Best Cities For Dating Colombian Women

During my years living in Colombia, I have always enjoyed its nature and dating Colombian women.

Relaxing in some hot springs with lush green nature around me….

It was another day enjoying many of the benefits of living in Colombia.

Beautiful nature.

Beautiful women.

Sitting next to me in the hot water pool was a nice Colombian woman named Karla. 

She had light brown and soft skin with curly black hair.

With an amazing body, nice smile and a very feminine personality.

After enjoying the hot springs, we spent the night together at a hotel I was staying at nearby.

Throughout my entire time in Colombia, these moments were like paradise.

Where you can enjoy both…

  • Amazing nature 
  • And very feminine and beautiful women.

Rarely do I see a disappointed face on a man down here in Colombia….

Especially with all the attractive women nearby.

However, I know there are men out there who are not happy.

They feel lonely in the United States or elsewhere.

They cannot find a nice woman to enjoy life with.

As a result, plenty of people have asked me about how to date Colombian women.

After helping them out…

Some of these same guys have spent time down here on a repeated basis.

And you know what?

Every time they have gone to Colombia they always have a smile on their face while

Who couldn’t?

Especially with some of the Colombian women that they are dating down here.

Do you want to join them?

Where you can also enjoy life in some hot springs surrounded by green mountains

Right before going to have a beer with a very attractive woman

Someone you can spend the night with afterwards?

Who can give you love physically and all her time and support?

Where you won’t be lonely anymore

But instead be happy like the countless other men here.

Then book a flight with Avianca Airlines and check out the information below on the top 5 cities to visit for dating Colombian women!

The hot springs mentioned previously.

Number 1: Barranquilla

There are some reasons for why Barranquilla is the best city in Colombia for dating Colombian women.

  • The cost of Barranquilla compared to other cities, such as Medellin or Bogota, is a bit lower, which will help you save money on your trip.
  • Barranquilla is less touristy. This gives you more value as a foreigner compared to places like Medellin. In places like Medellin, foreign men have gotten a reputation for only looking for sex. This has made it a little more difficult to have dating success in this city.
  • Barranquilla is located between two other cities: Cartagena and Santa Marta. Cartagena is a better city for seeing a historical sites has a better nightlife. Santa Marta is a better city for amazing beaches. In my experience, women in Barranquilla tend to be more receptive to foreigners than the other two cities. However, Barranquilla is located between these two cities. Therefore, you can also meet women in Santa Marta and Cartagena easily. In my time here, I have had women travel from those cities to visit me in Barranquilla. 
  • The city is very easy to arrive. It has an international airport, which makes travel easier.
  • Barranquilla also hosts the Barranquilla Carnival. This event is one of the biggest carnivals in Latin America and is great for partying. At the same time, the women are usually more open to something casual.
One Major Downside to Barranquilla 

It should be noted also that this city is not perfect.

One of the major downsides is that city is lacking in quality. 

And the city itself, aside from the Carnival, does not have much to offer.

Fortunately, it is easy to enjoy what Santa Marta and Cartagena have to offer in terms of tourism.

For more information on Barranquilla, check out my guide to Barranquilla.

dating colombian women

Number 2: Bogota

Bogota is the capital city of Colombia.

In my opinion, it is one of the best offers this country has to offer.

Here are some of the reasons for why the women in this city are great.

  • Fidelity. During my time in Colombia, most Colombian friends I know agree that Colombia has a lot of infidelity. However, most claim that women in Bogota are more faithful relative to other cities. In my experience, I believe this is true. Women here are more interested in something serious. 
  • Nightlife. Bogota has considerable nightlife compared to the rest of the country.
  • Plenty of great tourism offerings. In Bogota, you will have plenty to see from the Gold Museum to the Mount Monserrate. While this does not have much to do with dating Colombian women, it is important obviously to choose a city that is actually enjoyable to spend time in.
  • Great deal: This city has great nightlife, tourist attractions, beautiful women and decent quality of life. For all it offers, you can enjoy Bogota at a fair price.
  • International airport: Similar to Barranquilla, this is a nice plus. It is easier and quicker to fly into Bogota. 
One Major Downside to Bogota

Most people agree that the women in Bogota are less feminine than women in cities like Barranquilla.

Furthermore, they tend to have a more serious and less fun personality.

For more information on Bogota, check out my guide to Bogota.

dating colombian women

Number 3: Pereira

Pereira is a nice, quiet and relaxed city.

It is close to the hot springs mentioned earlier in this article

Not to mention the other amazing natural scenery.

Here are a few reasons why Pereira is an amazing choice:

  • If you are looking for something casual, Pereira is a great choice. In my experience, the women in Pereira are more open to casual encounters. They also have some of the more beautiful women in Colombia. 
  • Pereira is a city in Colombia where you get more value for being a foreigner. There are fewer tourists here. 
  • Furthermore, you can also enjoy life with women from a nearby city called Manizales. The two cities are very close to each other and offer many of the same benefits.
  • If you are into sightseeing, Pereira has plenty to offer! The hot springs mentioned in this article are called the Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal. You can also visit the Los Nevados National Park, the Cocora Valley and more.
  • Pereira is a more peaceful and cheaper city to live in due to its smaller size. This is true when compared to cities like Bogota.
One Major Downside to Pereira:

The nightlife in the city is not the best compared to other places like Bogota or Medellin.

Pereira is a smaller city and does not have as much to offer in terms of clubs.

For more information on Pereira, check out my guide to Pereira.

Dating Colombia Women in the city Pereira

Some of the nature near Pereira

Number 4: Cali

In Cali, there are a few benefits to visiting this city:

  • Cali has some of the easiest women in Colombia for something casual. In my experience, women in Cali and Pereira are the most open to something casual.
  • The nightlife is more unique in Cali given it is the best city for salsa music. Therefore, the nightlife can be a little more interesting here.
  • The women in Cali are less stuck up compared to women in Medellin or Bogota. At the same time, they are less cold and have warmer personalities.
  • Women in Cali have more plastic surgery. Also, women from Cali have some of the best bodies you will see in Colombia.
  • You will not see as many foreigners here compared to places like Medellin. This will give you more value as a foreigner to the women. However, make sure to learn Spanish using resources available online so you can enjoy your time with the women here.
One Major Downside to Cali:

Similar to Barranquilla, Cali is a very ugly city with very little to offer.

It’s not Bogota, Medellin or Cartagena in that regard.

It is also notorious for being one of the more dangerous cities in Colombia to visit.

If you have never been to Colombia or Latin America before…

I would recommend you spend some time elsewhere in places like Medellin first.

This will give you more experience beforehand.

For more information on Cali, check out my guide to Cali.

dating colombian women

Number 5: Medellin

One of the most popular cities to visit in Colombia…

There are a few good reasons why you might want to visit this city:

  • The sexiest women of Colombia. Compared to other Colombian cities, Medellin is the best in this regard.
  • The nightlife is some of the best in Colombia compared to other cities. 
  • In my opinion, the city is more physically appealing and clean than most cities here.
  • Medellin is a great city to visit if you have never been to Colombia before. There are a few reasons for this:
    • The city is a bit safer compared to other Colombian cities like Cali.
    • You will find more people who speak English here. This is in part due to tourism. So if your Spanish is limited, I would recommend Medellin. This is true also if you want to find a sexy woman here but you don’t speak Spanish.
  • If you want to visit a city that has other foreigners like yourself, Given the tourism, it would not be hard to find other people from your country.
One Major Downside to Medellin:

Given the tourism, you will not have any real value for being a foreigner in this city.

Worse, foreigners have a negative reputation here

This is due to the amount of foreigners who only look for sex in this city.

So some Colombian women in Medellin will not want to associate themselves with a foreigner. 

For more information on Medellin, check out my guide to Medellin.

dating colombian women

Honorable Mentions

There are a few cities that deserve honorable mentions, including:

  • Bucaramanga
  • Cúcuta
  • Pasto
  • Valledupar
  • Popayán
In Summary 

There are obviously quite a few options for where to go in Colombia.

If you prefer something casual and do not have any care for enjoying other aspects of Colombia, Cali is a good choice.

However, if you want something more serious, Bogota is one of the few cities in the country that makes sense.

For me personally, I do not just value how easy and attractive the women are. When I was younger, I wouldn’t mind living in a place like Cali.

However, being older now, I value having more convenience in life and prefer more serious relationships over just casual hookups. 

Therefore, Barranquilla and Bogota for me is the best option personally. I personally prefer Bogota over the two (given I live here) but I suspect for most people Barranquilla would be the better choice.

Primarily because the women are more casual and attractive and the nearby attractions in Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Nonetheless, both cities (and many others) are great places to visit!

Interested in visiting Colombia?

Send me an email in the contact form on my website.

I’d be glad to help you plan your trip to start dating Colombian women. 

Hasta luego parceros,


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