Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Bucaramanga

On my very first day in Bucaramanga, I went to one of the more popular parks in the city – Parque Santander as I was interested in dating Colombian girls in Bucaramanga

It was one of the nearly 200 parks in the city. And what was great about this park was that it had more people

And more cute Colombian chicks as well

From my time here, it seemed there were plenty of options for dating sexy Colombian girls in Bucaramanga

Standing near the Statue of Francisco de Paula Santander, I saw a cute Colombian chick standing by herself checking her phone

A nice chick that was about 5’8 in height with light brown skin and black hair

And a nice body overall

I approached her and we chatted a bit

Though she seemed a bit shy at first…

One thing I noticed quickly in this city with her and other Colombian women was that they were surprised to see a foreigner in their city

She asked where I was from and was very interested right away

We exchanged numbers after a bit of chatting and saw each other later that weekend to go to a bar named Vintrash Bar

Where we had a great time throughout the night   

In short, that’s one of the things I like about Bucaramanga – plenty of nice parks to visit and plenty of cute Colombian chicks who are interested in meeting a foreigner

Making my time here enjoyable all around

Welcome to Bucaramanga

First: Basic Facts

This city is often called La Ciudad Bonita or La Ciudad de los Parques.

Which, by the way, that second nickname is more interesting and refers to the fact that this city has almost 200 parks

The City of Parks

For that reason, I somewhat love Bucaramanga since it works well for daygame in my opinion

Plenty of nice Colombianas walking through those parks from time to time

And plenty of places to visit to get to know the city of over 500,000 people

Second: S​​​​​afety

  This place is safe overall. I never had any issues personally and I feel more or less safe walking outside.

Compared to other Colombian cities, this place felt a bit safer than most cities you will visit in this country

For the most part, use common sense and be cautious like in any new place you might visit

And you will be fine most likely

Third: Spanish?

In my time here, I did find some chicks who spoke Spanish at some of the local universities.

Perhaps they were studying English or something in class

However, it was only chicks in college that had any chance of speaking any English

And it wasn’t always the best

Outside of any of the universities here, you won’t find anyone speaking Spanish in my opinion

So if you want to do well here dating Colombian girls in Bucaramanga, it’s another city in Colombia where speaking Spanish at the conversational level or more will do you very well

Make sure to check out this Spanish phrasebook for learning what to say in Spanish to beautiful Colombian women

Fourth: Demographics

The girls here are going to look brown mostly. Some white chicks too I noticed. It’s mostly brown or white here.

Girls also normally had black hair and were a bit shorter than me like anywhere else – about 5’6 to 5’7 feet tall.

Fifth: Attractiveness

Overall, the chicks here are fairly attractive as you will notice when dating Colombian girls in Bucaramanga

However, they don’t have some of the curves as you would see in the girls in Barranquilla or Cali

On that note, the girls here are more natural than what you would find elsewhere like in Medellin. Less plastic surgery here

One downside to Bucaramanga is that I also noticed there were less skinny girls here than in other Colombian cities. So that apparently seems to be an issue from what I have seen

And they also tend to dress up a little more conservatively than girls elsewhere in Colombia

So they may not be the best Colombian chicks that you would find in Colombia physically speaking but there are still plenty of nice looking girls here

Additionally, the girls here are also a bit more conservative when it comes to anything casual. Unlike some other Colombian cities where a one night stand is possible, it’s not as possible here

I’ve had it a few times but overall it’s a bit more difficult to have in Bucaramanga

The average chick here is going to be ready to have sex at around the second or third date most of the time.

So overall, the main thing to ask is – is it worth it?

The girls are more conservative and more work to have any fun with and they are not as physically attractive compared to girls in the rest of the country

In general, I’d say if you are visiting Bucaramanga for other reasons than the girls, then pursue the chicks here in your free time.

Plenty of cute chicks overall that will have fun eventually

However, this place isn’t worth visiting in my opinion for just the chicks alone when you have much better Colombian cities to visit with sexier chicks that are easier…

Like in Pereira or Cali

Just my opinion anyway  

Sixth: Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, most of the Colombian girls you will see are going to be in groups or with some guy. So nightlife isn’t the best way to meet chicks here…

But it’s possible given some of the few cool places you should visit.

So if you want to enjoy the nightlife in this city, make sure to dress up nicely with some decent dress shoes and check out these areas

1.       Cabecera del Llano: This is an area that has most of the nightlife in the city.

2.      Música Viva: This place is my favorite place to visit mostly for the live music. Drinks are great too. The one thing to note about this place is that it sometimes is too loud to ever start a conversation with a new chick. However, it’s great for taking someone you already know to spend the night at.

3.      Make It Public: This place is pretty good overall. I felt it was just a tiny bit more expensive than some other places. However, drinks and food are good. Decent customer service also.

4.      Vintrash Bar: This is one of my favorite places to visit during the night.

5.      Cocktails and Dreams: This place is pretty cool to sit down at. Has plenty of drinks to offer. A bit more of a relaxing place also. Probably my second favorite place for the rock music they play and how everything else is nicely done.

6.      La House Bar: This place is a bit more cozy and relaxing. Main issue is that I didn’t see too many people here most of the time. However, it’s not a bad place for just drinking and chatting.

7.      Rock & Wine: Another favorite place to visit mostly for the rock music. I’m more of a fan of places that have good rock music and this place does it well enough.

8.      La Torre Pub: This place is also a bit more cozy and relaxed place to visit. Only issue was customer service was a bit slow. However, the place is decent overall.

9.      Penelope Bar: Overall decent. Prices and food are good. Customer service could be better here also but it’s a decent place to visit.

10.  Boissons Pub: This place had a bit more people than some of the other places I visited. Beer prices are a bit cheap overall. Another good place to take a chick too.

Out of these 10 places, my favorites would be Música Viva, Cocktails and Dreams, Rock & Wine and Vintrash Bar.

dating Colombian girls in Bucaramanga

Seventh: Daygame

Since this is the “city of parks,” I’d obviously recommend you visit any of the parks for meeting chicks here

There are so many that the options it provides is great

With that said, some of the better parks to visit in my opinion are the following…

1.      Cigarras Park

2.      La Flora Ecological Park

3.      Morrorico Park

4.      Agua Park

5.      Parque Santander

6.      Parque Mejoras Publicas

7.      Saint Pío Park

8.      Parque Garcia Rovira

Outside of the parks, two good universities to visit for meeting chicks are Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, University of Santander and Pontifical Bolivarian University Bucaramanga Campus.

Of those 3, I found the first to be best when it comes to quality of chicks.

Importantly for some, I also found the number of chicks who spoke some English to be higher there also

Which might be useful of some of those here who don’t speak much Spanish

A few side points to mention about daygame here also…

First, the girls here tend to see more value in a foreigner than in some cities like Medellin due to the lack of tourism here compared to some other Colombian cities

Which is helpful to you when approaching chicks

On the other hand, girls in Bucaramanga tend to be more shy than what you would see elsewhere in places like Barranquilla

For that reason, when approaching girls, you should keep that in mind

Overall, daygame is by far the best way to meet chicks in Bucaramanga.

Eighth: Online Game

Online game is overall OK in this city. It isn’t the greatest compared to other Colombian cities like Barranquilla, Medellin, Cali or Bogota

However, you can find plenty of chicks interested in meeting you here on Tinder or elsewhere. So it’s worth it overall

If interested in improving your online game, check out my article on using Tinder in Colombia

And outside of Tinder, you should check out Colombian Cupid as there are plenty of Colombian women on there

Finally, if you are interested in meeting a potential wife to settle down with, try out the online resources offered by Dream Connections

Ninth: Restaurants

This place has plenty of good restaurants and cafes so it’s actually a bit difficult in my opinion to “choose the best.”

Either way, one of my favorite cafes-restaurant that I visited was Pachucos Casa Cultural. The food is decent and the atmosphere of the place is very nice and relaxed.

When it comes to steak, there has always been endless amount of options whenever I have gone to Bucaramanga. Some of my more favorite places are Di Marco Parrilla, El Viejo Chiflas, El Argentino, La Carreta and La Niebla Parque Restaurante.

The last place being one of my favorites out of that list for its location and nice views from the restaurant.

When it comes to Italian food, I’d recommend Nuova Bella Napoli, La Trattoria and Da Fiorentino.

For Mexican food, the options here aren’t as good as in some other Colombian cities

However, I’d recommend Cholula Cocina Mexicana and El Burrito

Finally, for a good pizza, you should visit, both Caracol Pizzeria and Habemus Pizza are decent.

Tenth: Hotels

For most of my time in Bucaramanga, I usually stayed an apartment.

However, I did stay at a few hotels.

Like in any city, I usually recommend the better hotels since they will offer a nicer experience and honestly are fairly cheap compared to what you would pay in the US

So my favorite place that I stayed at was Dann Carlton Bucaramanga

Outside of that, there are 2 other places that can offer you a good experience also – Hotel Buena Vista and Holiday Inn Bucaramanga Cacique.

The latter being better out of the two for overall experience but the former was a bit cheaper.

So any of those 3 options overall would be fine for a nice trip to Bucaramanga.

dating Colombian girls in Bucaramanga

Final Thoughts

Overall, this city has plenty to offer with nice food, nice parks and nice beautiful women.

This city is worth the visit overall given the many parks and natural views that it has to offer

In general, I’d say come by to Bucaramanga to visit a new place and explore Colombia

And enjoy dating the Colombian girls in Bucaramanga on the side in your free time as there are plenty of them here waiting for you in Parque  Santander and elsewhere <img

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