Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Bogota

Standing in the Bolivar Plaza in Bogota, it was a windy day with some sun out. I had been dating Colombian girls in Bogota that I had met at this plaza or elsewhere.

All around me were mostly tourists and people trying to sell different things.

After some minutes, I see a hot woman with white skin and black hair in a blue dress. She had a more petite body and was walking towards my direction.

The usual – I approach her and we introduce ourselves (her name was Marcela).

Then we exchange numbers after a few minutes of talking.

She kept walking afterwards to her aunt’s place for a family reunion.

Later that week, we met again for a few drinks and she stayed at my place that night.

Welcome to Bogota

In the capital city of Colombia, you will find plenty of great Colombian women to date.

Bogota is a great city in that it also has plenty to offer outside of women.

Which makes it a more ideal place to be if you wish to live in Colombia long term.

Of course, the city is not perfect.

It has plenty of people moving into the place from the countryside. All mixed in with the traffic and layout of the city.

Which makes it a more chaotic city with a lot of noise and too many people.

However, it is still one of the best cities in Colombia due to everything it offers.

With its….

  • Nightlife to be dating Colombian girls in Bogota
  • Entertainment options
  • International airport
  • Higher quality of living & standards 
  • Decent prices for everything that you would spend money on here.

And who could forget the sexy women here?

Fortunately, this city has a decent mix of both…

  • Women who are looking for a more serious relationship 
  • Women who want something casual. 

This is in contrast to other Colombian cities, such as Cali.

Where it would be harder to find a more loyal woman that wants something serious.

Therefore, Bogota is a decent place for the single guy who wants to have some fun dating Colombian girls in Bogota…

Before eventually having a more serious relationship someday.

Are you ready to visit Bogota?

Given how chaotic this city is, let’s get a better understanding of what Bogota has to offer.

First: Basic Facts

Here are some basic facts about Bogota.

First, the most recent estimates I can find state that the population of Bogota is 8,080,734 people.

Regarding the weather, I have found this city to be a bit windy. 

It also tends to be a bit colder than other Colombian cities.

However, this varies by the year as the city will occasionally hit a dry period every so often

If you are visiting Bogota, I would recommend you bring a raincoat or an umbrella.

If you are from a warm part of the world, you might want to bring a coat.

However, if you are from a colder or windier part of the world…

Like Wisconsin or Chicago

Then a jacket will be more than enough since it never gets too cold here in my opinion.

Upon arriving to Colombia at the El Dorado International Airport, you will be taking a taxi first.

I would recommend you write down on a piece of paper the address and name of your hotel.

You should write it down in case you do not speak Spanish..

That way you can give this paper to the taxi driver.

Also, you may forget these details and your phone or laptop may run out of power.

You always want to be prepared!

For your safety, you should always use a registered taxi.

Also, in my experience with Colombian taxi drivers, a lot of them always try to rip you off.

In my opinion, Colombia is one of the worst countries when it comes to taxi drivers.

So do research ahead of time how much it should cost you by taxi to get to your hotel.

Secon​​​​​d: Safety

Drugs. Pablo Escobar. Bombings. Violence. Mayhem!

I know, I know. Colombia is not necessarily the safest country in the world and plenty of people worry about those things when thinking about Colombia.

However, Bogota is not that dangerous of a city relative to other places like Cali.

On the other hand, it isn’t perfect either. There are some bad places that you would want to avoid in my experience, such as the following areas: Ciudad Bolívar, Usme, San Cristóbal and Bosa. In contrast, some of the safer areas to be in are La Candelaria, Zona Rosa and Chapinero.

Overall, I would recommend you use common sense while in Colombia and mostly stick to the safer areas, such as the ones mentioned above.

Third: Spanish?

A common question people sometimes ask is “do I need to learn Spanish to date Colombian women?”


In Bogota, you will find more women than in some of the other cities that speak a decent amount of English. Therefore, you have options.

However, your options are limited.

This is true in any part of Latin America, even the most touristy areas.

If you wish to have the best success in this city (or anywhere else in Latin America), I suggest you learn some Spanish.

Now, you don’t need to speak it perfectly.

You just need to be able to say most of what you want to say while understanding an OK amount of what is said to you.

Back when I barely spoke much Spanish many years ago, I remember going on dates with women who I pretended to speak Spanish well with.

Most of the time I would just nod and occasionally repeat a word I managed to catch. That usually worked when some of the women just wanted to talk forever.

And it was fine. I still managed to have success down here with the women.

But it was more frustrating when I couldn’t understand everything.

Now after having learned Spanish a lot more, I find everything easier to dating Colombian girls in Bogota.

Primarily, you being able to speak Spanish decently enough will make it easier to make jokes and get her laughing.

It will make it easier to have a more natural flow in the conversations you have with women.

So while you do not need Spanish in Bogota, I highly recommend you learn it to at least a conversational level.

And if you want to improve your Spanish, check out some of the resources available on Amazon

Or check out this great article I wrote on how to learn Spanish at home to be more prepared for your trip to Colombia. 

dating colombian girls in Bogota

Fourth: Demographics

In Bogota, you will find that most of the women are of European or European-mixed descent (Mestizo). Compared to other parts of Colombia, the women tend to be a bit whiter looking similar to the girl mentioned earlier in this article.

Of course, there are plenty of women who are not white but most I find are of more European descent.

Furthermore, you will find the women in Bogota to be a little bit shorter than what you will find in countries like the US.

Fifth: Attractiveness

The women in Bogota are known as “rolas” in Colombia.

It is true that most people agree that the women in Bogota are not the most attractive women in Colombia compared to other cities.

Certain places like Pereira or Medellin will definitely have hotter women.

However, Bogota has plenty of very attractive women and it is not the worst place to visit in Colombia for this purpose.

First off, you won’t notice too much obesity in Bogota compared to other places in the world.

Second, the women tend to dress a bit nicer here while also not showing off too much skin compared to certain cities like Barranquilla.

Third, there is less plastic surgery here than other cities in Colombia. Depending on your preference, this could be a bad or a good thing.

Additionally, you may also ask – how easy are the women here when you are dating Colombian girls in Bogota?

Given this is a large city, you will find that the women are usually a bit more liberal when it comes to casual encounters and one night stands are easy enough to find here.

However, there are a lot more foreigners in Bogota and so you will have less value for being a foreign here than other cities.

This means that places like Barranquilla or Cali can be easier at times than Bogota for something casual.

Regardless, the nightlife here is decent and the women are open to having a bit of fun, so you will not have any issues with having anything casual.

Finally, you will also learn that the women here tend to have more serious personalities than in other cities in Colombia. This is in part because the women here are a little more focused on studying and working than places like Cali.

In addition, most would agree that women here tend to have a more stuck up personality than women in other cities in Colombia like Barranquilla. The “stuck up” personality here is not too intense however and you can find plenty of women who are not too bad with this.

It’s simply something to keep in mind.

So if you are interested in meeting Colombian women in Bogota, try out now before you show up with Colombian Cupid

Sixth: Nightlife

The better neighborhoods to visit in regards to nightlife are the ones mentioned before – La Candeleria, Zona Rosa and Chapinero. You will find Zona Rosa to be a bit more upscale while Chapinero has plenty of younger college students who tend to be more open to casual fun.

Additionally, la Candeleria has a lot more tourists, which means you can find more women of other nationalities in that area also.

Out of these three areas, I prefer Chapinero because I usually find better looking women there to my tastes than other parts of the city.

In comparison to other cities in Colombia, Bogota is one of the best options for nightlife. The only other city that has very good nightlife is Medellin while the rest are good but not as great as these two cities.

Most of the nightlife options are available from Thursday to Saturday night.

With plenty of places to visit for dating Colombian girls in Bogota.

Moreover, it is not a bad idea to look for girls here who have a higher interest in foreigners. One of your best options to find them is to attend an event called Gringo Tuesdays.

This event is held every Tuesday where you can have drinks with women interested in meeting foreigners.

In my experience, women at these events tend to be a little bit easier.

The only downside is that some of them fetishize too much any foreign guy and that comes across as weird to me personally.

Either way, this is a good nightlife option for any foreigners visiting Colombia for the first time and who are interested in dating Colombian girls in Bogota.

Regarding specific clubs and bars, I would recommend the following areas:

  • Andres Carne the Res: This is a big club that has plenty of girls there when I have visited. However, it’s outside Bogota and so logistics are harder.
  • Saloon in southeast Chapinero is a good place also that has a dancefloor.
  • Park 93: This area has a bunch of higher end clubs with plenty to see and decent prices for the area.
  • Chacha: Decent prices and open until later until the night. However, not as many women there as I hope for whenever I have gone.
  • Quiebracanto: Has a small bar area with plenty of tables and a dance floor.
  • Salto de Angel: Decent place but the people here are a bit less friendly than other areas.
  • La Badea: Plenty of clubs in this area with some of them located outside the center. However, this is more of a place to take a girl to than pick up girls as there are too many tables and not enough people around here.
  • Circunvalar: Another area that has plenty of bars and is a bit more upscale and safer than other areas. If you are new to Bogota, this is a decent area to try out.
  • Armando Records: Decent place that has always had friendly staff when I have showed up. Haven’t been here in a while but you will find decent prices for drinks here.
  • Vitro: This bar is for Tuesdays in which you will find a decent amount of girls compared to other bars. It’s not as an exciting place but works well for a Tuesday.

dating colombian girls in Bogota

Seventh: Daygame

Similar to Marcela, women in Bogota are receptive enough to men approaching them to chat and exchange numbers.

Compared to other cities like Barranquilla, I find the women are a little busier in the day and are usually a bit more in a rush to get to work or university.

However, striking up a conversation with a new person here is not difficult and you will find the women will be receptive enough to any decent approach without too much difficulty.

Additionally, it has been said before that women here tend to speak more English compared to other Colombian cities. Therefore, it is not difficult to approach women even if you don’t speak Spanish.

Although, as said before, your options are obviously more limited without Spanish.


It is reasonable to be concerned if the more “stuck up” attitude that some women have here will be an issue when approaching women in Bogota.

During my time talking with some of my Colombian friends here, that attitude seems more common for local Colombian men.

Based on my own experience, women are more receptive to a foreigner approaching them. 

Making it all the easier to start dating Colombian girls in Bogota.

In general, even though some women can be rude, that is true in any city.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be too worried about this type of behavior since I find most women here to not act that way.

In fact, some of the women I have ended up being with have said also they don’t get as approached much these days.

Probably because of all the guys now using Tinder or who are too scared to approach.

In that sense, don’t be afraid then to approach a woman like you would anywhere else. Many will appreciate it as long you are confident and can engage well with them.

In addition, as a lot of women here tend to be receptive to approaching, I also find Direct Game to work a bit better here overall compared to Indirect Game.

However, both work just fine.

Also, you should approach more women in the safer areas mentioned before. This is in part because there are more women there simply and also because women will feel like it’s safer there to start a conversation than in less safer areas.

Outside of those areas, I would also recommend “Universidad Tecnologia” where you can find plenty of cute women to approach and date.

Eighth: Online Game

In my experience, Tinder is a great option for dating Colombian girls in Bogota. As casual sex and Tinder are less taboo in this city, you will find plenty of options here.

Also, the women on Tinder tend to be a little bit younger in their early to mid 20s in my experience.

And as mentioned before, Colombian Cupid is a great resource for meeting Colombian women

Or if you are interested in meeting a potential wife to settle down with, try out the online resources offered by Dream Connections

Ninth: Restaurants

One of the best things I love about Bogota is the food. You can find plenty of international restaurants here that are great and other places to eat at also.

If you are looking for great steak, I would recommend Sagal Steak House, Restaurante Lomos or T Bone Restaurante.

If you enjoy Mexican food, Entre Cuates is one of the best places in the city in my opinion. I also enjoy La Taqueria.

For pizza, I recommend La Diva Pizzeria or Pizza Candelaria.

Tenth: Hotels

To be honest, I do not have much information about the hotels in Bogota since I have been living in an apartment here for a long time now.

However, I asked some of my friends who have visited Colombian to meet women here and they recommend that it is worth it to spend a little more money for a nicer hotel than some of the cheaper ones here.

In a sense, you get what you pay for like anything else.

Therefore, it’s been recommended to me that you save up and go with some of the more well known hotel chains in the area like Bogota Marriott Hotel, Hilton Bogota or Clarion Hotel Bogota Plaza.

Some of nicer hotels in the area, such as the last one, have prices for around 60 USD per night. Compared to hotel prices in the US, that’s still relatively cheap and definitely worth paying for so you have a more comfortable experience here.

The only other thing to mention is that you should be mindful of the logistics. Naturally choose a hotel that is closer to nightlife or where you intend to meet and date Colombian women.

dating colombian girls in bogota

Final Th​​​​oughts

I hope you enjoyed this article on nightlife & dating Colombian girls in Bogota! As said, this is one of the better cities in Colombia for dating Colombian women when you also factor in how much nicer the city is compared to other Colombian cities.

Good luck on your time dating Colombian girls in Bogota!

Hopefully you also can find a nice Colombian woman here like Marcela or anyone else. 😉

Hasta luego parceros,


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Marcus Robinson December 27, 2020

Hey, man I’m a huge fan of all your incredible posts bro. Sometimes I binge read this stuff its def the best blog out there. I am currently in Sao Paulo, but I am flying to Bogota in January. If you are there now I’d like to get up sometime. It would def be an honor bro.

    admin January 12, 2021

    Thanks Marcus for the comment. Sorry for the delay in response. I have been busy and haven’t checked this blog in a few months or so. How is Sao Paulo? I haven’t been there in a while. Hope you enjoy Bogota. It’s a nice city. I’m not currently in Colombia. I left before the Covid recession and lockdowns went into effect. I am currently in Mexico and decided to travel around Latin America for a bit. Have a good time in Colombia.

      Marcus Robinson January 21, 2021

      Hey man. Overall i was quite disappointed with Sao Paulo. The girls were not that hot the bodies really left something to be desired and the quarantine destroyed any chance of nightgame success at all. Rio was ten times better and in many ways it blew me away but still not quite the perfect city for me and i dont even wanna talk about how disappointing Florianapolis was… One thing i like about your blogs is that they are real and no BS but i think these other guys just lie so much or they are just clueless. I know everyones experience is different but sometimes idk if the author is just repeating what everyone says or they are really saying their own honest personal opinion and experience. Anyway i love all your stuff but i was wondering if you could compile a list of the Colombia cities with the chicks with the biggest butts, and the most receptive to daygame cold approach as well. Or if you could send me a DM with that info it would be dope too. I plan to stay down here for at least 5 months travelling allover to most of the cities on your guides so please let know if you plan to return.

        admin February 13, 2021

        Hey sorry for the delay. I ended up taking the website offline for a bit so I can change the domain name to something else since I have left Colombia and am traveling in the rest of Latin America (hence Latinas Lindas).

        Hope Colombia is working out for you. What city are you in?

travis February 16, 2020

Thanks for another magnificent post.

Nathan February 11, 2020

going to bogota next week bro

    admin February 18, 2020

    thanks nathan. if you ever want to meet up and have a few beers, send me an email.

tony December 9, 2019

I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

    admin February 18, 2020

    thanks dude, i will try to keep that in mind for future articles when it coomes to pics. let me know of any other advice you got

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