Nightlife & Dating Colombian Women in Armenia

On my very first weekend in Armenia, I was out alone exploring the city’s nightlife by myself and interested in dating Colombian women in Armenia

Going to a club called Triki Trake, I heard ahead of time that this place had plenty of nice chicks and good music

With some effort, I found a cute petite Colombian chick

White, long black hair, a bit shorter than I was with a very cute body

We danced a bit and she introduced me to her group as we headed back to them

It was a great night that ended with her and I taking a walk to a nearby bar afterwards

And fortunately, back to my place to spend the night after that

Though I was a stranger to this city that weekend…

It was another night in another Colombian city where the nightlife and the women made me feel very welcome

Another good place for the single man to visit and enjoy life

Welcometo Armenia

First: Basic Facts

This city is located within the Coffee Triangle along with nearby cities of Pereira and Manizales.

Armenia is the smallest of the three cities with just over 300,000 people living in it.

When in Armenia, I never found the city to be too hot or too cold.

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much to do in this city to be honest. In my opinion, Pereira and Manizales offer betteraccess to some of the best nature to see in this area of Colombia

When it comes to places to see, I’d recommend Parque de la Vida and Museo de Oro Quimbaya. These are some of thebetter things that you are going to see within the city of Armenia itself.

A little outside of Armenia, you can also visit the Parque del Café.

Second: S​​​​​afety

This city felt a little more dangerous than nearby cities of Pereira and Manizales. I’m not sure if statistically Armenia is more dangerous but it felt that way

I didn’t feel as safe walking alone at night and noticed a few more sketchy neighborhoods

Overall, it wasn’t a bad place though

I’d say that you are not likely to be a target of crime if you just be cautious and do not show off too many nice things

Use common sense and you will be fine.

In my own experience, I fortunately never had anything happen to me in this city.

dating Colombian women in Armenia

Third: Spanish?

Similar to Manizales, you are going to need Spanish for this city when dating Colombian women in Armenia

In my entire time here, I never met a single person who could speak any bit of English.

So if you don’t speak any Spanish, I’d recommend you spend time in a more popular Colombian city like Bogota or Medellin until your Spanish gets to conversational level.

Once at conversational level, it will be easier for you to enjoy Armenia and get to know the women here.

And if you want to improve your Spanish, try using this useful textbook or this phrasebook to help you get started. If you still have trouble with Spanish after that, having a translator for your dates with Colombian women can also be helpful

Fourth: Demographics

The women in Armenia are a bit similar to what you are going to find in the rest of the Coffee Triangle, Pereira and Manizales

Mostly white women with some brown looking women as well

In addition, you are going to see less curvy women here than in other Colombian cities like Cali or Barranquilla

Fifth: Attractiveness

Comparatively, I’d say Armenia offers the least attractive women out of the 3 main cities in the Coffee Triangle

That isn’t to say that the women here are ugly

Far from it!

There are plenty of beautiful women here but they are just a little bit less attractive than what you will find in Pereira and Manizales

On the other hand, women in Armenia have a lot less exposure to foreigners than a city like Pereira and I would suspect Manizales also

For that reason, I found the women here even more receptive to being approached by a foreigner than in cities like Pereira or Manizales

Therefore, despite the women here being a little bit on the conservative end…

They are actually quite easy overall to have something casual with in my experience

Overall, fairly attractive women who are easy enough for some fun

Sixth: Nightlife

In my experience, Armenia probably has some of the least impressive nightlife out of the 3 main cities in the Coffee Triangle – Pereira, Manizales and Armenia.

Similar to a lot of Colombian cities, most of the girls you see will show up in groups and be harder to approach.

As mentioned in the story above, I would consider myself a bit lucky for how that night turned out and how easily I was invited back to that girl’s group.

Which illustrates another point about this city – you will generally be well received for being a foreigner since not too many foreigners visit this city compared to other Colombian cities.

Therefore, while most girls go out in groups, it will not be too hard to break into a girl’s group in my opinion.

Having said all of that, here are some of the better places to visit in Armenia based on my more limited experience in this city:

1.      Triki Trake Club: This was one of the more fun clubs to visit during my time here. Prices are relatively cheap also.

2.      Shangó: In my experience, this was one of the more popular places I visited in Armenia. Had plenty of people. Plenty of good drinks to choose from also.

3.      Mariajuana Bar: This is a decent place to show up with some friends to chill and have a few drinks.

4.      Altazona: This place is alright for the most part. Prices are reasonable. However, I never saw too many people here. So it never was as active when I showed up.

5.      Discoteca PP Rumba: The girls here seemed more attractive and also more open to being approached. The music was pretty good also.

6.      Discoteca Majestic: Better atmosphere than most of the places I have been to in Armenia. The girls here were also dressed nicely as well.

7.      The Jungle Bar: Decent place due to the music. Found the beer here to be a bit on the cheaper end also.

8.      La Fogata: As mentioned before, this is a great place to visit. Has plenty of drinks. Serves more as a place to hang out with some friends or a nice chick.

9.      Sky Blue: Prices are relatively cheap. Place is a bit more relaxed and is a decent bar to take a chick to get to know each other before spending the night together. A few downsides to this place though is that it is a little dirty and not always very active.

10.  La Cantina Corona: Never been here actually but was recommended to me by a few friends as being a decent place to visit.

Seventh: Daygame

Similar to Manizales, this city is really better for daygame than meeting chicks online or during the night.

I’d also recommend you visit primarily the shopping malls or local universities to find some nice chicks.

Some of the shopping malls or plazas that I’d recommend are:

1.      Altavista Mall

2.      Bambusa Plaza

3.      Mall La Avenida

4.      Unicentro

5.      Portal del Quindio

Among these areas listed, Altavista Mall and Mall La Avenida were the best for finding more beautiful women.

When it comes to universities, the only university I had experience at was University of Quindio. This place has a decent amount of chicks that are cute and open to being approached.

As mentioned before, you will need Spanish when dating Colombian women in Armenia as English is not common here.

Eighth: Online Game

Very similar to Manizales, you will not find as many women on Tinder here as you ideally would like.

In large part because this is a much smaller city with less women using Tinder for the most part when compared to larger Colombian cities.

In all honesty, I’d say give online game a try when in Armenia but don’t get your hopes up.

Online game is going to be a bit better than meeting women at night but not as good as daygame in my opinion.

And outside of Tinder, make sure to check out Colombian Cupid as it has plenty of decent women on there ready to meet a nice man.

Or if you are interested in meeting a potential wife to settle down with, try out the online resources offered by Dream Connections

Ninth: Restaurants

Given that I love Mexican food, I was at first amazed to actually see Mexican style restaurants in this small city in Colombia.

Although they are not the best Mexican food you will find on this planet, these following restaurants offer pretty decent food overall at a fair price:

Nahuatl Comida Mexicana Tradicional, Azteca Tacos and Container City.

The last restaurant is by far the best. It offers a wide variety of food and not just Mexican and it has plenty of drinks to offer as well.

In fact, I’d say Container City is probably the best place to eat at in Armenia in my opinion.

Additionally, if you are looking for a nice café, Café Jesus Martin is highly recommended and was a good experience for me also. Prices are a little higher than elsewhere in the city but the food and quality of service is some of the best.

When it comes to steak, Armenia actually has quite a few good options.

La Fogata is by far the best place to find steak in Armenia. Prices are fair. This place has good hamburgers also. The only issue I had was the slow customer service but outside of that this place is great.

Boludo Parrilla is another option too. The customer service is better but the food is not as good as what La Fogata offers.

Finally, I also have to recommend Balcon del Quindio for having some of the better Colombian food in Armenia. This is also one of the better restaurants you will find in this city.

If you are interested in learning more about Colombian food, check out this article I wrote on this website about that topic.

Tenth: Hotels

To be honest, I don’t have too much experience with hotels here. There’s just 2 hotels that I have good experience with in this area…

The first one being Hotel Aires del Quindio. They offer a decent service for a good price overall.

Additionally, there is a resort a bit outside of Armenia that is worth checking out – Hotel Campestre Las Camelias. It is a great place to visit. Looks great, it has some nice pools and other nice facilities and is very close to plenty of great parks nearby.

It’s a little more expensive also compared to other places in Armenia but worth the price if you want a nice weekend for yourself or with a nice Colombian girl that you are serious with.

In asking a friend who I know has spent more time in Armenia, I was also told to recommend Isa Victory Hotel Boutique.

dating Colombian women in Armenia

Final Thoughts

If you are exploring the Coffee Triangle of Colombia, dating Colombian women in Armenia is a great choice

There are plenty of very cute chicks here who have not seen a foreigner before and would be very interested in meeting one.

At the same time, this place has a few other benefits with the nearby nature and some of the good restaurants and bars also.

By coming to Armenia, you also can enjoy a nice night at Triki Trake or any of the other bars here

Where ideally you will be finishing your night dating Colombian women in Armenia that like to have a good time here <img & Manizales.

Hasta luego parceros,


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