Common Sense Tips for Banging the Hottest Colombian Women

Way back when I first arrived to Colombia in 2008, things were different in the dating scene.

Especially in cities like Medellin, there were not that many foreigners walking around the city. There were some here and there for sure but not as many as there are now in 2020.

And Colombia more broadly speaking is like that where now you even have small expat groups in cities like Pereira for example.

Granted, the smaller Colombian cities still have plenty of time before they get swamped with a lot more tourism…

But there will probably always be hidden gems in this country that will have beautiful women and minimal foreign competition.

And one of the reasons for why that foreign competition and the hordes of men is a problem is because of what they do to the image of foreign men in Colombia.

Medellin is the most obvious example of this where foreign men have this reputation of being sex tourists.

As I wrote about here

Where they stop by, bang a few chicks and leave within 1 to 3 weeks.

On top of that, you have simp dudes down here throwing money left and right at barrio chicks without even necessarily getting laid.

Which helps promote this image of foreign men as basically being desperate simps that Colombian chicks can exploit.

Both images either way are not helpful for the average man to get laid down here.

And finally, the simple fact you have more foreigners in some cities like Medellin or Cartagena also reduces the exotic value that foreign men can have down here.

Now it’s not impossible to get laid down here – even on a small trip. You absolutely can have good dating success with decent looking women in Colombia still.

But if you want to be banging the hottest Colombian women that exist down here, you have to take things to another level.

Simply showing up as a foreign dude is not going to get you hot pussy just because you are a foreigner.

There’s a lot of low value dudes who come to Colombia who have minimal social skills, look like shit and do not speak Spanish…

With absolutely no social connections down here and knowing nobody…

And thinking that being a white dude from the US is going to be enough to be drowning in the hottest pussy Colombia has to offer.

Meanwhile these dudes either do not get laid…

Or they use prostitutes because they could not get laid…

Or perhaps they end up banging at best average looking chicks to even some ugly ones too from some poor barrio.

After, of course, spending some real money on her at a restaurant or a club.

Then going home bullshitting his friends about how he banged all the hottest chicks that Colombia has to offer….

And straight up lying about the quality of chicks he did bang (if any).

Fact of the matter is a lot of these dudes are full of shit and low quality men who are ecstatic enough to finally get their dick wet.

Though, to be fair, most foreign men who come to Colombia are not that bad. That’s definitely a crowd that exists but it doesn’t make up most foreign men I have met personally down here.

But to quit complaining and insulting for a second….

Let’s ponder a useful question that will maybe help some of you out…

How exactly do you avoid being that type of dude?

Well, as I wrote about here and here

The biggest tip I could ever offer is self-improvement – learn Spanish, work out, eat healthy, keep your testosterone in check, be financially secure, have a passion in life, etc…

And that’s obvious – women everywhere are not that different from each other across countries. There are obvious cultural differences but the fundamentals of what turns a woman on are the same across borders from what I have seen.

But I’m not going to talk about that here – I have already beaten that horse to death in other articles.

So outside of improving yourself in different ways (which this type of man needs to do), there’s another issue with the type of approach this type of man takes…

Which is that he thinks he is going to be drowning in pussy in a completely new country on a small 1 to 3 week trip….

In a country that he has absolutely no social connections in and has absolutely no experience in.

Like let’s take some random Chinese dude who speaks no English and throw him into the middle of Detroit, Michigan for a week and a half trip.

Where he knows absolutely nobody.

How many women you think are going to have sex with that dude?

Knows nobody. Has no social proof. No previous girls he can hit up that he knows. No friends that he can meet up with or meet chicks with. Doesn’t even speak the local language.

Get real.

And that’s basically one of the major issues that this type of low quality man has when he comes to Colombia for a 1 to 3 week trip.

That’s not to say you can’t get laid in 1 to 3 weeks – but obviously it will be harder to do with the less time you have.

And as I wrote about in this article, it’d be ideal if you met chicks online before you showed up to Colombia.

You can do that by using Colombian Cupid – which is a dating website where you can meet Colombian chicks before your trip.

You join the website, get their number and basically build a connection with them online for about 2 weeks to a month before your trip.

That will help immensely in improving your dating success in Colombia as you will at least have some contacts ahead of time.

And you can check out Colombian Cupid here.


If you really want to stand out among the crowd of foreigners coming to Colombia, it’d be ideal if you did more than just online dating.

By spending more significant time in this country and having actual friends.


Well, first, obviously having friends is nice. Not everything in life is about banging hot pussy.

But second – some of the hottest Colombian women that I have banged were from social connections. We met at a party for example, exchanged numbers and met up later for dates.

And going ahead into the future, doing just that will be necessary if you want to bang some of the hottest chicks in Colombia for a few reasons.

First, it will get you much better access to them. A lot of those chicks might be on Tinder but not necessarily. And if they are, most likely they are just looking for validation and attention.

Second, it makes you stand out among the crowd of foreigners. With some of the bad reputations that foreign men have that I mentioned before, you need to do things that go against that stereotype.

That way women down here think you are different.

That means speaking Spanish to a conversational level at least.

Or taking a bigger interest in Colombia and spending more significant time down here than just a week to three weeks. Women will see you as much more serious obviously if you are not just going to bang and leave in a short time.

And by having social proof by being connected to local Colombian men down here…

That obviously sets you apart from so many of these dudes stopping by for just a few weeks.

Nowadays, if you go through the options you have to meet women in Colombia…

First, you have online game, which is best on Colombian Cupid as seen here in my experience.

But with Tinder and online game, you are going to run into more chicks that only want attention and are not serious.

Second, you have night game, which isn’t very effective in Colombia. Most women go out in mixed sets and are never by themselves. For that reason, it is a lot harder to meet genuine chicks who are hot at night.

Third, you have daygame and also meeting chicks through social connections.

Which will get you access to some of the hotter chicks in Colombia.

It will be easier to avoid the attention-seeking chicks.

And easier to get yourself out there and introduced to chicks you would not have met before.

And to do that, you need decent to great Spanish obviously.

But all together, daygame and meeting chicks through social connections will be the best way to bang the hottest Colombian women out here.

Otherwise, you will be stuck with what online game has to offer and it simply doesn’t compare.

Therefore, take the following key points  for banging the hottest Colombian women.

The Common Sense Tips

  • Self-improvement (as wrote about here).
  • Learn Spanish to a decent to advanced level (and read this article and this one on how to do so).
  • Use online game only as a side tool to get laid but not your main tool.
  • Use daygame to help you get some of the hottest chicks you will see in public.
  • Make local guy friends that can help connect you to some of the hotter chicks that you would not otherwise have met normally at parties or other social events.
  • Spend more time down here than just 1 to 3 weeks. Aim for years if possible (and read this article and this one I wrote to help you learn how to support yourself while living down here long term).

Based on my years down here, those 6 points are the basic fundamentals to having the most success in Colombia.

Because going back to what I was saying at the beginning of this article…

Back in 2008, foreigners had much more exotic value in Colombia without as much of the negative stereotypes that they have now.

Where you could show up with minimal Spanish for a few weeks and do much better than what you could do now with minimal Spanish and time down here.

And as of right now and going into the future, simply being the exotic foreign dude is not going to be enough.

Otherwise you will get at best some of the lowest quality pussy this country has to offer.

Self-improvement. Learn Spanish. Spend more significant time down here. Build social connections and male friendships. Do daygame.

Put in the work.

And you will be miles ahead of the average foreigner coming down here…

And having access to Colombian women that are much higher quality than what you would have had otherwise.

Now if you have any questions or insight of your own, let me know in the comment section below or send me an email. Thanks for reading and take care.

Hasta luego parceros,


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