Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Pereira

In my time in Pereira, Colombia, there were two things I loved most: the nature and dating Colombian girls in Pereira.

Hiking through a part of Colombia known as the Cocora Valley, there were palm trees all around the area.

They are actually the tallest palm trees in the world going as far up as you can imagine.

I was tired and sweating from the hike.

Afterwards, I turned around to wait for a girl I had been spending time with. 

I saw her taking extra time to take photos of the experience.

Upon finishing the hike, we found a nearby restaurant.

With the great scenery of the area still in view around us.

We had a few beers at the time.

This moment made me appreciate something very special about Colombia…

The amazing nature in Colombia.

And additionally, the Colombian women in Pereira also.

Welcome to Pereira.

First: Basic Facts

This city is located in a part of Colombia often referred to as the “Coffee Triangle.”  

It has 474,335 people living in the city.

Furthermore, the city has a bunch of great natural scenery in the area with plenty of mountains, hot springs and more.

Although some of you may be interested in the women here, I would also recommend you spend time getting to experience the scenery in the area.

For me, it is the best part of Colombia when it comes to natural scenery.

Second: S​​​​​afety

If this is your first time visiting Pereira, you will likely think that the city is not that attractive in appearance and you will definitely notice some shady neighborhoods or streets.

In that sense, it is important to be careful here as well given that it can sometimes be dangerous.

However, in my experience, the crime here seems to mostly focus on pickpocketing. Never once had I been violently attacked here or felt in danger.

In one incident, someone stole my “throw down” wallet at the time.

Which, thankfully, nobody stole from me again in Pereira and I only lost about 30 USD.

Although it sucked to lose that money, I learned to obviously be more careful and alert about my surroundings.

If you can manage to be alert about your surroundings, you are likely to avoid experiencing that.

Additionally, you should not flash expensive things.

In my time dating a Colombian woman here called Vanessa, she told me about a time that someone pulled a knife on her to steal her phone and whatever money she had on her.

So while in my experience I never experienced that, everyone will have a different time here.

At the very least, if you use common sense and manage to be alert about your surroundings while not carrying too much on you, you will probably be fine.

Third: Spanish?

In Bogota and Medellin, you can find some good girls without Spanish mostly.

However, you will really need Spanish for Pereira. Even though some people do speak some English, there is not a big enough population here that speaks English well enough.

Especially when it comes to meeting and dating Colombian girls in Pereira.

In my time living in Pereira, I rarely encountered a Colombian girl who spoke any English.

At times, I sometimes met girls who spoke some English.

Very rarely, I met just a few Colombian girls who spoke English almost perfectly.

…..And almost all of them studied in better Colombian schools in either Medellin or Bogota.

Suffice to say, I greatly recommend you learn Spanish to at least a conversational level for Pereira.

And if you think you will need help with understanding Spanish down here, make sure to get a decent translator to help you understand the beautiful women here

Or check out this solid guide I wrote on how to learn Spanish in the most efficient manner at home to be prepared for your trip to Colombia. 

As said before in the Barranquilla Guide, most women here are impressed if you can understand her Spanish to a conversational level.

……….Even more if you can actually speak it greatly with minimal problems.

Which would only make it easier to have success dating Colombian women in Pereira and having fun down here. 😉

Dating colombian girls in Pereira

Fourth: Demographics

In my experience, most of the women that you will see in Pereira are either white or brown looking.

In that case, plenty of mestizos also exist in the city.

Also, the name for a woman from Pereira is Pereirana.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The women in Pereira (and the surrounding Coffee Region) have a reputation for being very attractive.

In my opinion, the only other city that offers more attractive women is Medellin.

Which means that dating Colombian girls in Pereira is a great choice.

Keep in mind, women in Medellin are also harder to have success with because of the reduced value that foreign men have there and the damaged reputation from some of the other foreign men who have visited Medellin.

Therefore, Pereira really is the better option compared to Medellin in my opinion as the quality of the women is very great and it is easier to have success in the dating scene here.

Sixth: Nightlife

The nightlife in Pereira is decent with a few good options:

Discoteca Paradise: This is a big club that mostly plays electronic type music. It has a great atmosphere with plenty of chicks.

Avalon Club: This is a great place if you are looking for girls who are more open to something casual. 

La Circunvalar: Around this area you will find plenty of bars without having to walk much between them.

Tropical Cocktails: This is a better bar to go visit if you are showing up with friends or another girl. It is a very big bar that has lots of activity.

Parque Policia & Parque El Lago: Between these two areas you will find more bars that are close enough to each other. This again provides decent logistics if you want to be in an area that has more options.

Elephant Club: This is a good place for reggaeton music. The only downside is that it is more expensive relative to other areas out there.

Helium Bar: Has a good mix of music from reggaeton to electronic and more. The quality of women is decent but not the best compared to other places. Drinks were cheap also.

Prodigy Bar: Similar to Helium Bar, you will find a decent range of music played here, such as reggaeton. It seemed like a decent place.

Simon Dice: Decent place for dancing and always had a more vibrant atmosphere when I visited.

El Rincón Clásico: A place more suited to visiting with friends or with another girl. Great place for drinks also as prices are reasonable.

Before showing up to enjoy the nightlife here, make sure to dress up nicely with a decent watch or a nice shirt.

Seventh: Daygame

First, there are two major malls that you will want to visit while in Pereira. They are known as Premium Plaza and Cemtro. There are plenty of attractive women in this area that are very receptive to a foreign man approaching them.

This is especially true as given the limited amount of tourism in the area.

Second, there are a few other malls that are also good known as Plaza Arboleda and Plaza Victoria Mall. You could argue that these places are better given their location in the city and the good logistics they offer.

Around these malls, you will see plenty of women entering and exiting the buildings also. Aside from approaching the women inside these malls, I also find it ideal to stand outside. While outside during rush hour, you will have plenty of nice Colombian women to approach and strike up a conversation with.

Additionally, it is useful to approach some women in some of the parks in the city such as Parque El Lago. At these places, attractive women are also receptive to meeting someone new.

Eighth: Online Game

The situation with online game in Pereira is a bit similar to the situation in Barranquilla.

In that there are plenty of women who use Tinder in Pereira but it is a little bit limited compared to bigger cities like Bogota.

Fortunately, like Barranquilla, you have nearby cities that you can use tinder on to date Colombian women in the area.

In particular, you have Manizales and Armenia. You can travel to either city or have girls travel to you at times.

In my experience there, women would travel from either of those cities to Pereira.

Therefore, if you are going to spend time in Pereira, I would expand my options in terms of online game and focus on those two cities as well.

This makes it possible for dating Colombian girls in Pereira and other nearby cities. 

And outside of Tinder, you should check out Colombian Cupid as there are plenty of Colombian women on there

Finally, if you are interested in meeting a potential wife to settle down with, try out the online resources offered by Dream Connections

Ninth: Restaurants

The best restaurant in Pereira for me personally is Patagonia Mia. It is an Argentinean steakhouse that has great steak every time I visit. On top of that, the staff is always professional and the prices are good for what you get.

In addition, I am a big fan of Argentinean food in general,

So I also have to recommend Lenos y Parrilla. Their steak is better than what is offered at Patagonia Mia but I personally like the service more at Patagonia Mia.

Both places are great though and you cannot go wrong with either!

Moreover, I also enjoy Italian food greatly.

Therefore, I recommend Spaghetti House.

The prices are good and the quality of food will not disappoint.

Of course, there are more restaurants in Pereira..

But these are the ones I always visit when I go back.

Feel free to check out more and let me know which ones you like!

Tenth: Hotels

Fortunately, I know a little bit more about hotels in Pereira than I do in some other Colombian cities. I traveled often to Pereira for vacation.

I often enjoyed the countryside in the coffee triangle area.

Based on my time traveling to Pereira often a few years ago, I found the following 4 hotels to be the best deals for the money whenever I would take a trip to Pereira and the coffee triangle region:

Hotel Soratama

Gran Hotel Pereira

Hotel 721

Casa Caballero

The last hotel in particular is a really decent place (though a bit more expensive). If you can afford to save up the money, I recommend it greatly. It goes very well with the natural scenery that you will see in the area.

It also is a great hotel to visit if you have a more serious woman that you want to enjoy a special weekend with.

Dating colombian girls in Pereira

Final Thoughts

Essentially, Pereira is a city that is ugly itself but has a lot to offer in terms of price and the amazing scenery….

Especially with the options here to start dating Colombian girls in Pereira.

Which makes sense given that Pereira is one of the best places in Colombia for the beauty of the women in the area.

Overall, city offers enough for any man to be happy here. 

I hope in the end you also enjoy the nature and the women in this city as much as I did.

Maybe you too will also have a nice Colombian girl to hike with you through the Cocora Valley. 😉

Hasta luego parceros,


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