Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Leticia

After a few years of living in Colombia, I decided to see the Amazon Rainforest and perhaps even get around to dating Colombian girls in Leticia

After I arrived, I was sitting outside a lodge in a more remote part of the Amazonian region of Colombia, I looked around me…

Birds flying everywhere

Some random monkey looking at me from on top of a big tree

Just some hours before we went to see dolphins as well

Among other animals like turtles, snakes, caimans, frogs, sloths and more

For once, it was nice to just leave everything

Leave behind the internet and work and chasing girls

To sit in one the more beautiful areas on the planet – the Amazon

Where even though there are plenty of cute girls here to keep you company

The main thing that brings most people to this part of Colombia is the beautiful nature that exists here

Welcome to Leticia

First: Basic Facts

This humid town of over 40,000 people is one of my favorite places to visit in Colombia

And oddly enough, it’s not for the women or the great nightlife or anything like that

What makes this place special is the access to the Amazon Rainforest and all the great experiences you can have here

Of course, we will be talking about the nice Colombianas here and the nightlife that can be found in Leticia

But it’s important to remember that this city is more for enjoying the Amazon Rainforest while perhaps enjoying some ofthe beautiful women on the side that live here

You can enjoy both but most of what you will be enjoying while in Leticia is the nature

And that’s not a bad thing. Too often people don’t get to spend time outside

Much less travel to one of the more beautiful areas of the world

And if you are in Leticia, your focus should be more on enjoying the Amazon Rainforest while occasionally checkingout the chicks here

After all, how many times do you get to see the Amazon Rainforest? It’s truly a rare but amazing experience.

Second: S​​​​​afety

In general, this place isn’t too dangerous and safe enough to visit to see the Amazon and even for dating Colombian girls in Leticia

However, the town itself is not in the best condition. The roads are bad and the housing looks like it was poorly made in most parts of the area

For the most part, it’s not a very attractive town physically speaking

And for that reason, it’s understandable that you might feel a little unsafe here given that the town itself doesn’t look like a great place to visit

However, I never experienced anything myself. Nobody ever robbed me. Just that the town looks a little shady in some parts and can feel a little uncomfortable at night

Furthermore, I noticed a heavier police presence here. Perhaps to protect the tourism industry or something along those lines

So that is nice anyway that there was plenty of police here

So just apply common sense and caution like anywhere else and you should be safe for the most part

dating Colombian girls in Leticia

Third: Spanish?

The people in the tourism industry tend to speak more English. Not all of them do but the people I interacted with did. So on that end you won’t likely need English unless you have bad luck and can’t find anyone to speak English

However, the local population that is not involved in the tourism industry does not speak English at all in my experience.

So for dating Colombian girls in Leticia, you will need Spanish absolutely

And if you want to improve your Spanish, try using this useful textbook or this phrasebook to help you get started. If you still have trouble with Spanish after that, having a translator for your dates with Colombian women can also be helpful

Fourth: Demographics

The women in Leticia tend to be more indigenous overall. Physically speaking, they tend to be more medium to slightly dark skin, short height and black hair. Aside from the tourists, you won’t see any white or black chicks for the most part.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The chicks here are alright. You won’t find too many chicks here who are overly attractive or anything like that.

Very little curves

The chicks here don’t dress very well either. Very average in appearance in that regard

For the most part, the best girls you will find here are going to be more “cute” looking than sexy or anything like that.

Which isn’t bad either. You can definitely find a few good chicks here that are cute looking to have some fun with

Additionally, you don’t have too much of a foreign value due to the tourism for the Amazon Rainforest that exists here

Furthermore, the chicks here tend to be more conservative than the rest of the country from my experience

In my experience, you’re going to need 2 to 4 dates on average to have any luck with the chicks here. The shortest for me was 2 dates and the longest was 4.

Never had a one night stand or anything like that while I was dating Colombian girls in Leticia

Also, it should be noted that you will find backpackers here also. Women from other countries who might be traveling here alone to see the Amazon Rainforest

In my experience, there wasn’t a crazy amount of foreign chicks here but there were some and the ones traveling alone were a bit flirty as well

In my few trips traveling to Leticia, I’ve enjoyed a nice night with a few tourists coming from Europe mostly.

Which, in my experience, the foreign tourists are usually European or sometimes Latina from another Latin American country like Brazil

In fact, met a very cute Brazilian chick who was down for some fun that was from a city called Porto Alegre

Not as many Americans or Canadians from my experience alone

And overall, the girls traveling alone to Leticia tend to be down for something fun if you know what you are doing

Therefore, I’d recommend having fun with other tourist chicks as well, especially given that Leticia is very small and doesn’t have a lot of chicks anyway

Especially compared to much larger cities like Bogota or Barranquilla

So overall, when in Leticia, you can and should have fun with dating Colombian girls in Leticia, which there are plenty of cute ones, and the tourist girls as well

dating Colombian girls in Leticia

Sixth: Nightlife

In short, there isn’t a lot of nightlife in this small town of 50,000 people. However, the girls I found in the bars here tended to be more open to being approached.

And while I normally recommend 10 places to visit, this town doesn’t have 10 places that I would recommend.

Regardless, here are just a few of the places I would recommend to visit as you are dating Colombian girls in Leticia:

1.      Mossh Bar: This place is the best bar I went to in Leticia. A much nicer place with friendly staff and some cute chicks. Fair prices on drinks

2.      Kaluha: This place was a bit dark and shady in my experience. It was also a little more costly than other places here. It’s not bad either way and you can have fun here. Decent place to take a chick to for dancing anyway.

3.      Kawanna Bar: This place is pretty chill and has good prices too for the drinks it offers. Serves better as a place to take a chick to so that you can chat and drink.

Seventh: Daygame

Daygame is also not very good here.

As said before, this is a very small town in my opinion

There just isn’t that many places to visit

However, there is a good park called Parque Santander that had some cute chicks I saw

Where I approached a few and had success there

I also noticed that there were a few markets in Leticia.

Though most of the people I saw there were a bit on the older side….

You will see some cute younger chicks there as well.

Also, for finding local chicks who are not tourists, the markets are great for that

Since there aren’t any real tourists I saw using the markets

So if you’re lucky, you will find the occasional cute chick here and there in the markets also

And even though there are probably some other public places you can visit in Leticia, that’s about it from what I have seen

Eighth: Online Game

It’s really nonexistent here. I remember trying to use Tinder here before and just didn’t find anything worth pursuing.

You won’t find that many chicks in my opinion using Tinder here, especially given the much smaller size of this town – only 40,000 or so.

I wouldn’t discourage using online game since it’s always a valuable tool

Just don’t put too much hope in it working well here

And outside of Tinder, make sure to check out Colombian Cupid as it has plenty of decent women on there ready to meet a nice man.

Or if you are interested in meeting a potential wife to settle down with, try out the online resources offered by Dream Connections

Ninth: Restaurants

The food here is alright overall. Never found a restaurant that was amazing. However, some places deserve a good mention.

For a decent hamburger at a good price, I’d recommend Restaurante Punto Lounge.

Additionally, you can find alright steak at both El Santo Angel and Mi Ranchito Parrilla Brasa

Of those 2 places, I’d recommend El Santo Angel but both are alright

For pizza, you should try Gael Pizzeria Gourmet. Also, the staff here is probably the nicest I found in Leticia. So you can expect a good experience overall.

There’s also a restaurant I tried called Kasabe Xpress. It claims to have a combination of Brazilian and Peruvian food. Though I’m not an expert on what qualifies as Brazilian food, I found the place to have alright food overall. And prices were very fair.

Finally, there is a place called Tierras Amazonicas. The food is decent and the restaurant looks much nicer than other places here. Only issue was that customer service was a bit slow and I had to wait a bit to get the check. Otherwise, it’s a decent place with a lot of seafood.

Tenth: Hotels

In most of my city reviews, I usually try recommending 3 hotels at least to give you all options. However, the only hotel I have stayed at here in all of my trips was the Hotel Amazon Bed & Breakfast. It really is a decent hotel overall.

Additionally, I don’t have any friends that have stayed at Leticia so I don’t know who to ask on other good hotels there.

Therefore, if you are not sure about the hotel I recommend, feel free to check out other options that are out there. As always, I’d recommend you pick a hotel that is a bit nicer.

It will still be cheaper most likely than what you pay in the US and you are less likely to encounter issues that a lot of cheap hotels bring.

dating Colombian girls in Leticia

Final Thoughts

In most of my city reviews, I always focus mostly on the women and the great nightlife that you can find in Colombian cities.

However, in this case, I’d say that Leticia is that type of city that you go visit for the broader experience than just the women

I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to visit Leticia just for the nightlife and the women

In part because it simply isn’t that nice

What brings people here is access to the Amazon Rainforest

However, being how I am, I always like to find a nice chick wherever I am

And with that said, you can definitely find some cute Colombian chicks and foreign girls also in this small town

So come visit Leticia!

Enjoy the amazing nature in the Amazon Rainforest and don’t forget to enjoy the women here also when the opportunity arises.

Finally, if you are interested in dating Colombian women in other cities, check out my other guides

And check out my ultimate guides for dating Colombian women for a serious relationship or for casual hookups depending on which you prefer

Hasta luego parceros,


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