Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Barrancabermeja

Visiting Barrancabermeja again, I was standing outside as a fiesta was going on!

Hot sun

Exciting music

Lots of people

Plenty of sexy women dancing down the street in special attire for the occasion

Known locally as the Fiesta Nacional del Petróleo, this event was one of the biggest events I have seen in this city.

And while I initially had been quite bored when visiting this city….

This event really brought out the spirit to the city and made things much more exciting.

After all, who could complain about the celebrations, the music and all the hot women in the city dancing and looking to have fun?

And if you want to enjoy it as well, then stop by!

Like myself, you will be one of the few foriengers coming by to enjoy two amazing aspects of Colombia has to offer in this city – a unique culture and sexy women.

Welcome to Barrancabermeja

First: Basic Facts

Known as the oil capital of Colombia, this city of over 190,000 people has a heavier industry for oil production. It actually has the largest oil refinery in Colombia.

But also given that it is located along the shore of the Magdalena River in the Colombian department of Santander, this city also has plenty of fishing activity.

In my experience spending time here personally, I visited this city mostly in the summer. From what I experienced, it was always very hot here. Though according to what I can find online, it appears to be hot here throughout the year and not just the summer. So get some water if you want to spend some time here!

When it comes to the culture of the place, I generally found it to not be very exciting culturally. There were not any major events that were exciting to me.

Though one time when I was here in November, they had this event called “Fiesta Nacional del Petróleo.” It was not bad. Plenty of people dancing or going down the street. And given the name of the event (National Festival of Petroleum), I guess you can tell what it celebrates.

There were also a few other events I have seen held here. One called “Feria Agroindustrial y Ganadera” and also “Fiesta del Retorno.”

Both were OK.

And when it comes to music that is popular here, you will notice more merengue, salsa, vallenato, etc. Some reggaeton also I have heard in some of the venues here. That’s about it from what I remember.

Second: Safety

This city didn’t feel very safe when I was spending time here.

Granted, nothing bad happened to me either. I tend to do well with avoiding trouble for the most part, I guess.

Learning Spanish helps with that by the way – makes it easier to get around Colombia and stay safe.

And in this city, knowing Spanish is crucial as nobody seems to speak English for the most part.

So if you don’t speak Spanish to a conversational level, you will like it even less than I did. It simply was not the safest place I have been to. Plenty of shady areas around the city.

That’s not to say there are not some good parts – some of them which will be discussed below in the daygame or nightlife sections.

But you definitely want to come prepared here with some good Spanish and some research as to where to go in this city.

With some common sense and normal caution like you would use anywhere else.

Third: Spanish?

Similar to Yopal, never met anyone here that spoke English. There just isn’t much demand for it here as places like Medellin.

Though, to be honest, I’m sure some people do speak it here given some of the foreign investment that goes here due to the importance of oil in this city.

But you probably are not going to be dating chicks that work in the oil industry.

Therefore, to have dating success with the women in this city, you will need to learn Spanish to a conversational level.

And doing so will make yourself more impressive to the women here by showing them that you took the effort to learn their language.

So check out how to learn Spanish in this article I wrote here.

Fourth: Demographics

In Barrancabermeja, most of the people in this small city are white or mestizo from what I have seen. For those who don’t know, mestizo means a mix of white and indigenous.

That means that most of the Colombian women you see in this city are going to be white or light to medium brown skin. Now I did also see some black Colombians here but they seemed to make up a much smaller part of the general population.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The women here have bodies that are a little bit curvier than what you see in cities like Riohacha, Neiva, Yopal, etc.

But don’t have big expectations though – you will find better bodies in the more popular cities like Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin, etc.

One negative to this city though is that the women don’t seem to dress as nicely as other cities either. They seem to be blander in how they dress but it’s not terrible. Just not as exciting when seeing women walk around outside here.

Plastic surgery? I noticed more women here with plastic surgery than in most other small cities in Colombia but it wasn’t very popular either like in cities like Medellin. Just more than I expected.

Overall though, the women here are attractive. You won’t be disappointed here but they are not the best that Colombia has to offer. There are pros and cons with the looks here.

Sixth: Nightlife

  • Casa Alemana Bar
  • Ipanema Bar
  • La Barra Pub
  • 48 Steak House & Pub
  • Z Bar
  • Akapella Karaoke Bar
  • La Barrilera Sport Bar
  • Cucaracho Bar
  • La Troja del Peludo
  • The Queen

Out of all of these areas, the bars I liked the most were 48 Steak House & Pub and Casa Alemana Bar.

Seventh: Daygame

Similar to the rest of Colombia, daygame is going to be best when you go to parks, shopping malls or universities usually. Here is a list of some of the better parks and shopping malls to go to in Barrancabermeja:

  • Parque Santander
  • Centro Comercial Viva
  • Centro Comercial San Silvestre
  • Parque Camilo Torres
  • Parque Uribe Uribe
  • Centro Popular Comercial CPC
  • Parque Palmira

One thing to note is that there is also a park called Parque a la Vida. It’s actually quite popular and there are plenty of people here. I’d recommend it also but I noticed more of the women here were taken. Keep in mind this place is more suited for taking your kid to given some of the entertainment for children here.

So of the women you see, they tend to be with their husbands. But I do think this park deserves its own mention given its popularity and the fact you can find single women near the sidewalks passing by around this park.

And of all of these areas in the list, the best ones to go to in my opinion are the malls. They always seemed to have more women open to conversation and exchanging numbers than the parks here. So of those malls, the best one in my opinion is Centro Comercial Viva.

Eighth: Online Game

There are some cute chicks here online but not that many.

Reality is that your online dating options get much more limited once you get into the smaller cities and this is one of them.

Tinder can work here from what I have seen but Colombian Cupid seemed to give me better results and more numbers from women here to date.

Check it out here.

Ninth: Restaurants

A nice Colombian restaurant in this city to try that serves Colombian food is Nueve 20 Gourmet. It’s a bit nicer than other restaurants in this city and worth a try.

And for more Colombian food restaurants, try Oro Negro or Garza Real.

For steak and decent quality mea, I recommend 48 Steak House or Restaurante Barbacoas.

Another good restaurant to try is Pa’l Caminito. It’s my favorite one here. Good service. Decent prices. And they tend to have a varied menu of different types of food. I prefer the pizza here.

And if you want a decent hamburger, also consider Bufalos Parrilla-Bar.

Tenth: Hotels

When I was in this city, I only have stayed at one hotel called Hotel Barranbermeja Plaza. It’s a decent hotel that cost around 30 bucks more or less per night.

This place has decent rooms and good bathrooms. They also have a pool and a decent view of the city near the pool.

Food is good also and the customer service was alright.

Only thing to say here is that you should spend a little bit more than 30 bucks and get a nicer room here. It won’t cost too much more but I say that because the cheapest rooms here are not the most spacious in my opinion.

But overall it’s a good hotel.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you want to really venture out into parts of Colombia not commonly visited, this city will give you just that.

While it’s not the most exciting city in Colombia, it definitely opens your eyes to an entirely new place with an interesting culture of its own.

With warm and welcoming people also that made me like the area a bit more.

And on top of that – plenty of conservative women.

Perhaps one that you could settle down with if you are interested.

And if you have any insight of your own regarding this city or any questions, let me know in the comments or send me an email.

Thanks for reading and take care

Hasta luego parceros,


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