Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in San Andres Islands

Ever thought about going to Colombia to begin dating Colombian girls in San Andres Islands?

Nice islands.

Beautiful beaches

White sands

Crystal blue water

Clear blue sky

Sun bathing down on you

Drink in hand

And plenty of cute sexy Colombianas bathing in the sun near you and moving around the beach

In nice bikinis

And one of them sitting next to you hand over your chest

With the both of you enjoying your time in Colombia

Welcome to San Andres Islands

First: Basic Facts

To be fair, this place is better for bringing a chick with you than for looking for getting laid with Colombian girls in San Andres Islands

In large part because most of the tourist chicks here are coming in families or with their boyfriends or husbands

Therefore, among that crowd, you won’t find as many chicks down for fun. Though a few were in my experience

Among the local girls here, you will have more luck in my opinion

Furthermore, the islands here are beautiful and you can have a great relaxing time here.

Because of the nice beaches here, I’d honestly recommend you bring a nice girl with you here because it’s more of aplace to relax and chill with someone you care about

Similar to Leticia, this is one of those places in Colombia where the main attraction is not the women and nightlife butwhat the place has to offer

In this case, a nice vacation at a beautiful beach while enjoying crystal blue waves

Try visiting this around January when you won’t experience as much rain.

After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the nice beaches and weather here while the US is cold and freezing in January?

A perfect time to visit to enjoy the scenery here with either someone you care about or with some the chicks you may find here

Second: S​​​​​afety

Don’t worry about it. This place is pretty safe overall. It has a heavy tourism industry here and authorities do their part here to protect that

As always, apply common sense and caution like you would anywhere in the world and enjoy yourself here.

colombian girls in san andres

Third: Spanish?

I found most of the girls here to speak English.

Given how touristy this island is, a lot of the people who are here are tourists who might speak English..

Or people who work in tourism and speak English

Though learning Spanish always helps with those who don’t speak English, I would say you don’t really need it that much here.

Fourth: Demographics

Among the tourists, I saw a lot of white looking chicks and some brown ones as well. However, you will also see some black female tourists as well. Didn’t see much Asian female tourists though.

So when it comes to female tourists, expect mostly white and brown with some black and Asian chicks also here.

When it comes to the local population, you will see a lot more black chicks on this area with some brown girls as well.

So overall, when factoring in both tourists and local chicks, this place has a good mix of white, brown and black chicks with a few Asian tourists as well.

And if you want to improve your Spanish, try using this useful textbook or this phrasebook to help you get started. If you still have trouble with Spanish after that, having a translator for your dates with Colombian women can also be helpful

Fifth: Attractiveness

Among the tourist girls, I found it to be hit or miss. There were plenty that were not skinny and not very attractive. There were others that had great bodies also. You had young chicks and you had much older ones also. So when it comes to tourist girls, it really depends.

Quality isn’t the best but isn’t terrible either.

Among the local chicks, I found plenty that were quite cute and had good bodies. Although there were some uglier ones, the average quality of the local girls isn’t bad either.

You will notice a little more curves on the local chicks and some of them had a more athletic look also.

Similar to the tourist girls, the quality is decent overall.

colombian girls in san andres

Sixth: Nightlife

By far, nightlife here is going to be your best way of meeting foreign girls and Colombian girls in San Andres if you didn’t bring any chick with you.

Although nightlife isn’t that great for meeting chicks here, it’s better than any of the other ways to find a nice girl

So where should you go?

1.      Coco Loco Disco Bar: This was one of the more crowded places I visited in San Andres. Mostly younger folk in their 20s and 30s. Decent music and fair prices. Only issue is that most of the chicks you see here are with a partner. So it’s more of a place to bring someone with you than to find someone here.

2.      Deep Blue: Great place for dancing and had plenty of reggaeton music. Also had a ton of people. Overall a decent place to find a nice girl.

3.      Extasis Discoteca: This was one of the best places to find local chicks on San Andres who were down for fun. I saw less tourists here and a lot more sexy Colombian chicks ready to enjoy the night. It wasn’t the best club I have ever visited in my life but definitely one of the better ones I saw for the single man in San Andres.

4.      Talento Nuevo: Was not very busy when I went but had plenty of nice drinks. Would be a good place to bring a girl to.

5.      Banzai Cocktail Bar: This was a pretty good place for meeting both tourist and local chicks. A lot of mingling here also. This bar serves better for the single guy looking for a chick who wants some fun.

6.      Big Mama Original Reggae Bar: This place is more for a couple to visit than the single guy. It’s great for having a drink and is one of the better places in San Andres for watching the sunset. A very relaxing place to visit. Has great food too.

7.      Lighthouse Lounge Bar: Very professional staff that was quick with the drinks. Customer service was great overall. The longue in this place is good too.

8.      Casa Cultural San Andres Music: Lots of tables and chairs. Not too much mingling. Has great live music and is a good place for bringing a nice girl you already know to visit, drink and have a good night with live music. Friendly staff too.

9.      Beer Station: Despite service being a bit slow, this place is good overall. Drinks are nice and is a fairly friendly place overall.

10.  Black Zobombo Kella Reggae Bar: This place has good drinks and overall a decent atmosphere for dancing. There were a few girls I found here that showed interest. Serves better for a single guy in my opinion looking for some fun.

Seventh: Daygame

As said, most the women here come with family or their partner. So really daygame didn’t seem like the best option here for Colombian girls in San Andres Islands

Regardless, if you see a nice woman giving you strong indicators of interest, then of course it’s not a bad idea to approach and see what happens

In one case, I met a cute Italian chick at the pool of one of the hotels I was staying

She was looking at me nicely while mostly just chilling by herself

And fortunately she spoke English, because I don’t speak any Italian

And after chatting a bit, we exchanged numbers and met up later

Never leave any options off the table

However, for most practical purposes, daygame here really isn’t that useful for most of the tourist chicks.

And a lot of the local chicks you see will be working anyway and not always open to being approached.

I didn’t bother to approach any of the local chicks because I don’t like approaching girls if they are working on their job

Just the way I am and most local chicks I saw during the day were like that

So overall, keep daygame as an option if the opportunity arises but don’t count on it being too useful if you show up there single

colombian girls in san andres

Eighth: Online Game

Online game here really isn’t that impressive. As said before, most people visiting here are showing up with family or their partner. So you won’t see too many people using Tinder

However, there are some chicks looking for fun online and I did find one that agreed to meet for a drink and have fun later

So like anywhere else, never leave anything on the table and use online game to have some extra fun

Just don’t expect it to bring a lot of results

And outside of Tinder, make sure to check out Colombian Cupid as it has plenty of decent women on there ready to meet a nice man.

Or if you are interested in meeting a potential wife to settle down with, try out the online resources offered by Dream Connections

Ninth: Restaurants

Because of the heavy amount of tourism here, you can some decent restaurants here.

For a good burger, try La Costilla de Juan

For decent pizza, La Pizzetta Florio works well

You can also find nice Peruivan food on this island, which is cool. The best place for that is Peru Wok San Andres

For a café, you can find a typical Juan Valdez there.

For nice Italian food, try Mister Panino. It’s the best place I found there for Italian food. Also, La Barcarola is decent too.

Finally, one of the most popular restaurants you will find there is Restaurante La Regatta. Given I don’t like to eat much seafood, I’d say the food was alright. Though someone who likes seafood more might appreciate this place better. Regardless, the customer service here is great and overall the restaurant offers a good experience.

Tenth: Hotels

I’ve stayed here just a few times. In my experience, the Sunset Hotel is a bit nice, offers a lot and is fairly priced for what they offer.

Additionally, Casa las Palmas Hotel Boutique was nice also with a decent pool, very spacious rooms and nice service.

Finally, if you have the extra money for it, Hotel Casablanca is very nice also. Great restaurants, decent pool and the rooms are very nice. Only thing is that this place is a bit more expensive than most places in San Andres. Either way, this hotel is very nice.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, this is one of those places in Colombia where you visit mostly because of the attractions of the place rather than the women.

This is a great place to visit with a nice beautiful Colombian girl in San Andres Islands with you to enjoy some of Colombia’s best scenery

Of course, you can come here alone and enjoy the nice scenery with many of the tourist and local girls that are at the beach.

In either scenario, this is the place to be if you want to enjoy life at the beach with a nice drink and some beautiful Colombian girls in San Andres Islands

Finally, if you are interested in dating Colombian women in other cities, check out my other guides

And check out my ultimate guides for dating Colombian women for a serious relationship or for casual hookups depending on which you prefer


Hasta luego parceros,


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