Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Cúcuta

Flying into Cúcuta for the first time years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect about this city.

At the time, I was actually living in Cali. And back then, I had some Colombian friends from Cali that warned me about Cúcuta…

Saying that the place has lots of crime and is overrun by Venezuelan migrants begging for money and doing crime.

Which, by the way, if you’re more interested to know about Venezuelan crime in Colombia, check out this article I wrote here..

But anyway, you have to keep in mind that Cali is by far more dangerous than Cúcuta…

At least in my experience it always has been.

So when my friends from Cali were warning me about this city, I had my doubts…

But I was in the mood to explore a new part of Colombia I had never been to…

So off we go!

And while there were moments where the city felt unsafe and a bit shady…

I guess it was hard to pay attention to that issue with all the sexy women I saw in the streets.

Plenty of them in minimal clothing and others with nice bodies that any man could appreciate.

So suffice to say, the women in Cúcuta definitely had me motivated to go meet them…

And kept me satisfied during my trip in this interesting city.

So perhaps they can keep you satisfied also. 😉

Welcome to Cúcuta.

First: Basic Facts

Known as San José de Cúcuta, this place is the capital of the Colombian department of Norte de Santander.

With a little over 750,000 people, this Colombian city is located right next to the Venezuelan border. Which means that you will see plenty of Venezuelan women here as well.

For those interested, this city also has plenty of historical importance in the battle by Simon Bolivar for liberation from Spanish rule.

Furthermore, there didn’t seem to be a lot of tourism to this city whenever I had visited this place. In my entire time there, I only met at least two other foreigners that I can remember on top of my head. And they were an Australian couple passing by and checking out various parts of Colombia.

Outside of that?

No other foreigners from what I saw. That will likely change in the future but this city definitely will give you more “foreign exotic value” as a foreign men dating the local women here.

Well, more so than some other Colombian cities like Bogota or Medellin.

And if you do show up to Cúcuta, one thing you might be wondering is…

How safe is it?

Second: Safety

During my time in Cúcuta, I generally noticed that things felt less safe than in my time in other Colombian cities.

Now it didn’t feel as bad as say Cali where that place has been a lot more dangerous in recent years (though improving)…

But it definitely felt like one of the more dangerous cities in general that I had been to in Colombia.

Fortunately, nothing ever bad happened to me here.

Third: Spanish?

To do well here, you will need to know some Spanish.

In my time in Cúcuta, I did occasionally meet a rare Colombian here and there that spoke some English but it was always a bit broken and hard to understand.

Didn’t meet anyone that spoke good English and the ones that spoke broken English were not common either.

So if you plan on doing well with the women in this city, make sure you learn Spanish to at least a conversational level.

Fourth: Demographics

When talking about the demographics of the women in this city, there are basically two types of women to focus on – Colombian and Venezuelan.

As this city has plenty of Venezuelan woman as well.

Now overall the majority of people in this city are white or mestizo (mixed) looking.

There’s very few, if any, black Colombian women here.

In general, I noticed the Colombian women here to be a little bit whiter than the Venezuelan chicks I saw in this city. Just my own observation.

But there’s plenty of brown Colombian women as well here obviously and some white Venezuelans too. But that’s basically what you are dealing with when it comes to the demographics of the women here in the local dating scene.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The women in Cúcuta were definitely quite attractive in my experience.

More attractive than women in Bogota for example.

Though not as attractive as women from Medellin, Pereira, etc.

One other benefit to this city is that you also have plenty of Venezuelan women as well and not just Colombian.

I found the Venezuelan chicks here to be quite attractive overall and definitely plenty of them to enjoy spending the night with!

So as a single man, you won’t be disappointed. And especially if you want to get laid with some Venezuelan chicks, this city will make you happy also.

And if that is the case, then check out this ultimate guide I wrote to getting laid with Venezuelan women in Colombia.

Sixth: Nightlife

There’s definitely some cool nightlife venues in Cúcuta. It’s not at all a bad city to go out at night and have some fun with some friends or some chick you met before.

Or perhaps even go out and find a chick willing to go home with you at one of these venues. Though that’s harder to do in Colombia, it’s possible.

So if you are looking for some fun out at night in Cúcuta, check out these areas:

  • Dubai: Great drinks, music and friendly staff. Only minor issue was that this place isn’t very spacious in my opinion.
  • La Vaca Ebria Bar: Cool thing about this place was the amount of cute women I have seen here. This venue is a bit livelier and has more going on from my experience. Definitely worth a visit.
  • Cocoloco: Better place for sitting down and have some cocktails. Not much else. A very calm place to sit down and relax.
  • La Zaranda Food & Music: Very cool venue. Has live music from time to time from what I have seen. Music has been good with the live performances. The meat tastes great also with good drinks.
  • La Comarcka Rock: One of the best places in the city for good rock music. Definitely worth a visit if you like rock music like I do. Beers are reasonably priced also. Good customer service.
  • Solario: Nice little venue. Good hamburgers and is a great place to sit down with someone.
  • Leggenda Karaoke Bar: Probably the best area in this city for karaoke music. I never found a better one than this place. Very enjoyable.
  • Helena Licoreria Bar: Great bar for different types of liquor. Fun to go to so you can relax with a friend and have some good drinks.
  • Bar La Bomba: An OK bar to go visit if you are in Monteria. Not the best in my opinion as the customer service was slow and there isn’t much space in here to enjoy the music and dance. However, it’s not terrible. Worth a visit if you want to check out a new place you haven’t been to.
  • Estación Digital Café: Seen plenty of cute chicks here. Sometimes this place is a bit livelier and other times not so much in my experience. But on nights when it has more people, you will find more cute girls here. Managed to get the number of one and had a date later. Definitely check it out. Good music also.
  • Bacanal: Has plenty of space including tables outside. Good service and the drinks tasted good. Only issue was that some of the drinks seemed a bit small for the price but nothing outrageous.
  • La Casa de la Cerveza: Per the name, this is the house of beer. It definitely has a fair range of beer. Prices are good also.

Out of all of these nightlife venues, the ones I liked the most were La Vaca Ebria Bar, La Zaranda Food & Music, La Comarcka Rock and Leggenda Karaoke Bar.

Seventh: Daygame

As in most of Colombia, daygame is going to be one of your best tools to meeting women and going on dates with them. And like the rest of Colombia, daygame is best done usually at parks or shopping malls.

So where should you go if you happen to be in Cúcuta?

  • Parque Santander
  • Centro Comercial Ventura Plaza
  • Alejandria Centro Comercial
  • Parque Simon Bolivar
  • Parque Colón
  • Centro Comercial Unicentro
  • Ecoparque Pamplonita
  • Centro Comercial Jardin Plaza

Out of all of these places, I prefer Parque Santander, Centro Comercial Ventura Plaza, Parque Simon Bolivar and Centro Comercial Unicentro by far.

Eighth: Online Game

For online game, I found there to be a decent amount of women on Tinder for hooking up. In my experience, it seemed like Tinder was the best option given I had the best luck with it online.

However, there weren’t as many women online as you would find elsewhere like in Medellin or Bogota. So definitely use online game to your advantage…

But be prepared to do more daygame to really get more women into your life if you want to maximize your results and have the most fun here.

Ninth: Restaurants

There’s a few good restaurants in this city that are definitely worth checking out.There’s a few good restaurants in this city that are definitely worth checking out.

If you want some best steak in the city, then go for Restaurante An’k. It has some of the best steak in my opinion. Outside of that, you can’t go wrong with either Restaurante Londero’s Sur or Molinito Restaurante for steak.

For high quality Mexican food, there are a few places but you will be a bit disappointed I think. This city doesn’t have the best Mexican food in Colombia. For that, you might need to consider places like Bogota or Barranquilla for example.

But having said that, if you want Mexican food, go to Taqueria Chapulines. It’s the best one I could find here. However, I’m not sure if this place is still open. I always try to check if some places are still open if I haven’t been back to a particular city in a while so I contacted a friend of mine who lives in Cúcuta and he couldn’t find the place. So it might be closed. But if not, try it out!

Now if you want good Italian food, I prefer a place called Restaurante Venezia. And for pizza, go to Vianka Pizzeria or El Cortijo Pizzeria Restaurante.

Finally, a good café to visit before or after a big meal would be Brunelia Café & Bistro. Great atmosphere and nice customer service. It’s a great place to relax at by yourself or with some friends.

Tenth: Hotels

When I was first in this city, I stayed at Hotel Casablanca before moving into an apartment.

I believe it was around maybe 50 bucks at most but maybe less. It’s been a while since I stayed there but it was decent for the price and I couldn’t have hoped for more for what I was paying.

The second time that I ever stayed at an apartment here, it was at Holiday Inn Cúcuta. It was an even better experience from what I remembered. Maybe double the price or almost?

But yet definitely worth the money if you are willing to spend a little bit more.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a fun city if you are looking for some cute Colombian and Venezuelan women to hookup with.

I wouldn’t necessarily go here though if I was trying to find a faithful woman to settle down with.

Though they do exist everywhere, they seem to be less common in this city due to the amount of infidelity and how easy it was to hookup here compared to other Colombian cities like Pasto.

So if you are looking for some casual fun, stop by here anytime. Just watch your back as the place felt a bit more unsafe than other Colombian cities.

But if you watch yourself well and you speak Spanish to a conversational level, then you can definitely have some fun here.

And if you have any insight or questions or your own, let me know in the comment section or send me an email. T

Thanks for reading and take care.

Hasta luego parceros,


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lance burstyn December 9, 2020


Great articles by the way, I’m enjoying your experience. Could you tell me how old is this blog? Is this something current in the last 3-5 years or older.

Thank you

    admin January 12, 2021

    Hi Lance, thanks for the comment. I started this blog almost two years ago. I haven’t been to Cucuta in a while though. The only thing I would caution on is any information related to nightlife or restaurants. Given the Covid recession and the lockdowns, I am not familiar with what bars and restaurants have survived. Everything else though should be fine.

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