Nightlife & Dating Colombian Girls in Riohacha

On one of my very first trips to Riohacha, I decided to take a bus to visit this interesting city…

And on the way there, I was sitting by this Colombian girl that was very pretty and interested in me.

We got talking and had a good time getting to know each other..

And I was definitely enjoying talking to her as she was cute and was showing off a nice amount of skin. 😉

Once we arrived to Riohacha, we exchanged numbers and met up later where we had a date that escalated to a lot of physical fun back at my place.

And overall – she gave me a nice welcome to the city of Riohacha.

A place of immense physical and cultural beauty.

And one of some cute Latinas also. 😉

Welcome to Riohacha.

First: Basic Facts

Capital of the Colombian department of La Guajira, Riohacha is a smaller Colombian city of about 150,000 people.

Due to its location, Riohacha is next to a sandy beach waterfront that anyone can join and also is not too far from the northern most point of the South American continent.

Because of that, there is a lot of physical beauty to enjoy in this part of Colombia.

On top of that, Riohacha also has an interesting culture as a lot of the inhabitants here are of the Wayuu ethnic group.

So because of its physical and cultural beauty, Riohacha is a treasure in Colombia that anyone should enjoy if they have the chance and see other parts of Colombia most tourists don’t visit.

Second: Safety

To be fair, there were some parts of Riohacha that felt unsafe. It definitely wasn’t the safest city I have been to in Colombia.

Having said that, nothing bad happened to me here.

And overall, it felt pretty safe for the most part. I don’t want to make it seem like it’s perfect here because there are some shady areas in the city..

But compared to places like Cali, this city is definitely much safer.

So watch your back like anywhere in the world and use a healthy amount of caution and common sense…

And you will most likely be fine without any incident.

Third: Spanish?

To keep it short, you will definitely need Spanish to a conversational level if you are going to be enjoying some time here.

I only met one person that I can think of right now that spoke any bit of English in Riohacha – the girl mentioned in the story above.

So learn your Spanish by checking out this article or this one that I wrote about how to learn Spanish for your trip to Colombia!

Once your Spanish to a conversational level, you will be ready for dating women in Riohacha.

Fourth: Demographics

In my experience, there was a heavier amount of mestizo folks in this city – people of mixed race between European and indigenous ancestry.

Also, there was definitely a significant percentage of people of indigenous and black descent also. Compared to other places of Colombia like Pasto, this place is definitely a bit more diverse in my experience.

Fifth: Attractiveness

To be honest, the women here are not the most attractive women in Colombia. Far from it.

That isn’t to say that they are all ugly – they are not.

But the women here are definitely not as attractive as Colombian women in most cities in the country. If I had to make a list of Colombian cities with the most and least attractive women, Riohacha would fall closer to the bottom end of the list.

Though having said that, it’s not going to be too hard to find a cute woman here and there like I did as mentioned in the top of the article.

But don’t expect to find a lot of them as this city is also much smaller near 150,000 people.

Some good things though about dating in Riohacha is that being a foreigner will give you a lot more foreign exotic value due to the limited tourism here.

Though having said that – some people here did seem a tiny bit xenophobic in my experience but most people were not.

And on top of that, you also have a decent amount of Venezuelan women in this city and the surrounding areas. And they by far can be quite attractive. So among the local population and the Venezuelan girls, you definitely got some cute options and you have more foreign exotic value here.

Finally, I found the women here to be a bit more faithful, conservative and traditional than other parts of Colombia. That’s one of the best benefits to dating women here is that they tend to be better for relationships by far.

Sixth: Nightlife

There’s a few cool spots to enjoy a nice beer or two in Riohacha but the nightlife here isn’t that great. Obviously, compared to places like Medellin, it’s basically nothing.

Mostly because this city is just much smaller and a lot less touristy. But you can find a few cool places worth checking out.

This place isn’t as bad as some other Colombian cities like Quibdó or Leticia. There definitely are a few decent spots.

Though I never managed to bring a chick back to my place from any venue here in Riohacha but it could probably happen.

But like most of Colombia, it’s a lot of tables and chairs and not a lot of hooking up with strangers. But it could happen.

Either way, here are some of the places I recommend if you come here. They are not all going to be amazing but are some of the better places I could find in this city.

  • Bohemia Bar: Good music and the staff was very friendly. This was one of my favorite places to visit in this city.
  • La Trece Bistro: If you are hungry and looking for a quick snack while out drinking, this place is the best one on this list. Good hamburgers.
  • Corona Lounge: This place has an outside lounge in the sun. It’s one of the best venues you will find in the city in terms of the experience it offers. Show up, sit on a chair outside with your beer and relax.
  • Asawaa 63: Not much to say. This place had a more relaxed vibe to it and was pleasant overall.
  • Marianos Bar: This place is fun with some of the music that they play. Prices are a little bit higher though than what you would expect but still reasonable.
  • Licores La Nueva Ola: Great selection of liquors if and friendly staff. Only issue was that the place was a little bit dirty when I went.
  • La Morena Terraza Bar: Good drinks also and the place was enjoyable. Only issue was that the food wasn’t as good.
  • Discoteca Séptima Avenida: This place has a little balcony and is actually a cool little nightclub that they got going in Riohacha. The atmosphere was a little more lively.
  • La Azotea Disco Bar: This bar comes with some cool views that are not bad. Drinks are good also. This place is great if you just want to relax with someone and enjoy a nice view.  Only issue was customer service was a bit slow and not as nice.
  • Bohios: Another good place to sit down and have drinks. This place isn’t very active compared to other venues. Better to sit down at with someone.

Out of all of these places, the ones I liked the most were Bohemia Bar, La Trece Bistro, Corona Lounge and Discoteca Séptima Avenida.

Seventh: Daygame

Similar to most of Colombia, you are going to want to focus on parks, plazas and shopping malls when it comes to daygame.

So here are the places I recommend.

  • Plaza José Prudencio Padilla
  • Parque Nicolás de Federman
  • Viva Centro Comercial
  • Centro Comercial Suchiimma

Out of these places, I found the best ones to be Plaza José Prudencio Padilla and Viva Centro Comercial.

Eighth: Online Game

Can you find women online in places like Colombian Cupid or Tinder?


Is it worth it?

I guess.

Given that this is a city of 150,000 people, you simply won’t find too many women online compared to bigger Colombian cities. You just don’t have a lot of options to work with.

So definitely use online game to your advantage but don’t have unrealistic expectations and use other forms of game to meet women here to have the best success.

Ninth: Restaurants

In all honesty, there are not too many good restaurants in this city. Simply because the tourism infrastructure is not well built and not too many local places that are good.

For pizza, I recommend La Fermata Pizza Bistro.

And for local Colombian food, I’d recommend La Tinaja or La Morena.

Also, this city had an OK to decent steak place called Quile Parrilla. This place had a decent beer here and also I think the hamburgers were the best thing on the menu I tried. At any rate, this place isn’t perfect but the best one I tried in Riohacha.

Tenth: Hotels

Hotels are not usually of the best quality in Riohacha due to this place being a bit poorer than other parts of Colombia with more limited tourism infrastructure also.

However, hotels here are also a lot cheaper also than most parts of Colombia.

Where you can spend maybe $15 to $25 bucks normally for a night at some place.

Or maybe a bit more expensive but not too much more.

There’s only two hotels I ever stayed at here and I recommend them since they were not perfect but decent enough for the price.

Those hotels are Hotel Emerawaa and Hotel Villa Elina.

Final Thoughts

In short, this is definitely a nice city to visit.

It has plenty of awesome sights nearby and a very interesting culture.

And on top of that, an OK amount of cute local and Venezuelan women to date.

Especially if you are looking for a more traditional, faithful and conservative woman, then this is the right part of Colombia for you.

And if you have any insight or questions of your own regarding Riohacha or Colombia, let me know in the comment section or send me an email.

Thanks for reading and take care

Hasta luego parceros,


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