Have Sex with Colombian Cam Models

Over the years, so many dudes travel to Colombia because of the hot women.

Either they want a girlfriend or a wife….

Or they want to have an orgy long trip fucking hundreds of Colombian women in a week.

However, one little secret that most dudes are not aware of when looking for hot sex…

Is that some of the wildest chicks sexually that you can find in Colombia are chicks who are web cam models.

Now web cam models are basically amateur porn chicks who work as independent workers on a web cam site.

Where they broadcast live and perform sexual acts on camera for money or for fun.

And one thing you might notice on these sites is that Colombian women are well represented.

This might be because the women there are much sexier than say Guatemalan women…

And much more sexually liberal than Ecuadorian women….

And sexier and wilder than most Latinas in general.

Either way, Colombian women can be a lot of fun sexually.

But among them, the more sexually fun ones are sometimes the rare web cam model.

Most chicks you meet in Colombia are not web cam models but you got the rare one here and there…

And if you spend years in Colombia like I have…

You will eventually fuck one I believe if you are running through enough chicks.

The numbers might eventually play in your favor if you are lucky enough.

And in my limited experience, it is by far a very fun experience not many men think about.

Because in part they are not thinking about webcam chicks.

They are thinking about fucking normal chicks.

But if you can find a webcam Colombian chick to bang, you probably won’t regret it.

Or at least I didn’t based on my limited experience with Colombian webcam chicks.

In my time in Colombia, I have known four chicks that I can remember who were cam models over my decade and more living in Colombia.

One whose name is Alejandra. You can read about her story here as we did an interview about her work as a cam model.

Then there was a chick named Mariana who was a well to do Colombian chick that mostly did web cam stuff for fun basically.

Also, there was a chick I remember whose name I think was Yessica if I remember right who explored web camming but never did it much.

But of the chicks I got to know the best, there is Alejandra as I mentioned above.

And a Venezuelan chick actually whose name is Mafesita.

She was from Venezuela and basically escaped into Colombia to pursue a better life.

As many Venezuelans have done.

But instead of being a prostitute in person, she decided instead to be a web cam model.

In large part because of the lesser risk and also the higher pay.

I remember meeting this chick from Tinder while spending time in Cali, Colombia years ago.

She was a short, petite chick with light brown chick and dark brown hair.

Though in she case she was doing it for money and not necessarily for fun like Mariana…

She still enjoyed sex quite a bit and was one of my better hookup chicks I ever had.

In large part because of how much energy she had when we fucked.

When we did, she always had sexy lingerie underneath her clothes.

Nothing boring.

And on top of that, she always enjoyed being roughed up during sex a lot more than most chicks.

Liked being choked a lot harder and spanked much harder than most.

And enjoyed – maybe oddly enough – being called a slut, whore, etc while getting fucked.

Of course, she didn’t like that outside of sex.

But how many women like being called a slut or whore during sex?

In my experience, some do but most don’t as most find it offensive obviously.

She was one of those few who really enjoyed being humiliated and degraded during sex.

And also she had a fetish for being fucked in public.

But to add a cherry to the top?

She enjoyed being just a fuck buddy without needing anything more.

She never wanted commitment out of me or any real investment.

Even when spent more normal time together, she always paid her half of everything.

In large part because she had plenty of money due to her cam model work.

She definitely wasn’t poor even though she started out as poor when entering Colombia from Venezuela.

And when we did hang out, she had a cool personality and was fun to get along with.

Though we were never serious, all the time we had together was great.

Both sexually and non-sexually.

And among the other three cam girls, Mariana was up there in terms of being the most fun.

The chick who did cam work mostly as an exhibitionist online than for the money since she didn’t need the money anyway.

Sex with her was great.

The one who was the least fun?

Yessica – but she also never did web camming much from what she told me and only looked into it.

Now why is that?

Why is it that – in my limited experience – chicks who are serious into web camming tend to be the most sexually memorable?

My belief is that they are just overall more sexually open and have higher sex drives in general.

Much more energy in general that makes them much more memorable when having sex.

More so than the average Colombian chick anyway.

So if you are coming to Colombia soon and wanting to bang some hot Colombian chicks…

Or maybe even some Venezuelan chicks like Mafesita…

Which, by the way, check out this article I wrote here which has all the information you need on how to bang hot Venezuelan chicks in Colombia…

Because there’s plenty of cute ones available.

But be it Colombian or Venezuelan…

While they are all fun.

Just keep in mind the cam model ones if you happen to find one.

There’s no real way to find them in my opinion.

The chicks you see on the web cam sites probably won’t meet up with you if you are in Colombia.

Most are in it for the money.

So it’s really a matter of luck if you find one.

And if you do, you probably will count yourself lucky.

At least I have most of the time whenever I met up with one for sex.

And now if you have any experience on this topic…

Or if you happen to have any questions….

Leave it below in the comment section or send me an email.

Thank you for your time and for reading

Hasta luego parceros,


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