Leyenda Bar: Decent area overall. More of a chill place to have a beer at. Prices are very reasonable. Good rock music also. Only issue was that the customer service was a bit slow but nothing too bad.
  • Tereque Bar: One of the better places in the city in my experience. Have seen plenty of cute girls here also. It’s a little bit livelier here and plenty of different drinks with good music. Also, plenty of space also. Not too small. Only minor issue is that the inside of the place doesn’t look as exciting as some of the other venues here like Sky Rooftop or Estancomodos Bar.
  • Club Casa Quinta: This is a chill area overall to sit down and have some drinks at. Some cute girls I saw at this place and it’s not a bad idea to bring a girl here either. The seating was comfortable also and drinks were good. Only issues are that the customer service was a bit lousy and drinks a tiny bit overpriced for the experience. It’s also not the most active place in the city. But for having a drink with some chick on a date, it’s OK.
  • BBC Bodega: This is a decent venue with good drinks and decent customer service. Friendly vibes overall. I also have seen some cute girls here also but it’s not always the most active place. It’s better to bring a girl on a date here than to try to meet someone but you can meet a nice girl here also as plenty pass by occasionally.
  • Soho Karaoke Bar: Decent little place if you want reasonable prices and a more chill place to take a girl to. I one time saw a group of girls here that were together and was able to mix in with their group also. However, you won’t see as many cute girls here as other venue in this list but it is possible. I’d go here more often if I was taking a girl with me on date where we can escalate, do a tiny bit of karaoke or maybe dance as there’s an alright amount of dance space.  
  • London House: This was my favorite place to visit in the city. Good food and drinks with decent music and customer service. Also, good live music whenever they had it playing. A great experience overall for chilling by yourself, with friends or with a girl you like a lot. 
  • Sport Bar Arkaparaiso: Decent sports bar with good drinks. Not the best area though in my experience. It was a little dirty whenever I showed up and also the customer service could’ve been better. But the venue is decent overall.
  • Maromas Rock Pub: Great rock music they have playing. Prices and customer service were good. Only issues with the place are that the beer was sometimes warm whenever I showed up and also the space is a bit small.

Out of all of these areas, my favorite places were London House, Estancomodos Bar, Tereque Bar and Sky Rooftop.

Seventh: Daygame

Like anywhere else in Colombia, you are going to want to go through a lot of the parks and shopping malls when looking to meet women in public.

Here are some of the top public places I recommend for meeting Colombian chicks in Ibagué:

  • Centro Comercial Multicentro
  • Parque de Belén
  • Parque Centenario
  • La Estacion Centro Comercial
  • Parque Andrés López Galarza
  • Centro Comercial Combeima
  • Parque Viveros
  • Parque Piedra Pintada Alta
  • Acqua Power Center PH
  • Pasaje Comercial La 14 Ibagué

Out of all of these areas, the best places in my opinion for meeting chicks are Parque de Belén, Centro Comercial Multicentro, La Estacion Centro Comercial and Centro Comercial Combeima.

Eighth: Online Game

This isn’t the most ideal city for online game but you got some options.

Out of all the online tools available, I found Tinder to be the most reliable here.

So if you are heading to this city, make sure to get Tinder Plus to get some matches before you show up so you can hit the ground running.

I didn’t find any other online tool to be as useful for this city due to the limited amount of women that I could find.

So Tinder is the way to go here for Ibagué.

Ninth: Restaurants

One of my favorite restaurants that I was at when I visited this place was a restaurant called Augurio. It’s a Mexican restaurant that had pretty good tacos in my experience.

Also, there were two steak places that had really good meat called El Carnaval del Pollo and also Puerto Madero. Both of these places were good – though I always liked El Carnaval del Pollo more because the meat is better and the customer service was better also.

Furthermore, if you need a good pizza place, then I’d recommend Tutto Gelato. It by far was one of the better pizza and Italian restaurants that I had been to in Ibagué.

Outside of restaurants, this city also has a few nice cafes. One of the best ones I visited was called Barzal Café. It’s a great place to visit if you want a nice breakfast especiallly.

Finally, I recommend La Comarca if you want a chill restaurant that has more local Colombian food. I’m not a big fan of Colombian food to be honest but I found the food here to be of decent quality overall. If you do go here, I recommend the “sancocho de gallina.” It was very tasty and was often what I ordered when I showed up here.

Tenth: Hotels

When I was in Ibagué, I first stayed at an hotel called Sonesta Hotel Ibagué.

After that, I have also been to Hotel Estelar Altamira and Hotel Center.

Out of those three, Hotel Center was the cheapest from what I remember. I think I paid 15 or maybe 20 bucks per night.

And the other two hotels were roughly around 60 to 70 bucks also per night.

Now all of them were a good experience and I didn’t have much to say negatively about any of them.

But I liked Sonesta Hotel Ibagué the most. It had a great pool and wonderful view of the city and nearby mountains also.

Plus customer service was better and I think it was a little bit cheaper than Hotel Estelar Altamira.

However, you can’t go wrong with any of these hotels. If you have the extra money to spend, I’d go with the first two mentioned here.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to enjoy Ibagué, then head on over!

You will be one of the few foreigners enjoying what is truly a hidden gem of Colombia as this place hasn’t gotten any significant attention yet.

Enjoy the amazing women, culture and scenery of this place.

And let me know what insight you have or any questions in the comment section below or send me an email.

Thanks for reading and take care.

Hasta luego parceros,


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