Are Colombian Women Better at Sex than American Women?

Years ago I was living in Cali and enjoying many of the beautiful women that city has to offer…

One night in particular, I took a chick I met named Valeria to a motel in Cali by taxi

We get into the taxi and arrive pretty quickly on a rainy night

Once inside, Valeria asks me to sit down on a nice chair that was in the motel room while she worked to impress me

Sitting down, I had this sexy Colombian girl in front of me with a great body and very feminine grace

She stripped down to some sexy red lingerie she was wearing underneath and started to dance a bit in front of me

Almost like a strip club but for me personally

Why did she start doing this?

Because she was my woman and she wanted to impress me and give me a great night in Cali

Though, to be fair, I wasn’t able to wait too long sitting down watching her dance

Because by watching her dance sexually in her lingerie, I wanted to get the action started

And suffice to say, she was as pleasurable in bed as she was when she started to dance for my pleasure

All around – she, like a lot of Colombian women, desire and know how to please their men

Because in Colombia, women enjoy being women and are not afraid of being feminine

Not afraid of pleasing the men they desire and want to keep in their lives

They are not demanding, rude, masculine or anything like what you might see in other countries like Canada or the US perhaps

And that shows equally outside and inside the bedroom

Where a Colombian woman will serve to bring you all the pleasure you could imagine during sex

And make sure to cook you a nice warm meal of your favorite food afterwards when you two are done

Which brings us to an interesting question to consider when thinking about Colombian women….

Are Colombian women better at sex than American women?

Of course, it is important to say first that it largely depends first on the woman in question

Because there are women in the US that do very well in the bedroom and there are women in Colombia that are terrible sexually

While there are also plenty of women that are bad at sex in the US and plenty that are great at it in Colombia

So make sure to remember that the information contained here is largely a generalization of what I have seen to be true over the last 10 years or so of living in Colombia

Because when thinking about this question more broadly….

I’d have to say absolutely

Colombian women are definitely better at sex on average than American women

There is simply no contest – sex with Colombian women is all around much more enjoyable for various reasons

And what reasons are there that would justify that reasoning?

Let’s break 15 different reasons….

¡Vámonos parceros!

Reason 1: More Physically Fit

There’s no question that Colombian women are simply more physically fit as explained briefly in this article I wrote here.

Which makes having sex with them all around a lot more enjoyable than with the average American woman

Given the fact that obesity is such a big issue in the US and that a lot of American women don’t take care of themselves….

You can understand then just how nicer it is to have sex with Colombian women that keep their bodies very physically fit

On top of that, you also have the fact that Colombian women have great curves and naturally good looking bodies also

Making sex with them much more enjoyable for the average man

Reason 2: Dress Sexier

As hinted at in the beginning of this article, Colombian women like to dress sexy

This is evident both in public and in private

In public, you see Colombian women wearing more minimal clothing more often and revealing more of their skin

Of course, this depends on where you are in Colombia as this is less common in cities like Pasto for example

But still, most of the largest and more popular cities that you are more likely to visit will show this to be true

Places like Medellin, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Cali, Pereira, etc

And when it comes to the bedroom…

Colombian women like to dress a little bit sexier than American women in my experience

In large part because they want to feel feminine and sexy

While also providing a good experience for the man that they enjoy being with

Reason 3: More Feminine Grace

In the US and Canada, it’s much more common to find women that are all around more masculine

It’s simply the case that feminine women are a lot less common and almost non-existent in some parts of the US

There are likely several reasons for this

First, the culture encourages it largely by trying to tell women that they can be just like men when obviously they can’t

Second, you have women who live more high stressful lives in the US than in the large cities in Colombia

And that stress, which we will discuss soon, makes women less focused on their femininity in general

Third, you have more radical feminists that sometimes discourage women from being more feminine and even shame them

Such as women who choose to be stay at home mothers taking care of the kids

While in Colombia, a lot of that isn’t much of an issue to be honest

At least not anywhere near of an issue as it is in the US or Canada

And for those who have been living in the US for the last 10 years, some of you might have deeper insights into the trends happening up there that make women less feminine

Which, if you do, let everyone know in the comment section below

It might be fair to say that I have been enjoying the feminine and sexy Colombian women for the last 10 years too much to worry about trends up there

But every time I come back up to the States to visit family, it is always an obvious difference that hits me in the face

The women in Colombia are simply all around much more feminine

Reason 4: Higher Self-Esteem & Confidence

As illustrated in the beginning of this article, Valeria obviously had a lot of confidence in her body to be dancing for me before sex

But that isn’t uncommon in Colombia

Most Colombian women I have met have that type of confidence in themselves in public and in private!

Mix that in with the fact that Colombian women also have a lot more self-esteem in themselves than American women

There are several reasons for all of this I believe

First, it seems that North American women judge themselves a lot more harshly for sleeping around than Colombia women

Which makes Colombian women more confident in themselves to sleep around and also to not have negative energy after sex from low self-esteem

Second, Colombian women are not as fat or ugly looking. Given there are a lot uglier women in the US, it can be expected that their self-esteems will be lower

Third, another issue I have seen in the US is that it seems a lot of American women have low confidence and self-esteem from being more masculine

Almost like a dude who is more feminine not having much confidence in himself either

It’s like someone trying to be something they are not and that hurting their confidence and self-esteem

At least from what I have seen and what others have told me from living up there, that seems to be a possible cause of this issue for women up there

But all around, the higher confidence and self-esteem in Colombian women make having sex with them much more enjoyable

As you could tell in the story described above in the beginning of this article 😉

Reason 5: Desire to Please

As you could already guess based on the previous information, Colombian women love to please their men

One of the reasons for why American women are bad at this is because they are often led to believe by the culture that being feminine and submissive to their men is a bad thing

Almost like trying to please your man is somehow a bad thing

On top of that, you have more toxic relations between men and women in the US these days

Which doesn’t help as men and women feel less desire these days to find someone to be happy with and please

Which, in turn, makes a lot of American women have expectations that their men should be submissive to them and work for their pleasure instead without getting any pleasure back

You see this entitled and selfish attitude much more common in American women and basically non-existent in Colombian women

So when it comes time to having sex, you will find Colombian women will put in a lot more effort to please you sexually

By dancing for you for example

Or willing to experiment

Which brings us to….

Reason 6: Willingness to Explore

In my experience, Colombian women are much more likely to do whatever you want in the bedroom

Of course, there are limits like always

But you will find generally speaking that they take more concern about what you like and will try to do whatever you want in the best way they can

And so when you two leave at night to go to a nightclub or maybe to a finca to have a special weekend in Colombia…

You can more easily expect that your Colombian woman will put in that extra effort to make sure the experience is more enjoyable and memorable for you

Because in the end, Colombian women better understand that you need to satisfy their men sexually and in the stomach to keep them around by her side and happy

Reason 7: Healthier Lifestyles & Less Stress

As hinted at previously in this article, Colombian women live much healthier lifestyles and have less stress

You don’t have anywhere near as many careerist women in this country as you do in the US

Where up there in the States, you have more women thinking that selling their asses to corporate America in a job they hate will somehow bring happiness

Because of “independence”

While also taking a bunch of anti-depressants

I know of one American woman for example that has expressed privately up there that she really wishes she had a man in her life right now to settle down with

Have kids and marriage, you know

But she never settled down early enough – she’s now in her mid 30s and also still has quite high standards for a partner that are not very realistic

And while she has expressed on Facebook countless times how she often is happy she doesn’t have kids or a family….

In private, she’s exactly the opposite and is quite depressed from how her life turned out

But at least she has a good job making 30,000 a year!

That’ll bring happiness….

And her case isn’t that rare in the US – plenty of American women are going down that path

Of never settling down until it’s too late and being quite depressed about committing so much to some pointless job while being alone

A pointless job that causes a lot of stress and is high demanding with relatively lackluster pay

All while eating a bunch of fast food, barely working out and living a unhealthy lifestyle while on anti-depressants too

The thing is that anti-depressants are not anywhere near as common in Colombia – I don’t know anyone that uses them down here!

But I know plenty of people that do in the US

And mix that in with the significantly lower amount of careerist women and healthier eating habits…

Well, as you can guess, Colombian women live much healthier lifestyles with less stress

And this shows in the bedroom also – because studies have shown that living an unhealthy lifestyle with a lot of stress can impact sexual performance and sex drive

Reason 8: Fewer Negative Feelings & Jadedness

Colombian women generally have a lot fewer negative feelings regarding men down here

Perhaps because of a combination of factors already mentioned in previous points in this article, American women have more hostility for men up there in the States

At least from what I have seen every time I go back – it seems like there is a lot more hostility up there in the States between the sexes

On top of that, American women seem a lot more jaded in general

So when having sex, you really think that hostility and jadedness is going to improve the quality of sex or worsen it?

After all, how are you going to have enjoyable sex if she is more jaded or has more hostile or toxic beliefs about men?

While in Colombia, that simply isn’t an issue. I’ve rarely met a woman down here that has toxic beliefs or is jaded

Reason 9: Less Radical Feminists

In my experience, women are more radical feminists tend to suck in the bedroom

And I don’t mean suck in a good way

Not suck like on her knees looking up at you while giving you a nice night to remember

And I’m sure that description alone of a woman giving a BJ to a man has made any radical feminist in the States annoyed


Because in my experience, radical feminists tend to loathe the idea of pleasing their men

They tend to bring with them some of the most hostile or toxic views regarding men and also some of the most selfish behaviors to the bedroom also

And on top of that, they are easily offended. So having sex with them is all around less enjoyable

So while not every American woman is a radical feminist obviously…

They simply are much more common in the US or Canada than in Colombia

Reason 10: Raw Dogging

As mentioned in greater detail in this article, it is a bit easier to raw dog in Colombia if that is your thing

I personally don’t like to raw dog chicks I barely know given the lack of trust and concern regarding STDs

But no man is going to say that raw dogging is less pleasurable than going in with a condom

And in my experience, Colombian women are a bit more open to the idea of raw dogging with a new guy than American women

So if you happen to be a greater risk taker, then Colombia is going to be a bit more enjoyable for you sexually given this issue alone

Reason 11: Sexual Dancing

Prior to having sex with a Colombian woman, let’s say you are at a nightclub or a bar that is playing reggaeton, salsa, etc

Colombian women all around are much better dances than American women and like to be expressive with their bodies while having a good night in a bar or club

Almost as if you two were having sex right there

And I’ve had a few cases of a Colombian woman getting sexual with me by grabbing my dick while dancing in a bar or a club when nobody was looking

But the fun doesn’t just stop there

Because while she is getting you horny and ready for sex before you two are even alone…

She might even dance for you sexually in the bedroom before sex happens

Which, to be fair, doesn’t happen very often.

But it does happen more than I ever expected since this is something I have never seen an American woman do

And if you wanted her to do it, I guarantee you she will if you ask and mention how you like it

Where after the first time, she won’t need you to ask anyway since Colombian women love to please their men

And knowing what you like – she will make sure to do it again in the future to give you a good show and get you hornier before sex

All around making the experience much more pleasurable

Reason 12: Initiate Sex More Often 

Colombian women seem to initiate sex a lot more than American women do

One of the reasons for why I believe this is the case is that American women are simply way too stressed from their unhealthy lives than Colombian women

Because I have heard stories of friends of mine married in the US who don’t have sex as much

With the wife always working and stressed out as you can imagine

But in Colombia, sex happens plenty of times each month among married couples I know

Much more than American couples seem to do up in the States

With Colombian women even initiating sex occasionally also

I remember one time I was going to go out alone with some friends in Pereira and my girl at the time wanted to make sure I was done for the night

As in – no desire to be seeing other chicks

Which, of course, I wouldn’t since I don’t see any point ever in being unfaithful

But she just wanted to be sure, if you know what I mean

So she made sure she satisfied all my sexual energy anyway I wanted before I left for the night with some of my friends

Let me ask you – how many American women would do that?

So to sum this up – Colombian women are more likely to initiate sex a little bit more often in a relationship and will have sex with you more often than American women in marriages

And perhaps will even try to deplete you of any sexual energy to keep you satisfied with keeping your eyes on just her

Because Colombian women know the competition is tough out in this country with all the sexy women available

So it’s not unheard of for them to put in the extra effort to make sure that competition can’t do anything when she has already satisfied all your sexual desires

Reason 13: Better for Sex on the Beach

In my experience, there are a lot more beaches in Colombia that are not very well frequented

Now you have some of these also in the US – so this is a small point to be fair

But from what I have experienced, it’s much easier to find a nice quiet beach with nobody else nearby in Colombia than in the US

To have a few hours by yourself with your girl to have some fun times while on the beach

On a beach that has great sands, waves and scenery for you to enjoy while also having sex on the side also

Making Colombia in general even more of an enjoyable place sexually than the US

Reason 14: Better at Oral Sex

This is just based on my personal experience from getting head in both the US and Colombia

That Colombian women put in a lot more effort to give you better head when compared to American women

It always seems like American women are on average less interested in giving head than Colombian women

One of the reasons for seems to be again that American women are on average more likely to feel uncomfortable in a more feminine or submissive position

Again, you can find good women in both countries that give great head

But in my experience alone, Colombian women seem to have your pleasure much more heavily in their minds and will put in a lot more effort on this one

Making the oral sex you can have in Colombia much more enjoyable than in the US

Reason 15: Post-Sex Cooking

Finally, Colombian women are much more likely to cook for you after sex than American women

With American women, it’s not uncommon for them to want to order a pizza after sex than to cook for you

Which, in its way, shows that American women are all around a bit lazier than Colombian women are on average

With Colombian women more likely to bring up the idea of cooking you whatever food you like after sex to make you even happier

Which, in its own way, is like the cherry on top to an all around great experience

Finishing great sex with great food after

What’s there not to like?

Final Thoughts

It’s important to end on at least one positive note for American women – there are some benefits to them sexually.

As mentioned in this article, they are more likely to engage n threesomes and they communicate a little bit better regarding their own desires in the bedroom than Colombian women.

Also, American women are a little bit more diverse when it comes to skin color (having more Asian women) and also nationality as explained in this article here.

But in my experience, there are not really any other positives to American women sexually.

And when compared to all the positives listed above in this article….

It is clear that Colombian women are much more enjoyable sexually than Colombian women.

Sin duda parceros

And perhaps this will help serve you in understanding why Colombia is increasingly becoming a much more popular place than even before for tourists

Because for well over a decade, Colombia has gotten plenty of foreigners visiting this country

And I guarantee you that they were not all visiting Colombia to see some museum in Bogota or whatever

Instead, quite a few of them have visited Colombia because of the sexual and feminine energy that Colombian women bring to the table

Which is hard for any man to resist once he has experienced this down here

And in the future, there will be plenty of more men coming down here for this very same reason

So make sure to visit Colombia yourself and enjoy all the women this country has to offer

Perhaps you will even find a nice woman to settle down with and be in a happy relationship with

I know I have!

And if you have any questions or insight of your own regarding this topic, let me know in the comment section below or send me an email in my contact form here

Thank you for your time and take care

Hasta luego parceros,


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